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"Women's Day" - Why do we Celebrate Soviet Holidays?

March 8, 2021


March 8, International Womyn's Day, originated in the USSR. From Wikipedia:  "Following the October Revolution in 1917, the Bolshevik Alexandra Kollontai persuaded Vladimir Lenin to make [March 8th, International Women's Day] an official holiday in the Soviet Union....Kollontai believed that, like the state, the family unit would wither away once the second stage of communism became a reality. She viewed marriage and traditional families as legacies of the oppressive, property-rights-based, egoist past."  

This proves that Communism is a fait accompli in the West. By controlling credit, the Illuminati (Cabalist) Jewish central bankers also control business, government, culture and media. The satanist goal is the destruction of Christian Western civilization and the enslavement/dispossession of mankind. 

The Illuminati subject us to the same social engineering as the USSR. We have de facto Communism and don't even know it.  Take a look at the corporate sponsors.  The central bankers only need to own 3-5% of the stock to control a corporation. 

Feminism is designed to undermine Western society by breaking up the family. Similarly, diversity, migration, miscegenation, pornography and gender dysphoria are designed to destroy the West The goyim are oblivious to this relentless occult attack because the MSM portrays it as "progressive" instead of "suicidal." Maybe when they lose their toys, the goyim will take notice.

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(re-posted every year since 2009)

International Women's Day  ( March 8) is a longtime Communist propaganda tool. What does it say when an official Soviet holiday is enshrined in our mainstream culture? Clearly, Communism isn't dead; it has just morphed into other forms like Feminism.

It confirms Norman Dodd's famous claim that Ford Foundation President Rowan Gaither told him, in 1954,  that the agenda was to "socially engineer" US life so that "that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union" as part of banker-controlled world government.

Every year the supposedly capitalist media echo the old Soviet bromides about women's oppression, and every year I post this rebuttal. 


hammer2.jpg"Women's Day" pretends to celebrate women but the poster near my Winnipeg home shows an ugly, surly shrew brandishing a hammer. She looks demonically possessed. The caption reads, "if I only had a hammer.." 

She'd what? Hit men over the head? Tear down society?  Smash women who want husbands and children? 

This isn't far-fetched. Under the dance notice, the poster actually says: "Come smash patriarchy at midnight!"  She doesn't look like she has much to fear from a man.

Women participating in the march are asked to bring "your hardhats, tool belts, safety vests and ideas for change."  Typically Communists celebrate women by redefining them out of existence, as males, i.e. carpenters and pipe fitters.

Through its feminist surrogate, Communists have stripped women of a secure and honored social identity as wives and mothers and made them workers and sexual commodities, hostages to the economy, psyops like the caronahoax and the ravages of age.

Obviously, this day is not about recognizing women for their grace, beauty, charm, and intelligence. It is about cultivating a false sense of grievance and entitlement in order to manipulate them.

They used the same tactic with Jews, Blacks, students and workers and harnessed these groups to their agenda. The ultimate goal is to concentrate all wealth and power in the Illuminati (Masonic) central banking cartel which is colonizing the whole world. The real meaning of "change the world" is the establishment of a totalitarian New World Order. 


International Women's Day is hate against women and society perpetrated by the traitorous banker colonial establishment, which includes most "feminist" politicians, educators and the mass media. Women who participate are dupes and "useful idiots."
It is a vestige of Communist "popular front" movements first organized in the 1930s to ensnare naive idealistic people using feel-good platitudes like "equality," "peace" and "human rights."  These rubes didn't know that the movements were funded and run by Moscow. The purpose was to alienate the intelligentsia from their own society and make them amenable to the Communist agenda, ultimately "world government." This seems to have largely succeeded.

Communism is about divide and rule. International Women's Day began in Copenhagen by "The Socialist International" (i.e. Communists) to promote "women's rights." As the poster on the right indicates, it was celebrated in Soviet Russia.

Here is a Manifesto for International Women's Day published in the German "Die Kommunistin" March 2, 1921:

"To all working women! You who make demands and struggle count in the millions...In all countries where the disinherited surge forward under the sign of Communism against the exploiting and subjugating power of capitalism. On International Women's Day, mothers filled with pain, housewives bent with worry, exhausted working women, clerical workers, teachers and small property holders flow together." (Weimar Republic Sourcebook, 1995) 

"AGITPROP" ( Commie Term for Propaganda)

Women's Day is designed to make women feel oppressed.  For example, a page of gender facts tells them that "women do 2/3 of the world's work but get only 10% of the world's income."  Thus, western women, the most favored generation in history, get a chip on their shoulder vicariously.

Women are brainwashed to think their interests are separate from their own fathers, husbands, brothers and sons.

Thousands of events are planned around the world. For example, at the Unitarian Church in London Ont. an organization for Afghanistan women and girls "will honor and celebrate our local women with music, singing, dancing, and refreshments. All women and girls are welcome. Free event!" Sounds lesbian to me.

In San Francisco, there will be a cocktail party and movie to highlight the plight of the women of Gaza. What about the men and boys of Afghanistan and Gaza? Don't they count? In the name of equality, these Communist dupes are practising inequality. By breaking up families, they will leave Muslim women and girls more vulnerable than ever.


This timeworn Communist agitprop is proof we live in a closet Communist society. Most people are not socialist, let alone Communist.

As long as a secret Illuminati clique (Communists, Zionists, Freemasons) is allowed to control government credit, subvert nations and plot world government, society is complicit in its own destruction. We will have no one to blame but ourselves.


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History of Women's Day

First Comment from Dan Butler (1955-2018):

Vladimir Lenin, Satanist and Feminist:

"Our demands are practical conclusions which we have drawn from the burning needs, the shameful humiliation of women, defenseless and without rights. We demonstrate thereby that we recognize these needs, and are sensible of the humiliation of the woman, the privileges of the man. That we hate, yes, hate everything, and will abolish everything which tortures and oppresses the woman worker, the housewife, the peasant woman,  It wins us the confidence of the masses of women who feel themselves exploited, enslaved, suppressed, by the domination of the man, by the power of the employer, by the whole of society."

reedom for the woman from the old household drudgery and dependence on man.")

"Could there be more damning proof of this than the calm acquiescence of men who see how women grow worn out In petty, monotonous household work, their strength and time dissipated and wasted, their minds growing narrow and stale, their hearts beating slowly, their will weakened! The home life of the woman is a daily sacrifice to a thousand unimportant trivialities. "

"In law, there is naturally complete equality of rights for men and women. And everywhere there is evidence of a sincere wish to put this equality into practice. We are bringing the women into the social economy, into legislation and government. All educational institutions are open to them so that they can increase their professional and social capacities.  That will mean freedom for the woman from the old household drudgery and dependence on man."

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for ""Women's Day" - Why do we Celebrate Soviet Holidays? "

AC (Australia) said (March 8, 2020):

Women's Day upon us again.
What a crock.
We are being urged to wear purple. I don't think so.
I won't be wearing purple today Commie.
Let me explain to you commie why I won't be wearing purple commie.
Like Communism. Feminism appeals to women's inner demons.
No commie I won't wear purple today. Let me elaborate further.
Feminism has allowed women to decide that 65 million and more worldwide would never have a name or a chance of life.
Feminism has driven men forever into the 40 Year Old Virgin, Incel or MGTOW territories without even a chance of comming back.
Women hate men forever. Lesbianism is now dominant in politics, society and culture. Men were tricked into thinking that Lesbianism was attempting wriggle men back in, but that was not the case. No, it was to forever divide the 2 sexes
The few women that I wanted was pursuaded to adopt feminism as the official religion.

So you see Commie. No purple for me today.

Al Thompson said (March 8, 2019):

The government people here in the US are nothing more than spiritual and social shit-stains and apparatchiks of unrelenting communism. No matter who is elected, it never gets better. It gets worse and the act of voting is like what Howard Cosell said years ago in sports: "It is an exercise in futility."

What we see in today's governments is a bad version of the Roman Empire. There seems to be an almost total disregard of morality. If this continues, mankind will not survive because he keeps violating the natural order of life that the real God created.

Al Thompson said (March 8, 2019):

The government people here in the US are nothing more than spiritual and social shit-stains and apparatchiks of unrelenting communism. No matter who is elected, it never gets better. It gets worse and the act of voting is like what Howard Cosell said years ago in sports: "It is an exercise in futility."

What we see in today's governments is a bad version of the Roman Empire. There seems to be an almost total disregard of morality. If this continues, mankind will not survive because he keeps violating the natural order of life that the real God created.

Dougal said (March 8, 2019):

‘Stop being chained to the kitchen sink’ was the feminist mantra of the 1970s to inspire women to step out of the home and into the workplace. Women in fact ended up losing their freedom where they paid others to clean their home and look after their children while they worked longer hours under supervision in often tedious, boring labour. They were never chained to the kitchen sink but they ended up spending their life chained to the office desk

Z said (March 8, 2019):

The 8th of March has a dual significance. In 1917 the great February revolution broke out - 23 February Old Style (8 March New Style). It was, in fact, the working women of Petersburg who began this revolution; it was they who first decided to raise the banner of opposition to the Tsar and his associates.

So the day celebrates the fact that women were the original useful idiots.

So happy idiots day to all women who are stupid enough to celebrate it! LOL

Brendon O'Connell said (March 8, 2018):

Note Putin said families are a national security issue. Indeed. Has anything really changed though?

When Stalin realized he could not stamp out religion he co-opted it and filled the priest and Bishop ranks with KGB agents of who the current Patriarch Kirill is one. Both he and Putin are billionaires. Kirril from vodka, oil and tobacco taxes. But not a squeak from the Putin fans. I know the Russian Orthodox Church. Everyone knows about this.

Soviet Union 2.0 is smarter this time. More of a Fabian Socialist approach.

If Putin was for families and freedom from central bankers he would not be demanding the same beast system implemented world wide be implemented in Russia. Smart Cities will be in Russia as it will be everywhere else. Israeli technology. All of it. Stolen out of the US.

Crazy "left" in the West - bare-chested manly dialectical solution to come from the east.

The great game continues Henry.

Thanks for reminding us.

Sallyanne said (March 9, 2015):

Great article on Women's Day, thanks Henry. I'm an ex-feminist, ex-Green, ex-everything. I now think for myself. Feminists do not allow women to think for themselves thus feminism actually represses women. They are 'downloading' into the female (and male) brain what we must think. This is tyranny of the worst kind, enforcing their rigid 'belief' system upon both women and men. This is extremist fundamentalism. Do any of these women have a belief in God? I very much doubt it. Universities around the world are churning out this garbage and it is nothing more than psychological control, a satanic disease.

Here's more fuel to add to your evidence that the whole feminist agenda is a manipulation and a hoax that had ulterior motives (8 mins):

Aaron Russo- Feminism was started to Destabilize Society, Tax Women and Set Up NWO

KF said (March 8, 2015):

I was born in the Soviet Union in the mid sixties.
There is a great deal of misconception going on in your annual articles about March 8. Although you are correct in the fact that it was initiated as tribute to a Marxist's vision of women in Communist society (began in Denmark, 1910), this is where the whole concept ends. March 8 in the Soviet Union (and now in Russia) is a beautiful statutory holiday celebrating women, love and family. It is some sort of combination of Valentine's day and Mother's day; full of flowers, presents and best possible TV shows. Seriously, with all respect to your other articles, you should stop demonizing 8th of March.
And happy March 8 to your mother, wife, sisters and daughters - all women you love

Below- Brandon Smith - We're Headed For 1929 Repeat(scroll down)

Illuminati Planned to Use Vaccines for Genocide

March 7, 2021


2009 Law Suit: "An international corporate criminal syndicate has developed, produced, stockpiled and employed biological weapons to eliminate the population of the U.S. and other countries for financial and political gain."

Thanks to researcher David Livingstone for this tip! His new book is online.

from April 19, 2020

Swine Flu Outbreak Or Bioterrorism And Intent To Commit Mass Murder?   July 12, 2009

by Bill Lindner  

(abridged by

 Jane Burgermeister, an Austrian Investigative journalist, reportedly filed charges with the FBI in Austria on June 10, 2009 against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking members of the U.S. Federal government, including President Obama and corporate officials, concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder, just in time for the anticipated July release of Baxter's A/H1N1 flu vaccine -- though it remains to be seen whether the FBI will conduct an investigation or reveal more complicity in keeping heinous crimes covered up.

Burgermeister prepared an injunction against forced vaccination that is being filed in America. In April, she filed charges against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, with allegations that this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a worldwide pandemic.

Burgermeister has presented evidence of acts of bioterrorism that is in violation of U.S. law, committed by a group that is operating in the U.S. under the direction of International bankers who control the Federal Reserve, WHO, the UN and NATO for the purpose of carrying out mass genocide against the U.S. population by using a genetically engineered flu pandemic virus with the intention of causing a massive amount of deaths. 

Unsurprisingly, this group involves officials holding high U.S. government offices. Leaders in the Center for Disease Control (CDC) also allegedly know that the vaccine is not safe.

Once again, the U.S. state-sponsored major media has made no mention of this, which isn't surprising when you look at the way they have purposely and repeatedly misled this country -- look at the attacks of 9/11 and all that has happened since the U.S. began the fraudulent 'War on Terror' under the Bush cabal. Illegal propaganda is a powerful -- and dangerous -- weapon the Federal Government has utilized for decades.


Members of this criminal syndicate allegedly include: U.S. President Barack Obama, UN System Coordinator for Influenza David Nabarro, Director-General of WHO Margaret Chan, U.S. Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius, U.S. Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, bankers David de Rotschild, David Rockefeller and George Soros, Chancellor of Austria Werner Faymann and Austrian Health Minister Alois Stoger among others.

The charges filed by Burgermeister contend that the defendants mentioned above conspired with each other and others to develop, fund and participate in the final phase of implementing a covert international bioweapons program that also involves Pharmaceutical giants Baxter and Novartis.


By bioengineering and releasing lethal biological agents -- the 'bird flu' virus and the 'swine flu virus' -- as a pretext for implementing a forced mass vaccination program, the syndicate would be able to administer a toxic biological agent that causes death and injury to the people of the U.S. in direct violation of the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act.


...Burgermeister's dossier reportedly reveals that the release of the virus was supposed to be an essential step for triggering a pandemic that would allow the WHO to declare a Level 6 Pandemic. She lists the laws and decrees that would allow the Un and WHO to take over the U.S. should a pandemic occur and the legislation that would require compliance with mandatory vaccinations in the U.S. once a pandemic was declared.

She presented evidence revealing that the bird flu and the swine flu viruses were in fact bioengineered in laboratories using funding that was supplied by WHO and other government agencies among others, charges that the entire 'swine flu' pandemic business is a massive lie and that there is no natural virus that poses a threat to the population. According to many experts, the 'swine flu' is part swine flu, part human flu and part bird flu, a hybrid that can only come from laboratories.

Claims from WHO that this 'swine flu' is a pandemic are intentionally misleading, probably because the viruses that were released were created and released with the help of WHO, making them responsible for the 'pandemic' in the first place. Also noted by Burgermeister is the fact that the death figures reported as 'swine flu' are inconsistent and there is no clarity as to how the number of 'deaths' are documented.

A pandemic could occur if mass vaccinations of the tainted vaccine are carried out under the guise of protecting populations since there is evidence showing that mandatory vaccines have been intentionally contaminated to cause death.

Novartis bird flu vaccine killed 21 homeless people in Poland during the summer of 2008. The same International Pharmaceutical companies and International Government agencies who developed the contaminated vaccines are set to profit greatly from contracts to supply the contaminated vaccines while state-sponsored media purposely spreads misinformation designed to entice people of the U.S. into getting the contaminated vaccine.


The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, the National Emergency Act, National Security Presidential Directive 51, Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20 and the International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza were designed in part to require vaccinations in the event of 'National Emergencies' or 'pandemics.'

Burgermeister charges that those named in her allegations (mentioned above) implemented and/or accelerated implementation of 'laws' and regulations -- in the U.S. since 2008 -- aimed at stripping citizens of the U.S. of lawful Constitutional rights to refuse an injection. 

These same people have made it a crime to refuse to take injections against pandemic viruses and imposed other excessive and cruel penalties such as imprisonment and/or quarantine in FEMA camps while barring victims of the injections in the U.S. from claiming compensation from deaths or injuries that result from being forcefully injected -- just more proof that it's long past time to repeal all of the illegal, unconstitutional 'legislation' that our corrupted Republicans and Democrats in Congress have egregiously passed these past eight and a half years and it's time to lock up those in Congress who have enabled these treasonous actions. Everything that has happened since the Bush cabal allowed the attacks of 9/11 has been intentionally designed to destroy rights, liberties, and to control populations.

In keeping with the tradition of the past eight and a half years, the Federal government has violated federal corruption laws and the abuse of office as well as the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and laid the groundwork for mass genocide.


As with Iraq, mass murder was preplanned. Revelations of the FEMA concentration camps and the mass coffins/coffin liners that were revealed suddenly seem to have a little more meaning. Some claim that the DHS wasn't created to make Americans safe. It was created to make it easier to create mass murder. Many in our Federal government, from Congress, the Judiciary and the Executive branch have repeatedly committed treason against the American people, which also helps explain why the government aided in the attacks of 9/11 -- recently it was revealed that the NSA has a special unit set up to help squash leaks regarding government involvement in the attacks of 9/11. It also helps explain why nothing has been done to the Bush administration for all the crimes they committed with the help of their enablers in Congress and the Judiciary.

Burgermeister further charges that Pharmaceutical companies consisting of Baxter, Novartis and Sanofi Aventis are part of the dual purpose bioweapons program financed by the crime syndicate with the intentions of reducing the world's population by more than 5 billion people in the next ten years by committing mass murder and planning to spread terror to justify forcing people to give up their rights. Sound familiar? It should. The Bush administration did it for several years.

It appears that the North American Union, as well as the intentional destruction of the U.S. Constitution, were aimed at giving control over natural resources such as water and undeveloped oil lands to a group of international elites, as well as total control over North America....


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Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Illuminati Planned to Use Vaccines for Genocide"

JG said (April 19, 2020):

This doomsday agenda is being carried out now by the NWO Oligarchs that have taken total control of the Democratic Party in America. These same oligarchs also control all of the MSM outlets. The CDC and the WHO are also under their influence.

However this agenda can only be successful with full cooperation from the public and the Corona 19 Project is slowly losing its credibility with many.
Reality has set in with Americans. All the charts and curves aren't going to put food on their table and endless quarantines and house detentions aren't going to put money in their pocket either.

This will be a very long week for some of the Democratic state governors who are carrying out their party's oligarch's orders so faithfully.

Demonstrations are not subsiding but increasing throughout America.

I don't think Americans are just gonna roll over and die like some think.

Below- "Chosen People" - The Mother of all Jewish Scams (scroll down)

Brandon Smith - We're Headed For 1929 Repeat


"They want an economic disaster," says Brandon Smith. After creating an inflationary bubble in the 1920's, the Fed engineered the Great Depression by raising rates. Brandon Smith thinks this game plan may be repeated in order to impose a permanent globalist lockdown and a digital world currency.

"The only unknown at this point is how they will go about their sabotage. Will the central bank continue to allow inflation to explode the cost of living in the U.S., or will they intervene with higher interest rates and allow stock markets to crash?"

Stagflation Subterfuge: The Real Disaster Hidden By The Pandemic

by Brandon Smith

(abridged by

...Inflation or deflation?

The central bank has created a Catch 22, and many (including myself) believe that the Fed has created the conundrum deliberately. 

All central banks are tied together by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the BIS is a globalist institution through and through. The globalist agenda seeks to trigger what they call the "Great Reset," a complete reformation of the global economy and capitalism into a single one world socialist system... managed by the globalists themselves, of course.

In my view, the Fed has always been a kind of institutional suicide bomber; its job is to self-destruct at the right moment and take the U.S. economy down with it, all in the name of spreading its cult-like globalist ideology.

The only unknown at this point is how they will go about their sabotage. Will the central bank continue to allow inflation to explode the cost of living in the U.S., or will they intervene with higher interest rates and allow stock markets to crash?

Either way, we face a serious economic crisis in the near future.


Mainstream economists will often argue that rising yields and inflation are a "good thing." They claim this is a sign of rapid economic recovery. I disagree.

If "inflation" was the same as "recovery," then there would not have been total economic collapses in Argentina in 2002, in Yugoslavia in 1994, or in Weimar Germany in the early 1920s.

I do not see recovery. What I see is the rapid devaluation of the dollar's buying power due to massive fiat printing through stimulus measures. The Fed and the U.S. government are buying a short-term surge in economic activity, but at a hidden cost. This is a condition that the Dollar Index does not even begin to address, but obvious in prices of necessary goods and commodities...


Let's make something clear first: The pandemic is NOT the reason for the stimulus flood. The pandemic did very little to hurt actual business in the U.S. Rather, it was the lockdowns that did most of the damage.

Think about that for a moment - federal and state governments crushed the economy through lockdowns, then offered the solution of vast stimulus measures. This in turn is destroying financial stability and generating rapid price inflation.

Conservative states and counties that refused to shut down are recovering at a much faster pace than leftist states which imposed draconian restrictions on citizens. Yet, the lockdowns did nothing to stop the spread of COVID-19 in blue states. So, the lockdowns accomplished no discernible advantage for the public, but they did give the central bank a perfect rationale to further erode the dollar.

This resulting price inflation is something that not even the red states can escape.

For example, home prices are rapidly expanding beyond the market bubble of 2006. This is partially due to millions of people participating in perhaps the largest migration in the U.S. since the Great Depression. Anyone who is able is moving away from major cities into suburban and rural areas. But, home prices also have a historic habit of inflating along with currency devaluation. The cost of maintaining and remodelling an older home, or building a new home, rises as the prices of commodities like lumber inflate.

And lumber prices are certainly inflating! Softwood lumber prices are up at least 110% from a year ago, and are climbing as much as 10% in a week.

Home rentals also do not escape inflation, as the rising cost of maintaining properties forces landlords to increase rents. The only places where rents are decreasing are major cities that Americans are seeking to flee, such as New York and San Francisco...


This is why the COVID-19 lockdowns must continue and the pandemic fear factory must remain active. The globalists need a cover event for the Reset and they need to keep the citizenry under control, and the pandemic can be blamed for just about anything. 

This is why the media is hyping the existence of "COVID mutations." 

Do not be surprised if the Biden Administration tries to implement a national lockdown sometime this year in the name of stopping the spread of a "more deadly" COVID-19 variant.

It won't matter that the previous lockdowns were useless and all the data shows that keeping the economy open is a superior policy. It might seem like logic is going completely out the window, but there is a very logical reason for what is happening in the minds of globalists.

Stagflation comes into play through losses in certain sectors of the economy, high unemployment and the inability of wages to keep up with costs.

There is the continued dismantling of the small business sector, which, again, I believe is being destroyed deliberately. It's not a mistake that small businesses were predominantly targeted as "non-essential" during the lockdowns. It's also not a coincidence that the majority of COVID-19 PPP loans went to big box corporations while small businesses received almost nothing. The small business sector is being erased, leaving only the corporate sector to provide for consumers.

This may be why Democrats are so adamant about raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. Wages are already rising according to market demand and region. The average non-skilled worker in the U.S. is making around $11 an hour. There is no need for the government to interfere, unless they have ulterior motives.

A $15 minimum wage would likely crush what's left of small businesses, and only corporations that are receiving the bulk of stimulus dollars will be able to afford to pay workers the higher rate. ...

Prices will continue to rise due to dollar devaluation, but the media and government will say that it has nothing to do with the dollar and everything to do with companies raising shelf prices to offset increased labor costs.


I suspect that the establishment will do everything in its power to distract the public from the biggest threat in the history of American society - the stagflationary time bomb.

If they admit to its existence then the public could prepare for it, and they don't want that. If Americans were to decentralize their local economies, support local small businesses instead of big box retailers, start producing necessities for themselves, and developed currency alternatives like local scrip backed by commodities... then they would be able to survive a national financial crisis.

In fact, I guarantee that any community, county or state that takes these steps will immediately be targeted by the federal government, further revealing the truth: The establishment wants the public to suffer.

They want economic disaster. They do not want people to have the option of taking care of themselves. They need people scared, desperate and malleable, or they will never achieve their Reset agenda.


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Also by Brandon Smith - Covidhoax has Failed- What's their Next Step? 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Brandon Smith - We're Headed For 1929 Repeat "

JG said (March 7, 2021):

Never in the history of Wall Street is a crash more imminent and overdue.

When 10-year-old kids become affluent day traders, then you know this gig is about up.

If everyone becomes a day trader then you will have no one left to drive your trucks, cut your grass, or fight your wars for you anymore. Wall Street today has made a mockery of honest money.
The Fed will pull the plug on this party, and soon. Once the mega investors cash in their chips this game will be over.

Tony E said (March 7, 2021):

One of the most concise summations of the bankers plan to implement total control on a global level. The only problem I see for this diabolical plan is the resourceful nature of the human species, the USA will most likely break up and clans will form similar to medieval times. Barter and other means of exchanging goods and services will emerge.

Black markets will be commonplace, all outside the bankers control. This will not be a pretty picture, many will die, in the short term bankers will lose control, in the long term who knows? If people are educated to who and how the problem occurred in the first place, perhaps we can not repeat the same mistakes and build a better world.

Bankers want a New System by Mario

February 27, 2021


Bankers want a New System

To achieve a digital world currency,

"a "crisis" must first be made up so deep, so long and so unbearable that the "solution" with the 3 ingredients would be acceptable (just like the 1913 introduction of the Federal Reserve)."

By Mario

The inception of the Federal Reserve System cartel was preceded by a long series of artificial "crises":

In 1913, America was ready, fried as a well-done steak, for a "solution to put an end to all crises". That was the Federal Reserve, a private money monopoly that first locked America up and then the world in a "debt" prison.

The current money system gives the major bankers all the tools they need to grow or shrink the economy. 

Our economic freedom is limited because the owners of the money system determine how much money and debt is carried by the economy. But there is still freedom within this system to determine how an entrepreneur organizes his activity, or for a consumer in the choice of his purchase.

This minimum economic freedom is too much for the big bankers. They want a new system to fine-tune every purchase and determine per individual: What can be bought, for what price, from whom, how much, and so on. 

All decided based on power distribution, social credit, AI/Machine Learning with total control over every and each individual thinking and doing. 

And just like in 1913, this new system will be presented as "necessary" to prevent new "crises". New motivations will be that "it is better for the environment", "it is to secure our pensions", "better for society" and more of such nonsense. The "solution" will be based on 3 pillars:

- the blockchain technology;
- artificial intelligence logic, big data;
- the human body hosted chip - 666

To achieve this, a "crisis" must first be made up so deep, so long and so unbearable that the "solution" with the 3 ingredients would be acceptable (just like the 1913 introduction of the Federal Reserve).

The world must expect unprecedented harsh economic times, when we will be again well done fried and be made ready to accept an even tighter control over our activities than the actual money system imposes on us. This is why the current system is disposed of with negative interest rates.

Anyone who is worried about his pension or savings should first research the emergence of the current money system, the true purpose of Federal Reserve, and then understand the appearance of the logically inexplicable negative interest rate and identify its finality.

Thanks John B!

the COVID-19 "vaccine" alters your genetic makeup by Chris

February 19, 2021

the COVID-19 "vaccine" alters your genetic makeup

So you took the vaccine and didn't die. Wonderful news. I didn't take the vaccine and I didn't die either! Let's pick this back up in several years, when I'm still human... and God knows what you are.

by Chris

The people say. "I've had my vaccine and I feel fine."

This is the uneducated and ignorant defence from anyone that has taken the vaccine and uses it as proof that the vaccine works. If that's your defence, then you haven't listened to a single word anyone has said, including science itself.

It's an mRNA vaccine. Innovative medicine. Completely untested. Unlike any other vaccine. In fact, it steps out of medicine and firmly into genetics. Let me explain.

What is RNA? RNA is Ribonucleic Acid. And if you went to school, you will have heard of DNA. This is deoxyribonucleic Acid. And if you know anything about DNA, it contains the genetic makeup of any organism.

Both are very similar, yet have their differences also. But, more importantly, let's talk about their functions.

DNA replicates and stores genetic information. It is a blueprint for all genetic information contained within an organism. RNA converts the genetic information contained within DNA to a format used to build proteins, and then moves it to ribosomal protein factories.

The mRNA vaccine is a synthetic "messenger" RNA strand, that converts genetic information within DNA.

Now, they've told you that they do this to produce proteins to in order to strengthen the immune system to fight the Covid virus, but if you really look at the bigger picture here, it might leave you quite numb to understand the potential reality of the situation.

If you have had the vaccine, rest assured that your DNA is now changing. Do you have any idea of the implications of that? Your genetic makeup is mutating.

You are under extreme pressure to take a substance that changes your genetic makeup, all because of a virus that has a 0.03% fatality rate. 

A virus that is parallel with the flu (which has mysteriously vanished since the arrival of Covid.) Not to mention that the FDA have not approved this as a legitimate vaccine as yet, but have only approved for emergency use. This means that it's being tested on you! Most "vaccine" companies don't even refer to this as a vaccine, but as an "operating system." I'll assume that Mr Gates likes to call it this!

If you tell me that I am selfish to want my DNA to remain intact, at the risk of somebody's life, who already has underlying conditions and probably would have died from the flu or any other ailment, due to they're own failing immune system, then you are completely insane.

I see people stating that "if it's the only way to get back to normal, then I'm having it." I'm just gobsmacked. These people are more than prepared to risk change of the very fabric of what "life" is, just so they can get their "life" back?

If you think I'm talking shit, then you are a fool. Go and have the vaccine. Hopefully, you wont have to regret your decision, should the time come.

This information is readily available for you to read. If you are ignorant enough to roll up your sleeves with your eyes completely shut, then maybe you have no idea on what the meaning of "life" actually is, and you're chasing a complete fantasy.

You think it's about saving lives. You think it's as clear cut as "life or death." It's not. It's not dying from a vaccine that I'm scared of. It's living with its potential long term effects. As opposed to the 99.97% survival rate that will see the back of the effects of Covid in about a week. I'm not a betting person, but those odds look sweet to me!

So you took the vaccine and didn't die. Wonderful news. I didn't take the vaccine and I didn't die either! Let's pick this back up in several years, when I'm still human... and God knows what you are.

Good luck.  Please do share. This is not scare mongering. This is scientific fact. Not even scientists can ultimately know what this is doing. People really need to understand what they are lining themselves up for... or more to the point, understand that they "don't" know what they're lining themselves up for.

It's All Fake by Mike Stone

February 4, 2021


It's hard to be real
when everything 
is fake.

It's All Fake  

by Mike Stone

Fake ballots. Fake votes. Fake election. Anyone who tells you different is a fake.

Fake virus. Fake pandemic. Fake health officials and doctors peddling a fake vaccine.

Fake news. Fake experts. Fake people pretending to be journalists.

Fake research. Fake science. Fake global warming.

Fake shootings. Fake victims. Fake calls for new laws.

Fake racism. Fake hate crimes. Fake solutions to every fake problem.

Fake terrorists. Fake hijackers. Fake weapons of mass destruction.

Fake politicians. Fake laws. Fake leaders in every area of life.

Fake Pope. Fake clergy. Fake Christians fooled by a fake church pretending to be Catholic.

Fake conservatives. Fake patriots. Fake friends who will sell you out for 30 pieces of fake silver.

Fake free markets. Fake capitalism. Fake corporate welfare.

Fake lawyers. Fake judges. Fake laws.

Fake movies. Fake books. Fake celebrities.

Fake food. Fake vitamins. Fake water filled with fluoride.

Fake diseases. Fake health. Take this fake drug instead.

Fake economy. Fake money. Fake gold no longer in Fort Knox. 

Fake history. Fake excuses for war. Fake moon landings.

Fake schools. Fake text books. Fake teachers peddling fake educations to the children of faked-out parents.

Fake sports. Fake athletes. Fake entertainment on every level.

Fake human rights. Fake consent. Fake choices.

Fake breasts. Fake tattoos. Fake women.

Fake muscles. Fake masculinity. Fake men.

Fake advertising. Fake products. Fake everything.

Are you real or are you fake too?

Mike Stone is the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.