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Iran Does Not Oppose the Jewish Power Elite (I)

June 25, 2018

Left, the Shah criticized Jewish power publically in 1976 for CBS' 60 minutes with Mike Wallace

The same drug trafficking, money laundering 
Rothschild Banking Syndicate that rules the West 
also rules Iran.
"The Ayatollahs were on the CIA and MI6 payroll, and they were the ones who recruited the street thugs from the Iranian underworld who were instrumental in creating agitation against Mossadegh." [In other words, the Ayatollahs were originally allied with the Shah until their CIA masters told them to depose him.]

by Shayan Zarrin

A lot of players in the alternative media believe that Iran is a legitimate enemy of the City of London Jewish Power elite. We have all seen the memes which purport that Iran is one of the only countries without a Rothschild controlled central bank. This is nonsense because the Rothschilds are all over Iran with hundreds of Rothschild-controlled Swiss banks.

They also have a hand in the enormous Middle Eastern drug trade that is being run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the CIA/Mossad in Afghanistan. People don't realize that the Shah cut down on the Middle Eastern drug trade. It blossomed once the Shah was overthrown in the Iranian Revolution. The same drug trafficking, money laundering Rothschild Banking Syndicate that rules the West rules Iran. 

To understand the modern day Islamic Republic of Iran, we need to go back in time. A lot has been written about the 1953 CIA Coup, Operation Ajax which overthrew Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh after he nationalized the Iranian oil industry. But little has been mentioned about the key role of the Ayatollahs in that coup. The Ayatollahs were on the CIA and MI6 payroll, and they were the ones who recruited the street thugs from the Iranian underworld who were instrumental in creating agitation against Mossadegh. 

After the coup, these Ayatollahs became best buds with the Shah. The Shah sought to gain support from the Ayatollahs in the 1950s and gave them access to government radio stations so that they could preach to the masses. However, starting in the late 1950s, the Shah used his consolidation of power after the coup to pursue nationalist policies along the likes of Mossadegh. 

His first bold move was signing an oil extraction agreement with Enrico Mattei, chairman of the Italian Petroleum Agency. Mattei is famed for establishing energy independence for Italy through its own oil fields, and for trying to break the City of London Seven Sisters Oil Cartels' control of the world oil market by signing generous oil extraction deals with third world countries. 

At this time, many in the Shah's inner circle started to turn against him, and a military coup was thwarted by the Shah in 1958. General Mohammad-Vali Gharani had met with American diplomats in Athens shortly before the coup. One can guess who was behind it. 

The Shah further made enemies by launching major reforms he called,"the White (Bloodless) Revolution" in 1963. The reforms included land redistribution, massive infrastructure expansion and industrial projects, the right of women to vote, religious freedom, and an expansion of health care and education programs. Wikipedia explains the Shah's attitude after these reforms the best,"In the 1960s and 70s the Shah sought to develop a more independent foreign policy and established working relationships with the Soviet Union and eastern European nations." 
In subsequent decades, per capita income for Iranians skyrocketed, and oil revenue fueled an enormous increase in state funding for industrial development projects." 

These are things that are certainly not in the City of London's interests. The Shah's reforms faced strong opposition from the Ayatollahs, led by Ayatollah Khomeini, the future Supreme Leader of Iran. These Ayatollahs favored keeping Iran under the centuries-old backward feudal system. They were angry that they were losing influence in the public realm. In response to the reforms, Khomeini launched protests against the Shah in June of 1963. These protests were crushed after a couple of days. 

It has been rumored that those protests were financed by various intelligence services, whether it was the CIA, MI6, KGB, or a combination thereof. The KGB is a suspect based on Soviet counterintelligence defector Colonel Michael Goliniewski from Poland, who revealed that Khomeini was, "one of Moscow's five sources of intelligence at the heart of the Shiite hierarchy." 

Furthermore, the Shah continued to move Iran on an independent course up until his overthrow. In 1973, the Shah finally achieved Mossadegh's goal of nationalizing the Iranian Oil Industry through the 1973 Oil Sale and Purchase Agreement. He also began to move closer to the Arab countries of the Middle East. 


Some very little known facts about the Shah's change in foreign policy are found in the book, "Israel and the Shah" by Devon Bowers: "After the 1967 war, Iran became deeply wary of the Jewish state as while the Shah supported a strong Israel, he did not favor an Israel that was stronger than Iran. This worry was due to the fact that the Shah believed that the '67 war had changed Israel from a defensive state to an aggressive one and thus he was concerned about possible Israeli expansion." (AKA Greater Israel). 

The Shah was merely defending his homeland. The Shah was doing a plethora of things which angered the Jewish Power elite during the 70s. After the Six Day war, Iran cancelled all joint-Israeli projects, refused to allow any Israeli government officials to his 1971 2500-year Persian Empire Anniversary Celebrations, provided the Arabs with oil and logistical support during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and even sent a plane to transport a Saudi battalion to the Golan Heights during the war. 

Furthermore, the Shah signed an agreement with Saddam Hussein to end Iranian/CIA support of Kurdish rebels in Iraq, and he froze all Israeli military cooperation and business with Iran in order to pressure Israel to return all conquered Egyptian land to Egypt, which eventually came to being during the Camp David Accords in 1978 (Bowers).  Sunnis and Shias were finally coming together in peace as one large Muslim block against Israel. That is something that Israel was horrified about. That is why the Greater Israel plan was created. 

It was at this point that the Jewish Power Elite decided to dump the Shah. Amnesty International issued a report on Savak's torture apparatus in 1976. This was heavily played up by the Washington Post and New York Times. The CIA also released their psychological profile on the Shah to the press, which accused the Shah of being,"a megalomaniac, who would pursue his own aims, in disregard of U.S. interests." To which the Shah exclaimed,"So you would like me to be your stooge?"

Something else has been missed by the alternative media for years. I came across this quote from the Wikipedia article about the history of Jews in Iran. It states,"Even though Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was sympathetic to the jews in the beginning, he displayed antisemitic tendencies towards the end of his reign. 

Yousef Cohen, the last Jewish representative of Iranian Senate describes in his memoirs that Shah became suspicious of the Jewish community in his final years because most of the international criticism about lack of freedom in Iran and military style of government came from Jewish authors. Furthermore, the writer for the influential and highly publicized book, fall of 77 (probably crash of 79 by Paul Erdman mistakenly called 77 by Cohen), which predicted the fall of Shah a few years prior to his demise was Jewish. Shah, according to Cohen, displayed a remarkable intolerance and annoyance by the Jewish community in his last annual visit in March 1978 with the community leaders. Cohen describes that the Shah believed that there is an international Jewish Conspiracy against him to end his reign as king." ...(Tomorrow-Iranian leaders have long-term ties with US, Israel

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Iran Does Not Oppose the Jewish Power Elite (I)"

Mark said (June 25, 2018):

Mossadegh was deposed by Ayatollah Kashani. When Mossadegh wanted to combine legislative, judicial and executive powers in his office, Kashani had enough and decided he had to go.

Kashani could get a million people to demonstrate in Tehran by merely suggesting it. If he sent a note to the Majlis, all stood while it was read. Do you really think Kermit Roosevelt and Stormin Norman's dad could depose Mossadegh with $3,000,000 and the CIA'S blessing?

NK said (June 25, 2018):

The author of this article fails to present any citations or other supporting evidence for a vast number of claims above, which really are a regurgitation of tired CIA/Mossad borne propaganda.

And to claim that the Shah speaking to Jewish power is “anti-Semitic”, when the Pahlavis themselves were CryptoJewish and plucked from obscurity to upset the Qajar dynasty, of which Mossadegh was a scion in fact, and to implement operations in Iran for occupation during WWI/WWII — well, let’s just say that might be a “tell” of who the author might really be. I’d love to see all of these Rothschild banks in Iran he/she blindly “informs” your readers about.

Nevertheless, how does he reconcile any of the above with the fact that Reza Pahlavi, the son of the stooge Shah, is in bed with both Mossadnik “Rabbi” Shmuelly Boteach and Sheldon Adelson? Please find attached actual proof of my claim in contrast to anything the author has provided.

Indeed, you will see that this twerp — who Iranians think looks like and is a moron as a starter — was voicing up for the false destabilization attempt in Iran recently hatched and failed by Israel, Saudi Arabia, Trump, the Neocons/NeoLibs, fraud “Nobel peace prize recipient” who lies about Iranian laws explicitly, Shirin Ebadi, and the MEK. They all were on the same side, which was a prelude to Netanyahu’s cheap magic show that served as Trump’s reason to breach the Iran peace deal.

In other words, the Pahlavis and all these frauds lifted their facade and exposed themselves to even the common (CNN watching) Iranian in the diaspora.

As for Iran and the Iranian government, they are the bulwark of the Resistance. Without nuclear weapons, Iran’s “territory” now spans from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean.

And all the haters can do is put up tabloid articles to anyone who will listen like women gossiping on the clothesline. By the way, which protocol was it where the idea was to paint the enemy with the Zionist’s own stripes so that target people overthrow their own government and last line of defense against the Zionists?

Not a chance. Iran is going to wipe Israel from the map and all of us are enjoying it come to fruition — each and every Iranian without question. We know who is the villain in this equation. We see who spreads the hate-inciting propaganda against us.

We’re not anti-Semites either, just like you or anyone else who speaks truth to Jewish power and predatory anti-Gentile schemes.

They’re the anti-Gentiles.

Below- Jews & Christians are Bamboozled by Judaism - Michael Hoffman (scroll down)

Hollywood Blockbuster Promotes Depopulation Agenda

June 24, 2018


At $350 million, Avengers- 'Infinity War' is the third most expensive movie ever made.  It has grossed $3 billion in three months.

Benoit, a reader, wrote:

"Don't know if you reviewed the latest Avenger movie (Infinity War.)

I greatly recommended for its great makeup, construction, conception,

 visual effects, and psychology.) 

But... the thesis of the story is a 

blatant disclosure of the Illuminati ' Agenda'!"

I asked Benoit to explain. I like to give a platform to my readers

even if I do not agree with everything they write. 

by Benoit Gérin-Lajoie


 For those who retained a tiny bit of the 'child' in their soul, the Marvel series movies are very entertaining. My Oscar goes to the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' which have spun off into the latest 'Avengers' (Infinity Wars) series! 

The movie exposes the Illuminati depopulation agenda and supports it with pathetic moral justifications. The message is:

"We have to save mankind by controlling its population growth. The more people there are, the more harm to the ecology and ecosystem there will be. People must be prevented from destroying their environment."

These angelic moral justifications in order to reduce the population, 'save the world', are fed to the gullible pea-brain zombie masses.

But there are two flaws in that reasoning. The flaws are:

    1- that humanity cannot auto-adapt to its own growth, and

    2- the killing of millions (billions) of people is morally justifiable.

In fact, the hidden agenda real reason is that the fewer people there are on the planet, the more they can be managed & controlled. The real Illuminati's goal is their OWN well-being, not ours, by the means of population control, hence Agenda 21.

In order to reduce world population, the Illuminati began by targetting the most uncontrollable regions that don't abide by their economic/banking rules system, namely Iran, Irak, Syria, Libya; the Middle East in general. War does a great job at reducing a population and enriching the aggressors.

The PTB must also manage the American, African and European population. For this, they use vaccines and GMO foods (now fishes and soon animals) to provoke diseases and mass sterilization.

The main threat for the Illuminati now is the Internet per se that they don't control. But don't worry, they're working on it: the most secretive spying plan comes from the Israeli Unit 8200 Talpiot program. This is SO invasive that you have NO idea. Intel and AMD have now conception plants in Israel and now, in their CPU is embedded an ARM processor. A Trojan CPU in your CPU that they (PTB) control. To learn more, search Youtube "ISRAEL'S SECRET WEAPON - THE TALPIOT PROGRAM" and listen carefully. Also "Israel's Edge The Talpiot Program Chapter" youtube series.

About the myth that society cannot adapt to its growth, there are some interesting things to consider here. First, The lie was popularized by Paul Ehrlich in his book 'The Population Bomb' published in 1968. His time bomb theories gained traction few years later in the media and some TV series amongst which the famous Star Trek series. His population bomb scare was later challenged and debunked by Julian Simon, a renown economist who published 'The Ultimate Resource". See the excellent Corbett Report: 'Meet Paul Ehrlich, Pseudoscience Charlatan'.

There is a town Omalonga in Guatemala where Ken Peters ministered that is inhabited mainly by practicing Christians. They are fervent Christians and their crop is... manyfold the size of a regular crop. They are able to harvest huge vegetables: one footlong+ carrots, two feet long lettuces, huge corns, etc... And we fear about resource shortages in case of population growth!? But then if you lose your values, faith and religion, according to the Adversary's plan, then you won't harvest anything outstandingly divine, but pitifully... à la Monsanto (now Bayer).

We live in a time where evil has been set loose. The devil's plan is to compel the innocent not to ... 'accepting', but to... 'not objecting' to the harm perpetrated against them. In order to do that, he instigated a social system where people are powerless, unconcerned, without values, too tired to criticize, too focused on their own survival, brainwashed and enslaved to the dictate of authorities, being it scientists, doctors, politicians... or the mainstream media! The perfect scheme to succeed...

Satan and his follower's plants hints of their misdeeds in the movies and TV in order to proclaim that the people... have been warned, and didn't object. And they are now doing so well in their bogus warnings, they found the people SO docile and asleep that they don't feel the need to hide anymore. They opened a Satanic Temple in Detroit with a statue of Baphomet revered by... children! Imagine.

In the movie, Thanos openly states that he was rejected in his overcrowded home planet for his depopulation reduction views and showed the outcome of that situation: a crumbling and devasted planet. In doing so, the author imposes to the mind of the viewer that there is NO solution to a population overgrowth. The manipulation here is in the prefix 'over'! What is 'over' and what isn't in a population growth? The movie (and the PTB) don't make any distinctions. They don't conceive that a population growth can auto-regulate itself. They jump right away to the extreme conclusions.

In summary, just because Hollywood made a plot out of it, this movie does advocate for a planetary depopulation. It is a devious tactic to manipulate and condition the population mindset into considering the idea as acceptable, even worst... moral! It is a satanic Psyop operation par excellence.

So, is the Avengers Infinity War movie an innocent entertainment ? or a forewarning? another harbinger of doom ? an official warning notice? Considering the actual state of worldly political affairs (summer 2018), this movie topic is more of actuality then ever don't you think?


First Comment from Ken Adachi

Benoit did a good job here of hitting the most salient points when countering the  JWO's ludicrous justifications for murdering 7 Billion people in order to "save" the planet for the 500 million worker slaves they can control with AI computers.  This is a big planet with enough living space and food production capabilities to handle a FAR larger population than what we currently have. Japan is a good example of how LOTS of people can live in a relatively small area and be perfectly comfortable and at ease with their neighbors and have no symptoms of so-called "over population." 

North America alone could easily sustain a 4 fold increase in the total human population and STILL  have plenty of open spaces. Food production could be increased one hundred fold if we merely employ already-known, but largely suppressed,  "secrets" of increasing the yield and the size of crops. As Benoit mentioned, praying ALONE can bring bumper crops to those who realize the Power of Prayer. How about building a few hundred thousand Les Brown-style outdoor (or indoor) pyramids for growing crops that will give you three times more harvests per year and produce strawberries the size of apples? 

How about using the vortex spun structured water idea of Viktor Schauberger to water crops and watch them produce a yield that's double that of conventional irrigation? How about employing the aether physics of ORMUS technology and watch crop production go into orbit?  We wouldn't have to spend a dime for electricity because it's so easy to produce it for next to nothing employing Tesla's Radiant Energy discovery of the 1890s which he attempted to put into production with his Wardynclyffe Tower on Long Island in 1905, but was shut down and cut off at the knees by the JWO's JP Morgan. How about running cars on murdered inventor Stanley Meyers water fuel cell instead of gasoline? How about Australia's Joe Booker, orgone accumulator cell ("The Joe Cell") for running cars, planes, and factories? How about Yul Brown's "Brown's Gas" generator to supply all the home electricity we need for pennies?  Or we can use Thomas Moray's 1930s invention that LITERALLY pulled electricity right out of the air! 

There's no limit to what can be accomplished by a society ruled by compassionate and moral, Godly people in order to comfortably accommodate population growth. However, until we do something about the demented JWO Satanic psychopaths who currently run the show, we're just gonna have to keep on a wishin' and a-hopin' .....

Or maybe not. 

Time to clean house? 

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Hollywood Blockbuster Promotes Depopulation Agenda "

James C said (June 25, 2018):

All of the humanistic scientism aside, even if the earth could support a vastly increased population, the question must be asked: Would we really want to live that way? Billions of people crowed into mega cities. No escape from the human zoo. No peace and quiet anywhere. Just one gigantic mass of humanity. Doesn't sound good to me. In fact, I think I'd rather be dead.

You should read the personal experiences of Frosty Wooldridge who has actually been to many of the Third World overpopulated countries. The conditions in these countries are simply unimaginable. And you're advocating more of this? I think you need to see a psychiatrist.

MF said (June 25, 2018):

Your correspondent mentions Aussie inventor Joe Booker. I know this man (lives near me) and spent about a day with him on behalf of some clever people who thought his idea was marketable. I learned some interesting things. The first is that the man is a nutter. His idea did work but not in such a way that it could be made commercial. Not long afterward I met a Swiss guy who came at 'water for energy' via another Aussie inventor (Yul Brown) who was burning Brown's gas derived from water. The derived gas was HHO from H2O. The Swiss guy's gadget was incredible and he had just received a very large contract from a Taxi co. when ASIO showed up. He only just had time to tell me about the visit before he vanished.

Your correspondent also mentions Julian Simon. He proves that almost everything we are taught about population, energy, debt etc is a lie (from the father of lies).

Thanks again for waking so many from such stupor.

Brendon O'Connell said (June 24, 2018):

These same people made "Captain America, The Winter Soldier" which described the exact "Deep State" (Hydra) who had infected "CIA" (Shield).

Maybe the makers just want to stimulate debate or after the Cap'n America revelation, they all got a Talpiot Program Unit 8200 visit in the form of child porn on their computers?

Maybe the Hegelian Dialectic explains it, Henry, they terrorize us with all that they do - super volcanoes, war, China Russia Israel v America, killer bees, wet Worx nanotechnology, Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease (remember that one?) transgender toilets, Hollywood movies - then, through the maddening haze a "solution" pops into view - - - - > Smart Cities/Internet Of Things and the ideological synthesis of Communism v Capitalism - - - -> Communitarianism. Which under the UN Habitat Program will bring us automated IoT Robot slaves, organic farms in and around our Smart Gulag islands that are semi self sufficient. We will have Smart Gulag "guilds" of owner occupiers adhering to beautiful sounding words and rules promoting a ecological balance of individual and collective rights, human rights, and...population control.

I'm sure the new digital age Scientific Socialism will be handled well by the AI gods handling the IoT and input/output results in the grand "balancing" game to create the "perfect world" which is the fantasy of the little baby as it lies in its crib dreaming of that magical time in the womb, omniscient and anxiety free. As adults, we carry this on with every ego-driven "ism" designed to carry us to a bright shining destiny full of perfect order, peace, and happiness. I believe it leads to psychosis in adulthood. I'm sure they'll make a movie to take our minds off it all.

Which reminds me. If you want to see an "Illuminati" star of David kabbala tree "run away" fantasy movie, then watch Passengers with star of Guardians of the Galaxy Chris ??? and Jennifer Lawrence. I have never seen so much brainwashing in one movie which angers me because I love the movie :-( You'll see Smart Cities, Robot Slaves, IoT...all there. They "wake up early" and must prepare the "Smart Cities" for the woken until they reach the final destination - a new world which they will arive at in 90 years.

I could pull that movie apart all day Henry. Its a case study for the UN-Habitat Smart Cities program, IoT, and Israeli technology.

Below - Satanist Cults Prepare Blacks for Race War (scroll down)

Jews & Christians are Bamboozled by Judaism - Michael Hoffman

June 23, 2018

"Orthodox Judaism above all is, a religion of deceit and self-worship, 
and pride is the paramount destroyer," says Michael Hoffman who adds:

 "I view my work as an expression of love for Judaic people and as a conduit for their liberation."

Politics today is a "debate over which vehicle is best for the supremacy of the Judaic people over humanity: ... Bolshevism [Soros] or Zionism [Trump]?"

by Michael Hoffman (Interview with The Saker)
(Excerpts by 

A prime source of Jew-hate is Talmudism itself, which oppressively tyrannizes and micromanages the lives of Judaics born through no fault of their own, into its psychic prison, while Israeli Zionism imprisons Judaics in a permanent war footing with the indigenous people of the Middle East. To free Judaic persons from these two prisons is an act of compassion and charity. We should never forget that our work is pro-Judaic. It is the Talmudic and Kabbalistic rabbis and Zionists who are putting Judaic people on the road to ruin.

Orthodox Judaism, which is the scion of the religion of the ancient Pharisees, is above all, self-worship, and pride is the paramount destroyer. In the occult scheme of things, the ideology closest to it was Hitler's National Socialism, in that it shares this predominant characteristic of pathological narcissism. 

Christians and many other goyim (gentiles) have been deluded into imagining that Judaism, while being somewhat flawed due to rejecting Jesus, nonetheless manages to be an ethical religion reflective of the prophets of the Old Testament. Hillel, the first century A.D. Pharisee who is believed to have been a contemporary of Jesus, and Moses Maimonides ("Rambam"), the medieval philosopher and theologian, are most often held up as exemplars of this supposed ethical Judaism...The myth of the benevolence of these two can only be sustained by ignorance...


Another defining theological aspect of Orthodox Judaism is its dogma that non-Jews are less than human. This is how the goyim are viewed in the Talmud and its sacred successor texts. In certain branches of Kabbalistic Judaism, such as the politically powerful and prominent Chabad-Lubavitch sect, their founder, Rabbi Shneur Zalman, formally promulgated the doctrine that goyim are not just less than human, they are non-human trash -- "supernal refuse" -- which is a reference to their Kabbalistic status as kelipot who possess "no redeeming qualities whatsoever..."

[During the Renaissance] members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy including many popes, were secretly initiated into Kabbalistic mysticism. The belt of that transmission is chronicled in detail in [my book] The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

(Left, Michael Hoffman, world's foremost authority on Judaism)

Rabbinic Phariseeism is more than a religion opposed to Jesus for this reason: in its beginnings in the time before Christ, it existed as a creed founded upon esoteric oral teachings that nullify the Bible itself.
Orthodox Judaism is an anti-Biblical religion. Yes, it has a "Moses" and a "Noah" as its patrons and it names other patriarchs too, but these are not the Moses and Noah of the Bible. These are radically falsified figures who bear those names. Pharisac Judaism is contemptuous of the Biblical Noah about whom, in the Midrash, it makes scurrilous claims. There is even contempt for Moses. About Isaiah, who said that Israel has filthy lips, the Talmud teaches that Isaiah was justly killed by having his mouth sawed in half for "blaspheming Israel."

In both Left-wing New Age and Right-wing neo-Nazi circles, the heresy of Marcion is alive and well and the Old Testament is execrated. It is equated with the Talmud (most famously on the Right by Douglas Reed in The Controversy of Zion). The problem with that tack is that the Old Testament is absolutely not a book of self-worship of the Jews. It is radically different from the Babylonian Talmud. The Bible is an antidote to self-worship. The Old Testament excoriates Israelites in the strongest possible terms.


The bridge between not only Talmudic Judaism and Zionism, but Bolshevism as well, is personified by Moses Hess, who Karl Marx termed, "My Communist rabbi." Hess was not a rabbi in a formal sense, but he was enamored of the Talmud, as well as Communist and Zionist ideology. Hess recognized that what unites all three, their common bond, is Judaic self-worship. The controversies and rivalries arise in the debate over which vehicle is best for the supremacy of the Judaic people over humanity: Judaism, Bolshevism or Zionism? Hess argued that depending on the zeitgeist, any one of the three would prove suitable.

Orthodox Judaism is a religion of situation ethics. There are few beliefs that are not negotiable. What is non-negotiable is the supremacy of the Judaic people and whatever aids that supremacy. Nothing else counts. 

Look at Gershom Scholem, the German-Israeli scholar who helped to bring the Kabbalah into respectability and prominence in the Israeli state. Scholem and Judaic-American intellectual Hannah Arendt, left, the one-time girlfriend of German philosopher Martin Heidegger, had been friends in Paris before World War II. Arendt published a fair-minded book, Eichmann in Jerusalem, which infuriated Scholem. But not because she erred in her facts. He was incensed at her allegedly "heartless, downright malicious tone" regarding the Nazis' mass murders of Judaics, and he cast aspersions on her in the pages of Encounter magazine. Arendt had transgressed, according to Scholem, because she had failed to write in deference to the supreme criterion that must be the idol of every Judaic person: "ahavath Israel" ("love for the Jews"). The truths that Arendt had written were utterly beside the point.

If it turns out that Zionism is the best vehicle in our time for advancing Judaic supremacy, then most of the gedolei (rabbinic elite) of Orthodox Judaism will continue to cooperate with it. In his novel Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens portrayed the Judaic arch-criminal Fagin donning innumerable costumes and disguises. Talmudism, Bolshevism and Zionism are the garments that Judaic megalomania dons and discards as it marches through the corridors of time.

In the Israeli state, the one place on earth where Zionists have nearly complete power, how do the goyim fare? Would you like to be a Palestinian residing in Gaza, or even east Jerusalem for that matter? This is the fate of any subject population in any nation where Zionists or Orthodox rabbis possess something approximating total power.
Michael Hoffman's Website is Revisionist

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Jews & Christians are Bamboozled by Judaism - Michael Hoffman"

Olivia said (June 24, 2018):

Sir, although most of this article is true, I do not agree that the Hebrew Israelites (descendants of the slaves) are an occult. Hebrew Israelite is a nationality, and is separate from religion or wicked deeds some stupid Hebrew Israelites partake in. Some Hebrew Israelites are evildoers, such as the people in your article.

Many Hebrew Israelites keep the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High God to the best of our ability. We follow the ways of the Holy Bible by the mercy and grace of our Lord and savior Yehushua. (Jesus). We are not church people and but follow the commandments. We believe the whole Bible is true. Most Hebrew Israelites have no association with pedophiles.

I think it is sad that after 400 years in this country we have finally found out our identity, and people do not share our excitement. Not even some of our own people.
In conclusion sir, there are some Hebrew Israelites who are members of occults and make all of us look bad. Same problem with other races.

Thomas said (June 23, 2018):

n this article Marcion was briefly mentioned. Unfortunately there is very little literature about him, but a relatively detailed description of his life in German. I have a hunch that Marcion proclaimed the true teachings of Christianity. Through his interpretation of the early Christian sources, Marcion comes to the following conclusions:

The Jewish Creator God is cruel, but Jesus is love itself. However, Jesus says he is the Son of God, so he can only be the son of another God than the biblical Creator God. Jesus is for him the son of a good God.

The Old Testament is therefore rejected as a testimony of an old, evil God.

Therefore, the Christian religion cannot be derived from any old scripture. She comes into the world with Jesus. Jesus refers to a previously foreign, good God who has nothing in common with the Yahweh of the Old Testament.

All of Marcion's writings are literally understandable. He rejects any form of allegory.

All gospels are merely an attempt to confuse the truth of Christian doctrine and help the Jewish God Yahweh to reign.

Marcion only accepted the Gospels of Luke. But he considered this too to be falsified and worked it to uncover the true gospel. That is why in his treatment of the Gospel he removed all references to the old Creator God.

Could you perhaps write a biography of Marcion and his teachings in an article, as I think this person is very important for the jewish and christian people and almost nobody writes anything about him.

Many greetings from Germany

Jude Duffy said (June 23, 2018):

I saw Michael Hoffman's piece on your website, and thought to myself: how long before this turns into another attack on the real focus of his ire, the Catholic Church.

As usual, not very long. For the purpose of clarity, it really is long past time Mr Hoffman came clean about his own religious beliefs. If he believes the Catholic Church took a wrong turn in the Renaissance, what religious authority does he now defer to? And why, if he believes the Medieval Catholic Church was the true Church, does he spend so much of his time seeking to whitewash Luther, Calvin, Oliver Cromwell, the Huguenots, and the American and British Puritans, and their proven role in the rise of usurious capitalism? He claims, absurdly, that all of this "early Protestants as capitalist pioneers" business is an invention of Hilaire Belloc, but in truth Protestants were bragging about their role in the rise of usury long before Belloc was born, and many of them still brag of it today.

Hoffman's denunciations of the Catholic Church and his corresponding exaltation of Puritanism are deeply counter-intuitive in terms of argumentation. On the one hand, he claims all the Catholic condemnations of usury, freemasonry and so on were crafty ploys to hide the Church's true agenda; on the other he studiously ignores - or attempts to downplay -the proven role of Protestant Calvinists in the rise of usury - not just in Britain and the US, but also even in predominantly Catholic countries like France and Italy. He also ignores Protestant Anglo-Israelist domination of Freemasonry and Orangeism

His claims re the Church's supposed "secret agenda" are obviously unfalsifiable (since no one can conclusively prove that someone else is NOT a shill or a hypocrite - you can't prove a negative) and therefore worthless, whereas his efforts to portray Protestants as noble warriors against "the cryptrocrats" are laughably at odds with the historical facts.

Jordan Peterson is False Opposition by Matt B

May 14, 2018


(left, explaining Communism as a "mindset" without reference to Jews or central bankers)

Jordan Peterson is False Opposition

Jordan Peterson has been elevated to the status of 'false idol.' He wouldn't be getting the media attention he does (online or offline) if he were any threat to our revolutionary (i.e. Antichrist) status quo. 

by Matt B


Peterson is being splashed on every billboard in neon signs, figuratively speaking, and treated like the "second coming", because his opposition in reality is NO opposition. 

Conservatives have become the 'controlled opposition' to liberals, and Peterson is a textbook example of this. He is a liberal who dresses up his ideas in 'conservatism.' 

Take this short answer to a question on same-sex couples adopting children for example: 

Peterson SUPPORTS same-sex couples ADOPTING CHILDREN whilst at the same time asserting it is unnatural and poses unique challenges for them (that they can supposedly meet). 

In other words, Peterson supports the rights of same-sex couples (the most damaged people in our society whose sexuality is intrinsically disordered) to adopt the most vulnerable children in our society. If that's not gunpowder meeting a lighted match, what is? 

To quote a text titled Liberalism is a Sin authored by a Spanish priest in 1886, Don Felix Sarda y Salvany:

"The theater, literature, public and private morals are all saturated with obscenity and impurity. The result is inevitable; a corrupt generation necessarily begets a revolutionary generation. Liberalism is the program of naturalism. Free-thought begets free morals, or immorality. Restraint is thrown off and a free rein given to the passions. Whoever thinks what he pleases will do what he pleases. Liberalism in the intellectual order is license in the moral order. Disorder in the intellect begets disorder in the heart, and vice-versa. Thus does Liberalism propagate immorality, and immorality Liberalism." (Ch. 26).

Liberalism "is, therefore, the radical and universal denial of all divine truth and Christian dogma, the primal type of all heresy, and the supreme rebellion against the authority of God and His Church. As with Lucifer, its maxim is, 'I will not serve.'" (Ch. 3).

"Liberalism, whether in the doctrinal or practical order, is a sin. In the doctrinal order, it is heresy, and consequently a mortal sin against faith. In the practical order, it is a sin against the commandments of God and of the Church, for it virtually transgresses all commandments. To be more precise: in the doctrinal order, Liberalism strikes at the very foundations of faith; it is heresy radical and universal, because within it are comprehended all heresies. In the practical order it is a radical and universal infraction of the divine law, since it sanctions and authorizes all infractions of that law." (Ch. 3).


Liberalism denies the slippery slope of sin. It preaches, as Peterson illustrates, that good can come from evil e.g. two men sodomising each other for pleasure can provide for the needs of a child. 

Evil loves compromise because every time Truth makes a compromise with Evil, Good loses. This is why the false-left right paradigm (Hegelian dialectic) is so effective for the forces of evil. 

Take contraceptives for example. Liberals convinced us that artificial birth control (i.e. separating the unitive from the procreative God intended for the marital act), should be permitted but strictly limited to married couples. Then what followed after Evil orchestrated this 'compromise' with the Truth? 

Once the artificial separation of the unitive from the procreative was normalized the whole law collapsed. The unmarried demanded 'equal rights' and 'equal access' to contraceptives and were freely granted it. Abortion (the murder of a child) was then legalized as a fail-safe for when these technologies failed. Pornography was legalized. Sodomy was legalized. Secular feminism launched (because sexually active women were now free to pursue their careers over families). Broken families and sterile sex has become the norm, and so on. 

Proverbs 14:12 (DRA)

12 There is a way which seemeth just to a man: but the ends thereof lead to death.

When will the world finally acknowledge Pope Paul VI in his encyclical Humanae Vitae (and the longstanding traditional teaching of the Church) has always been right? 

John 14:6 (DRA)

Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me.

John 8:31-32 (DRA)

31 Then Jesus said to those Jews, who believed him: If you continue in my word, you shall be my disciples indeed.

32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

There is good and there is evil. There is right and there is wrong.

Liberalism, which is rampant among both liberals and conservatives (as Peterson's cult status shows), is a sin, and it's one that leads to tyranny i.e. order out of chaos. Liberalism is moral anarchy and the chaos of moral anarchy requires outside an outside force (totalitarian government) to maintain order. 

If we want to free ourselves from decadence as individuals, families and nations, first we have to sacrifice our liberalism at the foot of Cross of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour. 

Israel has always owned the US Soul by Francis

May 12, 2018

JEWS76_n.pngIsrael has always owned the US Soul

America is regressing into childhood, and America's childhood was pure Zionism

by Francis (a white voodoo practitioner) 


As Israel damns itself out of all respectable existence into the most failed state of the world, the US just crumbles apart : it must be known that the US was right from the start founded (by all Masonic Founding Fathers) as a country with no soul of its own but Israel, even though it took a certain time for them to see that soul-endowed mate in material form.

 But if Israel's damns itself out of existence, the US is just a body with no soul, that is to say a decomposing corpse. There was no golden age when America was not under Zionist control : the US could refuse to their loyalty to King George only by offering it in exchange to the (then virtual) King of Israel. Without such a mystical contraption, the Masonic Founding Fathers would never have secured any backing from the mostly Calvinistic incipient American higher middle class; these people would never have subscribed to a merely humanistic idea to replace their allegiance to the King of England : only the idea of owing allegiance to an even higher degree of political hierarchy could make the American Revolution acceptable to most. 

America was always under Zionist control: there is just no other unifying energy making the country's existence possible. The only thing is that up to a certain date, the Jews in power were not a definite majority initiated into heavy-duty witchcraft. 

Actually, about 1820 Jewish or pro-Jewish (under Biblical pseudo-justifications) cultural influence in America was as detestable as now or even more, it is not well known because most Jews then were Sephardic ones concentrated in the South and providing most of the brain-work for the plantation economy : they did their best after Northern victory to make themselves FORGOTTEN at all costs (which meant asserting the big fat lie that their numbers were then very small, whereas the reality was that they considered themselves too superior to accept ordinary American citizenship and be censused as such), so as to retell the whole American narrative with a blank slate, and identify with the Ashkenazi (and rather humanistic and progressive) newcomers only (the Sephardic community was the most ultra-reactionary and anti humanistic immigrant community ever in America.

They pushed for all American states to be slave states employing as such not only Negroes but also Irish and most other non-anglo-Calvinist Whites). Many now complain that Christmas is being phased out into a more and more forcibly un-Christian holiday, to the point one should speak of festive trees rather than of Christmas trees. 

About 1820 celebrating Christmas or abstaining from work on that day was FORBIDDEN in most states as an immoral, pagan, and anti-Jewish (or anti-Biblical) feast (anyway shirking from work to celebrate any holiday was considered impious and a declaration of parasitism on a commoner's part. Calvinism considered that the only house of prayer God really approved of was a factory), only Mexican subhumans would stoop to such a degree of incivility and disloyalty. 

Nowadays Jewish cultural dominance speaks the language of multiculturalism, which has a strong anti-white de facto import. But in the beginning the very same influence spoke the language of Anglo-Israelism as it was called : the 1% Anglo-Saxon elite prided themselves of being actual Jews by blood and even more direct ancient Jewish descendence than Jews proper, though acknowledging Calvinist Christianity as their faith, and the other Whites had to consider themselves as goys by birth. 

Mere successful ruthlessness at making money was thought to be the most probable proof of being a Jew by blood through a Calvinist by faith. 

The first racism that structured American fascism was Jewish, antisemitic fascism came long after through Europe. As all countries in terminal decadence to the point of dotage, America is regressing into childhood, and America's childhood was pure Zionism: the ground had to be made clear of Indians and work-shirkers in general by invoking Biblical passages for Jews to exterminate useless people in their wake so as to make room to industrial plantations running on cheap imported slave manpower. 

Michael Berg writes

May 9, 2018

Michael Berg writes:

The university system is nothing more than a brainwashing system.

It promotes the poison of Cultural Marxism : Feminism, Race-Mixing, LGBT deviancy.

If it was up to me, I would have burned the entire university system, put most the leftist Marxist professors in either prison or in an insane asylum and throw away the keys.

Why do you think German men stood by and allowed their women to be raped by Muslim men? Why didn't they protect their women ? 

The answer is FEMINISM. 

German men (White men in general) had lost their hopes in women. They don't trust their women anymore and they came to resent them. They said "Why would I even bother to defend those women who were poisoned by feminism and who think that men are the problem"?

It sounds cruel but it is true. Western men who have been betrayed by their women (Thanks to the university systems' Feminism and "women studies") don't have any protective instinct towards their women anymore due to feminism. 

Thank God my wife isn't a feminist and we plan to move to Russia in the future.

Herny, Listen to the above interview on Feminism- it would make you blood boil. It made me very angry at the damage feminism is doing to society.