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Men - Don't Give Up on Women!

October 16, 2018

In this 9-min video, a young Ukrainian woman outlines why she thinks that MGTOWs (men who go their own way) are justified. She outlines many reasons why young women have become toxic and marriage is a trap. The comments 
below suggest that a growing number of men have rejected the company of women altogether. i.e. "After a man marries a woman she quickly loses that 'new car smell', but the car payments go on and on."

Giving up on women is not the solution.

1/ MGTOW is the counterpart of feminism. The Communist elite wants to destroy heterosexual marriage and family. Don't succumb! 

2/ The solution is to find a woman who will follow your lead. I tell my wife she can have power or love. She cannot have both. She chooses love. Women want power, in the form of male love. Heterosexual union is the exchange of female (worldly) power for male power in the form of love.

3/ MGTOW is understandable but it is self-defeating. Men and women complement each other. Both need love and sex. Sex must take place in the context of a loving relationship or it is essentially masturbation.

4/ Women have been brainwashed. A man has to reprogram the woman he loves. (See the movie, The Bostonians.") 

 5. A woman is like a flower. If you give her love, she will blossom and bear fruit. We must be patient and persevering. Don't marry until you are really sure.

6. Having children and raising them to be good people is doing God's Work. How often do we get this opportunity? 

Brad- Talking to women about this is akin to talking to a wall. It's useless because they (most) do not understand why the successful men aren't making them happy. They aren't making them happy because they have too much to lose, and the way a woman wants you to act toward them....not what they say, but what they be dominated but adored, will net you a HUGE loss of wealth and quality of life. Why would anyone in their right mind accept a contract knowing that it's a net loss for you to initiate? Women will learn the same way as anyone else...when there is enough pain, they will change. MGTOW is just giving them the silent treatment they need to change. It's not a matter of if, but when. I've totally accepted the fate of being without a woman for the rest of my days. However, I hope for my daughter's sake, women as a whole change their attitudes before it's too late for her to have a family. Also, I don't only blame women in all this. Weak minded men are allowing this to happen because women need men to enforce everything. When men stop enforcing women's's over.
Evan-  kind of wanted a wife and family. But I just can't! I've seen men lose their houses, their children and even kill themselves after a traumatic divorce. Every single couple I know that has been married has divorced, the wife has almost always been unfaithful. It's just impossible to have a wife and family anymore, so MGTOW for me is the only way.

J-Well done. Thanks for understanding. I went MGTOW back in 1997.
It's not all bad though. House paid off. My mechanic job brings in 4400 US dollars a month, spending is 1400, surplus usually about 3000 a month. And now I have enough accumulated wealth to retire (12 years early). I'm going to buy a camper for my pickup truck and go see some of this country now. I'll probably be retired around February of next year.

Vention MGTOWWell done. Thanks for understanding.
I went MGTOW back in 1997.
It's not all bad though. House paid off. My mechanic job brings in 4400 US dollars a month, spending is 1400, surplus usually about 3000 a month. And now I have enough accumulated wealth to retire (12 years early). I'm going to buy a camper for my pickup truck and go see some of this country now. I'll probably be retired around febuary of next year.

Jedi Run- The question you should be asking is how many men will go MGTOW when it is all said and done? I predict a lot more because nothing beats freedom MGTOW4LIFE :)

Player Unknown -There's so many women in the US who have zero respect and appreciation for men. Expect everything and giving nothing but complaints in returns. Self-preservation seems to be the logical way to go.

Anon-it's growing in Africa too man don't want anything to do with women.

Black Torch-Already, Happening in Black American community. 51% of Black American men have no wife and no Children.  And the refuse to talk to Black women in any capacity. It called the Wall of Silence. We are shooting for 80% by 2025. Good luck !

0thebostonians (1).png
(left, In The Bostonians, 1984, Christopher Reeves reprograms feminist Lee Remick) 

Henry Boaz- Getting a man is like getting a free meal ticket for life.

KL --Met a 29 year old plumber that owned a home, I asked him if he was married, he said no. Asked him if he had a girlfriend, he said "why would I ever do that?" He saw what his mother did to his father, he made a chose long ago there's zero value in women!! I want him to talk to my son, to get him on the right track!!! God bless mgtow!!!

Ghost in the Machine - Most women. and some men. talk like MGTOW is temporary and that things will go back to 'normal' between men and women somewhere in the years ahead. You can hear it in their tone of voice or the choice of words they use. But, I disagree. Without strong social pressure, men are not going to go back to marriage and the family. I think most men I know would like to have a wife and family, but I also think they enjoy the freedom of being free to live their life the way they want and to be free of the responsibility of a wife and kids. I was married a short time and I still remember the constant pressure to support my wife and pay the bills. I've been single years since my divorce and it's so much easier to only be responsible for myself. The enjoyment of being free of responsibility, vastly outweighs the enjoyment of female company. 
So what am I saying, you ask? I'm saying that once most men are set free from the responsibility of marriage in society, the social pressure to marry will be broken forever, and non-reversible. Marriage is a financial plus for women, but not such a good deal for men in today's world. After a man marries a women she quickly loses that 'new car smell', but the car payments go on and on. Nope, marriage is not a good deal for men today. In the past, social pressure and rites of manhood, demanded men get married, but not in modern society. 
The old marriage model has been broken and it's not going to come back, ever. Men and women will still get married, but in very small numbers, and they will quickly divorce, not to remarry. Youtube men and women who talk like there is a solution (if it can just be found) are mistaken. It's wishful thinking. MGTOW is one-way, it's growing, and it's here to stay. 
Women will not give up their new found (fill in the blank) freedom, and men will not give up their new found (fill in the blank) freedom. Both sides are unwilling to even consider going back to the way things were in past centuries. Which is understandable from either sides view. Anyone talking about compromise or love on daytime news commentary is dreaming.
Thanks to Michael Berg for sending this.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- Where Have We Seen Trump Before? (scroll down)

John Hankey - Trump is Rewarmed Bush Admin

October 15, 2018

(left, Hankey's updated documentary)

John Hankey deserves credit for
reminding us that
Donald J. Trump is a shyster
and US politics is a charade. 

(Don't have an hour? See this four-minute trailer.

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

As America heads for the midterm elections, the country has never been so polarized. Trump is considered a national savior by his supporters, a monster by his detractors. Democrats are threatening violent resistance if they don't regain power.

After watching John Hankey's hour-long documentary "Is Trump for Real?" you would be forgiven for thinking the whole thing is a charade
and we are being duped. 

(left, Bannon studied Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl) 

John Hankey explains that the Republican "big dogs" wanted Jeb Bush but after 9-11, the American people would not stand for it. Steve Bannon went to work for Ted Cruz crafting a campaign designed to tell people what they wanted to hear, based on Hitler's electoral strategy, and an analysis of Facebook data by Cambridge Analytica. Bannon eventually took his program to Trump. 

After a 20-minute introduction, Hankey's documentary devotes 40 minutes to about a dozen footnotes. In one of these, Hankey provides an interview with Christopher Wylie, research director for Cambridge Analytica where he says they developed slogans like "Build the Wall," "Drain the Swamp," "Rebuild Roads and Bridges," and "Fake News" for Cruz which Trump adopted.

Hankey shows how Trump has exploited the fear of Islamic terror and catered to the War industry, all the while decrying the waste of trillions on the Iraq war. Trump characterized Islam, one of the great religions of the world as "a hateful foreign ideology" and banned Muslims from select countries from coming to the US. 

He vowed to eradicate ISIS knowing all along they were a creation of Mossad and the CIA. He suggested Saudi Arabia was complicit in 9-11 and then made deals with them, and excluded them from his travel ban. Rudolph Giuliani who was Mayor of NYC on 9-11, and part of the cover-up, is Trump's personal lawyer. 

(Pence is a satanist Freemason, not a real Christian. Here he makes Sign of Baphomet.) 

Hankey believes Trump's choice of Mike Pence for VP is telling. Pence was instrumental in helping develop a rationale for Bush's attack on Iraq. (Perhaps Hankey devotes too much time to this.) Pence is a fanatical Christian Zionist and NeoCon, not the man you would choose if you were charting a new course. He is the man you'd choose if your real agenda is Albert Pike's Third World War, Zionism Versus Islam.  This may explain why Trump broke his promise to defuse tensions with Russia. They support Islam. 


I regard Trump as the lesser of two evils but I am mindful that the whole political process is a sham. Take the Kavanaugh circus for example. Did the Democrats seriously think they could derail this nomination based on Christine Ford's recollection of being dry-humped at a frat party three decades ago? Or was it just a charade to further polarize the country and inflame tensions? Is Trump Derangement Syndrome in the media part of this charade?

(l. Bush attended Kavanaugh swearing in for DC Court of Appeals in 2006)

Consider that Kavanaugh was a Bush factotum who apparently wrote the Patriot Act depriving Americans of their civil rights. Consider that his wife was George W Bush's personal secretary. He also served Hillary, covering up the Vince Foster murder.

What good are Trump's domestic policies if his foreign policy gets Americans irradiated? The American people are being had. Vote but otherwise, just switch it off. 

Trump is the most effective demagogue in the history of the US. But he is a shyster and Hankey deserves credit for reminding us. 
The main shortcoming of this video is that it doesn't go into Trump's Chabad Jewish and Masonic Jewish background. Hankey often digresses and loses focus by rehashing his previous videos. 

Also, in his discussion of Orlando, Hankey seems oblivious to the fact that the promotion of "gay rights" is really about undermining the identity of 98% of the population, heterosexuals. 

Trump may represent a reprieve from George Soros' Communism but Hankey shows that the real business of America, war, has not changed. 

First Comment from James C

Trump's war with the media is as real as t.v. wrestling.  It's an elaborate charade designed to convince the American public that Trump is anti-Establishment when in reality he is totally in bed with the Zionists who own and control the media.  Where's the proof?  Watch the following youtube video and look at the incredible list of Zionists, Neocons and Jews backing this hypocrite.  Or read the attached PDF transcript of the video.  "The bottom line is: You cannot be anti-Establishment, anti-Globalist are be pro-Zionist, pro-Israel. This is the real truth, and until we see otherwise, nothing will ever change."  

(left, Trump was tutored by gangster lawyer Roy Cohn, a Jewish homosexual who died of AIDS in 1986) 


A major player in all this is Roy Cohn, Trump's mentor and lawyer of 13 years,  and Joseph McCarthy's Jewish right-hand man.

"Donald calls me 15 to 20 times a day," Roy Cohn told me on the day we met. "He is always asking, 'What is the status of this . . . and that?' "It was 1980"

"For author Sam Roberts, the essence of Cohn's influence on Trump was the triad: "Roy was a master of situational immorality . . . . He worked with a three-dimensional strategy, which was: 1. Never settle, never surrender. 2. Counter-attack, counter-sue immediately. 3. No matter what happens, no matter how deep into the muck you get, claim victory and never admit defeat." As columnist Liz Smith once observed, "Donald lost his moral compass when he made an alliance with Roy Cohn."

... " Sometime during the 2016 presidential campaign, Brill [Journalist Lawyer] noticed that Donald Trump was using Cohn's exact phrases. "I began to hear, 'If you want to know the truth,' and 'that I can tell you . . .' and 'to be absolutely frank'--a sign that the Big Lie was coming, [Goebells?]"

Cohn's father was a Supreme Court Judge.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "John Hankey - Trump is Rewarmed Bush Admin"

Bruce said (October 15, 2018):

Hi Henry,

As always, a good article. American politics over the past 30 years or so or more, has become a freak sideshow and a con job regardless of the political party put in office. I'll put it in more retrospective terms: Politicians, regardless of their political stripe are like the carnies/carnival hucksters of old. They roll into town, pitch their tents, fleece the local yokels with their games of chance. Beguile them with their freak sideshows, and then pull up stakes and roll onto the next town.

I remember when Trump threw his hat into the presidential running ring so to speak. I remember telling my family and friends that he is a trojan horse. The push back I got was the usual "he'll make America great again".

Well, here we are in the present tense and well....he has broken every campaign promise he made. Of course, those who have eyes to see and ears to hear with know that the past 30 years, not one campaign promise has ever been fulfilled by any candidate...period. I know there will be the usual Trumper Stumpers who come out of the woodwork and disagree with me, but oh well; the truth is the truth.

Thanks Bruce

He kept his promises to Israel.


JG said (October 15, 2018):

What's refreshing about the Trump presidency is the real CHANGE he has brought to the table that was suppose to happen under the Obama presidency but never did.
Like him or not more people are back to work, "free trade" is being replaced with "fair trade", and peace treaties have been formed (North Korea) without bombs being dropped.
If the MSM media is always on his back it's because he's doing his job and NOT carrying out their Liberal/Marxist agenda.
No comparison can be made between Trump and Bush Jr.
One has shown much courage where the other one showed little courage. One was manipulated into political positions under MSM pressure while the other one has dismissed the MSM.

Yes, both Trump and Bush Jr. are Republicans who support Israel but beyond that, they didn't have much in common. President Trump is trying to end wars in the Middle East where Bush Jr. had expanded them.

If the Trump Presidency has just been another Zio/Neo Con sham there would be peace in Washington and you would not have the radical division that exists there today.

Thomas (Germany) said (October 15, 2018):

The article reminds me of Douglas Reed and his statement that communism and Zionism is a pincer movement that threatens humanity. I agree that Trump is a grace period for George Soros communism. Trump gives us time
to breathe, no more and no less. The question that remains is, what comes after Trump?

Below- Insiders: Putin Belonged to the Royal Arch Lodge (scroll down)

Where Have We Seen Trump Before?

October 14, 2018

trump-hitler-meme.jpgHitler was elected to make Germany great again. 
The bankers had something else in mind. Total destruction and devastation.

Donald Trump betrayed his election promise to defuse tensions with Russia
by gratuitously restarting a cold war.  In this article 
written before the election, I compared him to Hitler 
who also was false opposition, tasked by
the Illuminati to lead Germany to annihilation. A skilled demagogue, 
Trump is duping his base, leveraging his domestic policy to garner
support for a disastrous foreign policy leading to 
I want to be wrong about this. Trump is a bulwark
against Communism. (Sound familiar?) But I am afraid  
he may be playing Americans ultimately to make Israel Great.

 Watch this trailer for John Hankey's updated Is Trump for Real, to see that Steven Bannon imitated Hitler's campaign for Trump
by "concocting a program consistent with the wishful thinking of the majority."

 Trump will Win -- But is he the "Real Deal?"  Updated from Oct 27, 2017
by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

I believe Donald Trump
will win the Presidential election November 8. However,  I am hesitant to think that his victory will be a setback for the New World Order. 
I have a nagging suspicion that he is false opposition and that the Illuminati have found a way to advance their agenda by electing him instead of Hillary. I am afraid it is world war. The US is preparing for one and so are the Russians and Chinese.

Here is why I am wary of Trump but think he will win.

Cvt-A3DUAAAhIP9.jpg1. The hysteria exhibited by the elite media and Wall Street gives Trump credibility. The Illuminati bankers have a record of pretending to be against their own agents. In 1932, they organized a coup just to give FDR credibility. In 1912, they pretended to be against the legislation that established the Federal Reserve.

2.  Look at what happens to Presidents who represent an actual threat to the Illuminati bankers. They are assassinated (i.e. JFK, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley.) So are Presidential candidates like Huey Long, George Wallace and RFK.  Or they are poisoned. (Harding, Harrison, Taylor.) Or they are framed (Nixon.)  

3.  Donald Trump has been part of the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) Cabal all his life. He is a crypto-Jew and he is surrounded by Jews. His children married Jews. He is constantly making Masonic hand signs. He pretends he doesn't know who is behind ISIS, terror and 9-11. He prostrates before the rogue state Israel. (Is that only a strategic necessity?) 
Let's just say, I'd feel a lot better if Trump came from a different, uncompromised background.  

4. Look who's supporting Trump to the hilt? Alex Jones whose credibility has been questioned. Breitbart, a Jewish neocon group. Newt Gingrich?

5. Hillary will lose because she is a weak candidate. She is unlikely to get the votes of Bernie Saunders Democrats. Everyone knows she is corrupt and a liar. The Clinton Foundation is a giant kickback machine. The private server disguised her influence-peddling. Blaming the Russians for Wikileaks is pathetic. Hiring people to disrupt Trump rallies is pathetic. The heterophobic smears vs. Trump are pathetic. Her health issues are a big question mark. She is not trusted by the minorities she appeals to for support. 

At the Goldman Sachs Builders and Innovators Summit, Clinton responded to a question from chief executive Lloyd Blankfein, who quipped that you "go to Washington" to "make a small fortune." Clinton agreed with the comment and complained about ethics rules that require officials to divest from certain assets before entering government. "There is such a bias against people who have led successful and/or complicated lives," Clinton said. (source)

How could anyone vote for her? Obama only beat Romney by 3% in 2012. Hillary is a much weaker candidate than Obama, and Trump much stronger than Romney. 

hand-sign-hitler.jpeg(left, Donald the decoy)

6. Hitler was put into power by the Illuminati to destroy Germany, establish the state of Israel by martyring anti-Zionist Jews, and to kill six million German anti-Semites as well as 55 million other assorted goyim. Hitler was a traitor assigned to lead Germany to destruction. Hitler also is believed to have Jewish (possibly Rothschild) blood. We know how this turned out for Germany. The question is: How would a Trump victory advance the Illuminati Jewish (Satanist) program for one world government tyranny? 

I appeal to my readers for help imagining this scenario.  The obvious answer is that Trump could go back on his word. Both Woodrow Wilson and FDR campaigned on a promise to stay out of world wars.  The Masonic Jewish bankers could use his election as an excuse to precipitate an economic crisis and depression to punish recalcitrant Americans and blame Trump and everything he represents. Jeb Bush calls him "the chaos candidate" as in order out of chaos? There could be a drift toward fascism or a run on the dollar and the US role in the world could be diminished in favour of world government.  I'm just guessing here; I need your input.

(It's a cult and you ain't in it.)

In the Protocols of Zion 1, the author says they conquer by "force and make-believe." Make-believe = their magick = deception/ lying. Can we deny this election campaign has an air of make-believe? Who better to headline it than the former star of a Reality Show? 

Nevertheless, voting for Hillary is like inmates voting for the Warden. If I were an American, I would vote Trump and pray he does "drain the swamp."

RelatedThis was Hitler's false flag excuse for invading Poland. 
Tom Mysiewicz- PRESIDENT TRUMP OPTS FOR MIGA Kevin Boyle - Trump's Roles is to start World War Three
--------------    The Mussolini Scenario 

First Comment by Thomas in Germany

I don't see it that way. I see a situation very similar to the pre-revolutionary situation in Russia in 1917. Democracy, if it ever existed, could come to an end and also initiate the end, the disintegration and the dissolution of the USA, which of course has effects on the world and especially on Europe. The mid-term elections in a few weeks are the decisive moment.  As it looks and as discussed in the American blogs, none of the parties will recognize the result. This will lead to civil unrest and ultimately to civil war. A few weeks later, just before Christmas, the migration pact is to be signed. With the migration pact further elements for the implementation of the NWO will be implemented, e.g. the Agenda 2030. In the draft text in the preamble it can be found under item 6. Here is the link to Agenda 2030: 

Communism (democrats) and the crazy left are the danger to human civilization. The US might be thought to be Russia just before 1917. I also hope that I am wrong.

You now have the opportunity to get to many readers that supported Trump because he was the only option they gave us that hadn't already stabbed us in the back like all the rest of them.

This is a good position for you, but please please don't squander it with another silly Hitler comparison.  Just don't.

Yes, we've seen this before.  WOODROW WILSON, April 6th, 1917. You know, the President who signed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.   If you think comparisons will help people, please use the right one.

The parallel between Wilson's betrayal of a campaign promise to 'keep us out of war' and Trump's Centennial repeat is so uncanny as to be a sick joke.
(Reply, and there is FDR too. The parallel is that Hitler led Germany to destruction. Wilson just broke his word.

Wade- I strongly supported Trump and voted for him. The attack on Syria was exactly what he said he would not do during the campaign. It is also exactly  what I believe Hillary would have done. 

This attack on Syria could be the beginning of a process towards nuclear war with Russia and China. Many of those who voted for Trump thought we were averting the threat of nuclear war by not letting Hillary occupy the White House. Now we don't know what to think!!

The people of the USA are so underinformed and brainwashed that the vast majority do not realize that the bombs we dropped on Japan in WWII were "pop guns" compared to the nuclear weapons of today. We are talking about one nuclear bomb that could destroy half the state of New York. And we are not discussing the weapons that exist that we know nothing about.

Avoiding war with Russia and China should be job one for Trump, and all Americans need to understand this fact. THEY DO NOT!! God help us is the correct sentiment.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for " Where Have We Seen Trump Before? "

Marco A said (October 14, 2018):

Trump’s cabinet was filled with Zionists from the start, from Nikki Hailey to Steve Bannon. He has former Rothschild employees and big bankers on his team. He speaks nothing but empty and simple rhetoric to excite the mob.

His followers are as fanatical as liberals, you cannot have a conversation with them. They have taken over the ‘truth’ movement which has become just an extension of political Zionism. They are schizophrenic. They are “libertarians” and “true Americans” who support the constitution but at the same time try and justify a centralized government of total control, massive military spending and foreign military intervention all over the world. Talk about double-think.

The new narrative is that Republicans are the heroes against the pure evil of the communist left, holding back the horde of evil. These are the same republican monsters who started wars all over the Middle East and are up to their necks with human blood. These same devils knew about 9/11, all the hoaxes all over America, rendition of American citizens to be tortured, mass surveillance etc.

The only thing America will get with Trump is more military spending but his followers love it.

Hillary was a choice from Hell, but it’s still good to be honest and question the integrity of someone who plays into the Jewish hand continuously. There may be a whole lot more dead Muslims and American cannon fodder in the near future as Albert Pike’s agenda comes to fruition.
Lets hope not.

George said (October 14, 2018):

You are clearly right about Trump. The Hitler comparison puzzles most people because they have not gone through the necessary research on the topic. Admiral Canaris, head of German intelligence, was credibly accused and hanged for being an Allied spy, and Martin Bormann, head of the Nazi Party, shows strong indications of being the same. Hitler was only an orator and a demagogue, the Judas goat leading the cattle to slaughter. History, however, has a habit of upending conspiracies that seem very clever to their authors. In the famous words of Robert Burns: "The best laid plans of mice and men gang oft agley."

Mohammed from SA said (October 14, 2018):

I agree that Trump is yet another Zionist puppet president, in a long line of puppet presidents...except for those who were assassinated for not sticking to the script by the Zionist banking cartel- as u mentioned.

it's just that Trump appeals to many white Americans, esp the racist bigots & there's a lot of them. he sold them lies that appealed to their sense of what needs to be done to "fix" make it "great" again.

in order to fix America, the so-called Christians need to realize that Jews are NOT Gods chosen ppl. These Zionist parasites who have NO Semitic blood at all, are manipulating the gullible Americans into doing their dirty work.

I'm wondering how is it that so many people can't see that Trump is very highly in debt to the Zionist bankers and not long after this he becomes president?

then there's Trump being involved with Epstein and that other pig, Bill Clinton, in the underage girl's sex scandal.

these aren't just rumors- its true but the way most white Americans carry on, they're much more tolerant of you insulting Jesus than if you had spoken the truth about Trump.

they have so many hopes pinned on him- the Great White Hope(less) and the truth is slowly beginning to dawn on them.

Trump may have had plans to "drain the swamp" at one stage but I'm sure he was shown the error of his ways- and now with all the Jewish advisers around him, not to mention his main handler- Jared Kushner/aka son in law, he won't get a chance to do anything worthwhile even if he wants to.

we also have Trump's personality to deal with- it's clear he's got a very big ego and that makes him easy to manipulate. if he doesn't obey then the Zionist banks will pull in the reins swiftly & I'm sure there's also lots of incriminating evidence of him with underage girls...

the puppets will change but as long as the puppetmasters remain the same, nothing will change- it will just be new faces doing the same old stuff.

Mike said (April 9, 2017):

What is truly remarkable is how quickly the "mask" has come off. Within mere months, Trump has revealed himself to be a traitor to his "base". He has lost them, and in brazen displays, gained the praise of the very evil-doers his own bases despises. Additionally, none of what he is doing is gaining any support from the Left or Bernie Sanders types. Only establishment GOP and Democrats will find any favor with this.

This stunning turn of events suggest to me that WAR is afoot, and a BIG war. One so apocalyptic that the Zio-controllers do not even care whatsoever of the political backlash.

There are already rumors of troop deployments on Twitter as we speak. The world IS stunned.

What is heartening is the backlash, and that many Alt Right figures have turned on Trump quickly. Of course, we know some of them are controlled, so it won't be long before they are back making excuses for Trump.

Kris said (April 9, 2017):

Western society is dead because like the Jews we have in essence become like the Jews , since our whole life is run by them. The only way to escape it is to stay true to Christ, who lives within us. That is why they had to divide and conquer the Catholic Church through their Fake protestant reformation to enable to fool so many people .Jesus said I am the truth, but only the real truth not some masonic/protestant "oral translation of it.

As you say many times that the so called Jews are only happy with material/money , and measure their success by constantly wanting more money and power. And yet are never happy within themselves.

Isn't that exactly what western so called Christian culture has become, since it is driven by the fake Jews what can one except?.

As for Trump , he reminds me of Mussolini the way he vaguely proclaims his big statements.

Isn't he a real estate man ie a salesman ie bullshit artist, surely will make a great/cunning politician.

I did have some hope for him though . He talks about fake this and fake that , what about all his FAKE promises?
I recall him saying that he'll call in the national guard to Chicago, because of all the murders and crime, yet he did nothing about that but bombed Syria at a drop of a hat , hmm great salesman. .

Dan A said (April 9, 2017):

I read at times people making comparisons between Hitler and Trump.

A lot could be avoided if those in my country knew about real history involving Hitler I think, and would not equate their patriotism with the leader of my country.

The Illuminati et. al. put Trump in power for the purpose of destruction. A business man void of any real political experience. There is no way Trump will be any kind of asset to my country.

Trump owns stock in the Tomahawk missles he used against Syria. Costing about a half a million a piece, he could of saved the meals on wheels program had he not taken that action. He fired about 60 missles into Syria I read.

Leonardo said (April 8, 2017):

You were spot on.

I didn't vote in the election, but did caucus for Trump so Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, etc. wouldn't get in. Also, Hillary was a "sure thing" for the Establishment evil doers.

There is no such thing as a real candidate for t President. They are all chosen, they are all owned. Our leaders are all corrupt and deserve to be tried before a tribunal and then punished for crimes against humanity. The establishment press should be tried as well. But who would hold them accountable? Almost every Western national leader is corrupt as well as newsgroup.

Best that people of good will can do is step away from the NWO on a small scale...inch by inch get off the grid at least as much as is possible. Don't buy their products, get rid of the TV, remove yourself from Facebook, Twitter, etc. scale down internet use except for sites like yours to stay informed. Keep up the good work!!! At least until they use the kill

TW said (April 8, 2017):

I was hoping for the best with Donald Trump, but it appears it's not to be. I suppose any candidate who was serious about "draining the swamp" wouldn't let swamp rats into his inner circle as Trump has done.

My eyebrows started to rise when he reneged on his promise to investigate Hillary Clinton. They further rose when he started to pack his team with insiders. Now he's capitulating to the neocons in both parties with the strike on Syria. Additionally, the fact that Zio-globalist Fox News is cheerleading Trump for the most part is a troubling sign. Oh, and Trump's gushing over post-nationalist Trudeau didn't help.

I think his supporters in the United States should engage in a little experiment. At every stop Trump makes throughout the U.S., they should relentlessly chant "Lock her up!" to see what happens. Maybe that would force him into action and to remember where his support came from for future actions. The good people of America (not the lunatics who seem to inhabit the big cities) need to take their country back.

The 23 Types of Anti Whites (Thanks Mike)

October 12, 2018


Below- Satanists Control Government & Media -Proof (scroll down)

Marijuana Legalization : What is the Social Impact?

September 29, 2018


The Purpose of Life is to wake up. To catch a glimpse of the Divine. 
To get High in a moral sense. This is my hope. But contributor Mike
Stone is more pessimistic. I post his missive below and welcome
response from people who have anecdotal answers to the question
posed in the title. 

by Mike Stone

I think the cultural effect of legal cannabis is horrendous.

I do not use it, although I have tried it in high school and again once in my 20's. 

I have two older brothers who both started on grass, became hooked, and moved to other drugs. Both ended up in prison due to crimes they committed while high. One completely fried his brain. He's dead. 

When I was 19, I worked in a bar. Three of the bartenders smoked a lot of grass and ended up murdering some guy because of a drug deal. They cut off his head, which was never found. These were young guys in their 20's. One guy turned against the other two and got off. I'm sure the other two were both sentenced to life.

I've seen drugs ruin so many lives I can't count. A guy I went to high school with was the best running back in the state, one of the best in the country. He could have sailed through college on a football scholarship and turned pro. Instead, he got hooked on grass and never went anywhere.

At that time, nobody's parents knew what the heck was going and nobody seemed to care. People were so zombied out by television, they seemed powerless to do anything.

I'm in Vegas where pot is legal. If Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, then Las Vegas is the slimiest place on earth. The entire city is built on the concept of fleecing people out of their money. 

I went by the pool at the Golden Nugget yesterday afternoon. It was like a scene out of Sodom and Gomorrah, drunken, half-naked fools everywhere. Women with hardly anything on.

I admit, it produces a momentary thrill, but at the same time, it's completely disgusting. Modesty and charm are like ancient artifacts. The saddest part is all the children I see here and the foreign tourists. Adults, who don't know any better, bring their young children with them to Las Vegas and they're exposed to all the decadence.

I passed a Japanese girl on the street yesterday. She looked to be around 21 and she was pulling her luggage behind her. She had a look of immense sadness like she was ready to cry. She probably saved her money for over a year to come to Las Vegas and found out real fast what a waste her dream vacation turned out to be. I'm still thinking about her.

People don't know how to be human anymore. They're so drugged up from grass, alcohol, chemtrails, medications, and chemicals in their food and water that they can't think straight. Then they're bombarded from all sides by pornography, fake news, illegal immigration and Hollywood filth. American culture is dead if it ever even existed.

There are fewer and fewer places for people to turn. The Catholic Church, which built Western Civilization and which has accomplished more good for more people than any organization in the history of the world, has been completely taken over and subverted by Communist scum since Vatican II. The New Mass is not even valid. We are truly in the end times as prophesied in the Bible and as foretold at the Lady of Fatima apparitions. Sister Lucia - the real Sister Lucy, not the impostor Sister Lucy - was one of the seers at Fatima and she even admitted that we are in the end times. 

It seems as if the only way to survive in the world today is to detach from the world as much as possible. I think the solitude that your latest essayist, Evelyn, experiences on her farm is one of the reasons she is so clear-headed and loving.

Mike Stone is the author of It's Okay To Be White and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles -  - Available exclusively on Amazon.

First Comment from David

Henry, I came of age in the late 60's when recreational drugs like grass, acid, hash and speed became widely available (though all were illegal at the time) in America. In high school I experimented with grass, hash and acid, (I drew the line at cocaine, speed and heroin) but gradually came to realize that in the crowd I ran with, drugs were ALL we had in common. Friendship, loyalty, ambition, looking to the future, didn't even enter the equation. The hardcore users (most of them were dealers too) that were our role models in those years turned out to be the biggest losers in life and many of them died early deaths from the inevitable. One of them that I used to get high with was actually a childhood friend, academically smart, from an affluent family and a very talented tennis player, who gradually descended into the netherworld of hard drugs like cocaine and heroin. One night he was in so much pain from kidney stones brought on by his habitual drug use, he went to the local ER. The staff refused to treat him, thinking he was just another hippy who wanted some free painkillers; he went home and tried to self-medicate with a massive injection of Demerol and died in a corner of his attic. With his background, the world could have been his for the taking.

I finally wrenched myself loose of the whole subculture by my junior year in high school. I still think drugs like grass, hash and acid can unlock psychic potential in truly creative persons, but it's a razor's edge that can easily cut the other way and destroy one's ability to finish anything of importance. If you're a moody, introspective person like I was, they can make you depressed and suicidal. If you're a supremely confident person, they can make you more self-centered and manipulative. Drugs mess with the mind and lock people apart in a way booze never did, for me anyway.

What grieves me most is I thought we already learned the early hard lessons about recreational drugs 30-40 years ago, but today the same mistakes are being repeated on an even larger scale by newer generations. My oldest child has lost 2 classmates to opioid overdoses; a third classmate who'd been on ADD medication since his early teens lost his ability to cope by his mid-20's, and committed suicide by taking an entire bottle at once. And these drugs were all legal and prescribed by a doctor. It feels like a slow march since the Sixties from a giggly innocence with that first puff to something more hardcore and callous today.

Makow response-  Thanks, David. I don't think marijuana should be equated with opioids. If anything I think marijuana will replace a lot of prescription drugs, and be far more salutary. 

Anonymous writes:

I watched my older brothers get into weed back in the 60s and it seemed to zap incentive out of them. Though they have been active in life, one is in a sports hall of fame and the other worked as a musician in Hollywood and with very well known rock bands. Nevertheless I feel their usage has curtailed their potentials, they could have reached higher. 

My youngest brother is another story. At 19 he started using and his personality flipped upside down in only one week's time. He went from a youthful college student, popular in his church and doing well in academics to a couch potato i this one week. He flunked out of college and stopped going to church. He got his girlfriend pregnant and they married into what because of a sour relationship. When I'd come to visit he'd be so high that he couldn't speak. I feel that weed ruined his life. 

He had a job that he did well at as a welder and became a factory foreman. But he eventually turned to meth and was fired from his job because he'd show up to work when he felt like it. One night he was delivering meth to a customer and he was killed by a drunk driver at age 40. The autopsy showed him high on meth when he was killed. 

My eldest brother is now 73 years old and he still uses marijuana daily. He's a nice guy and his nieces and nephews love him. But he developed a strange illness of vomiting to dehydration and having to go to the ER. These developed into 2 day stays in the hospital every 2 months or so for over 5 years. 

The doctors didn't know what was causing his condition. They removed his gallbladder, they treated him for parasites and I don't know what else the tried to alleviate his condition. 

I was reading some medical articles and the symptoms described in one where exactly that of my brother. The disease is called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis syndrome. I told him about it and he started cutting back on weed and his condition has improved to the point that he hasn't been back to the ER in 2 years, though he had a few close calls. 
I personally never used any sort of drug. It never held any attraction for me. 

Kavanaugh Spectacle Sponsored by George Soros

September 27, 2018

Kavanaugh Spectacle Sponsored by George Soros 

"All planned 3 months ago, with a website, , a radical law firm hired and an organization formed," Demand Justice"; with a donation of $5 million from George Soros. This was so well planned, and the Dems knew about this disinformation from the start."  

The Organization, Demand Justice, did "train" women on Saturday and bus women in for protests this week in DC.

The Daily Caller reported back in June:

A new political advocacy group that vowed to put $5 million behind an effort to stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court has significant ties to the liberal financier George Soros.

A Daily Caller News Foundation review has found that the group's primary financial supporter is a nonprofit to whom Soros has given millions.

The group, Demand Justice (DJ), is organized and financed by a 501(c)(4) called the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which collected some $2.2 million in contributions from the Open Society Policy Center (OSPC), one of Soros' primary donation vehicles, between 2012 and 2016.

BTW Demand Justice is run by former Hillary Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon.

My colleague J.E. Dyer pointed out that the lawyer for Kavanaugh's accuser helps run a George Soros organization:

Daniel Greenfield reported on Monday at FrontPage that the lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, is the vice chair of the board of directors for the Project on Government Oversight (POGO), a Soros-funded "watchdog" group.

The lawyer is Debra Katz, founding partner of the Washington, D.C. firm Katz, Marshall, & Banks.

Greenfield links to a letter POGO sent to the Senate in August "demanding Kavanaugh records." It seems like a hundred years ago, but that was the big scandal the Democrats and media were trying to create at the time (in reality, three weeks ago): a false impression that "Kavanaugh records" were being insufficiently disclosed.

Source     (Thanks Andrew!)