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Makow--It's Time to Face Harsh Reality (Encore)

January 20, 2021


First the sheep

are put in pens.


We're in denial. This nightmare can't be happening, we think. But it is. Covid is not going to end because it is a pretext to establish a police state. We're mice in a laboratory run by psychopaths.

slightly updated from last Wednesday
By Henry Makow PhD

A Twitter poll of readers shows that almost 45% still think Donald Trump will stop the steal.

I am almost certain he will not because he is part of the Illuminati, the satanic cult that controls the world. (I'd love to be wrong.) 

We don't realize how dire our situation is. Trump invoking the Insurrection Act is a comforting fantasy.  Won't happen. Already conceded.

Humanity has given the keys to the store to its worst enemy, the Satanist central banking cartel. The "keys" refer to the power to create the medium of exchange, (money or credit) out of thin air, with interest, as a debt to themselves. 

Money is Control. 

Our feckless ancestors gave away the farm and as a consequence mankind is doomed. 

The way media, politicians, the Supreme Court, the military, big tech and corporations have all rubber-stamped a brazen Commie coup, and spun the Capitol protest (and not the election theft) as "sedition" shows that the US has been totally subverted by the Illuminati cult. A large segment has gone over to the Dark Side.

Blood doesn't flow through their veins. Money does. Money bought the election and money bought the COVID hoax. The Illuminati bankers have an unlimited supply of it. They just sprinkle this fairy dust 

debt-chart.jpgon a problem and it goes away. A phoney epidemic has crippled the economy? The stock market is at an all-time high, thanks to "stimulus."

Money is the blood of the social organism. Unfortunately our craven ancestors allowed Satanists to usurp this power.


The Illuminati bankers are Satanists. They are EVIL. 

We want to like rich and powerful people. But they're not likeable. They are Pure Evil. And they hate us.

Naturally they would say good and evil are subjective. 

They are not. Good is an absolute, and evil is its opposite. Good is Life. Evil is Death. 

Satanism is the religion of death. They will not rest until they have robbed life of all its joy and meaning. Quite simply, the purpose of the lockdowns is the destruction of civilied society. This is also the purpose of the havoc in Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles... coming to your city because they intend to dismantle the US, and start a civil war doing it.

(I kissed a girl)

We have been under relentless occult attack for centuries. Never has it been more intense than today. The new Netflix series, Teenage Bounty Hunters, promotes premarital, lesbian and interracial sex. The very first scene shows a supposedly Christian girl overcome the resistance of a Christian lad who wants to reserve sex for marriage. They are replacing healthy Christian norms with Satanist norms designed to make people dysfunctional.

A satanic cult controls and exploits its members by corrupting and making them sick. Humanity has been inducted into this satanic cult, i.e. Cabalism.

We have been under occult attack long before the #scamdemic. I listed ten examples in this 2019 article.  

We were being disenfranchised before they stole the election. Corporate America made it clear that didn't want "toxic" customers who didn't conform to Communist shibboleths like allowing trannies in women's bathrooms

They have made it clear that control not profit is their priority. Christians and conservatives must be destroyed. We have already been banished from social networks. Parler was kicked off Amazon. Protesters are losing their jobs.

What next? This is what Communists do. Have no illusions. Biden has already announced his intention to discriminate against whites.

(left, Illusions persist. Another Patriot wet dream: Pelosi arrested!)

Quite simply, Evil is determined to eradicate Good, and Evil seems to have all the money and power. Most of our "leaders" belong to this cult. We are impaled on Lucifer's talons. 

The question is, how do we defend ourselves?

How do you effect change when honest elections no longer exist? When the social contract has been broken? 

One thing is for certain. Do not trust Trump's leadership going forward. He is a Judas Goat. At least with Biden, we know where we stand. He is senile, a pedophile, a Communist, a traitor and a criminal.
------------------Why Judaism hates Christ 
Ontario will issue fines for leaving home  for "non-essential purposes"

First Comment from Steve in Oz

For me - the most pivotal move of all was that The Military Joint Chiefs of Staff sent a directive to all military sectors that their new Commander in Chief is Biden come 20 Jan

I mean, if God has other plans - it will be His will - but on the face its over for Trump

It's been a great but wild ride while it lasted!

However, it has taught me a great lesson about false movements like Q - they supposedly according the Alex Jones are CIA intelligence (rogue?) operatives using the best psy techniques to give conservatives what is their deepest political heart desires, to get "Qtards" to perform dangerous attacks like Capitol Hill (albeit only a few extreme ones mixed with Antifa/BLM) OR get them to do nothing "sit back, eat the pop corn and watch the show, which of course NEVER happened no matter how many prognostications of their that FAILED. Conservatives MUST stop listening to any Q operatives now or they will be led astray to do possibly worse attacks. We must not confuse Q with real Conservatives and their power of numbers.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Makow--It's Time to Face Harsh Reality (Encore)"

Jim C said (January 13, 2021):

Once again you are spot on!!!!

You told it how it is.

I applaud your insight and wisdom. You are rare.

And I am certain that few really understand you.

What ever you do, don't change. Always be Henry.


Thanks Jim

I'd rather be wrong about Trump and save society from coming trauma.


O said (January 13, 2021):

So right.

He was part of the charade all along. His words and actions sound like a B-move script. Planned opposition.

You’re also right that there will never be a return to normal. It’s sad.

I am hopeful about one thing though. Conscious divinity is God’s gift to humankind. Will. We are all powerful beings through the great maker. We are creative beings.

Despite it all, our internal strength, our internal concentrated thought and creativity, CAN make a difference.

JG said (January 13, 2021):

You are witnessing one of the saddest weeks in US history. The House of Representatives is in the process of attempting to impeach their President who has 7 days left in office for no other reason than to satisy a Democratic vendetta led by Nancy Pelosi against President Trump for beating their first bogus impeachment trial.

If you want to know how much trouble America is in, just listen to some of the Democratic House Representatives who show themselves intellectually incapable of holding any kind of office. They hate who they are and they still think a different president is going to change all that for them.
American Democracy was lost to the Covid Government last March and they have been in control ever since. This newly unelected governing body is in control of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, plain and simple. If you're wondering why they're all wearing the face diapers, it's because the Covid Government yesterday threatened to fine them if they don't. Yes, the American Congress has lost it's sovereignty to a foreign entity who now tells them what they can and cannot do.

Storming the Capitol will do you no good because the Covid Government does not physically reside there. Who are they? They are an international group of money lenders who now not only control the governments of this world but also your personal liberties and your economies.

Until this Covid Government is impeached nothing will change for the better.

R said (January 13, 2021):

Won't be long before us chickens, the disgruntled few, are rounded up and liquidated. The remaining 95% will cheer our demise, if they even notice.

You have done your best to warn, and I salute you for that.

James M said (January 13, 2021):

Ten trillion since 2019 thrown at the collapsing USA.

The Green dream will take 95 trillion to accomplish it’s goals by 2030. The USA is being sacrificed to pay for it all via the FED. This is the most criminal event in all of history. America is made up of mostly hard working people who are inclined to be fair with their with their fellow man. This is a decent group of people willing to offer charity and willing to carry their own weight. We are being destroyed for our Christian values. This is the Cloward Piven crescendo! 85 trillion to go!!!

Below- Mike Stone - Goodbye America (scroll down)

Brabantian- Was Trump Drugged?


I believe Trump was false opposition all along, and betrayed his duty according to Illuminati discipline. 

Brabantian has a more sympathetic view, that Trump was sincere but sabotaged and possibly drugged. 

by Brabantian

In the final hours of the Donald Trump presidency, amidst disappointment and sadness - 

Let me suggest an alternative to anger and hurt.
Trump himself may be the most tragic of victims, first savagely blackmailed after his surprise victory in 2016 ... and then, evidence points to Trump being drugged and poisoned during his time at the White House, Trump's judgement gone, his mind semi-controlled via suggestions by handlers.
The Trump who was elected in 2016, is no longer there ... and we have every right to always remember, and honour, the brave man that he was. Yes, Trump had come from the swamp - just like JFK did - but Trump rose above it as did JFK. And Trump as well did some historic great things, before the swamp took its revenge and destroyed him as well.

Trump being drugged, is the best explanation for the bizarre course of events in the final 11 weeks since the brazen Nov. 2020 US election, where an ultra-narrow margin of 1 out of 7000 votes nationally, magically appeared in key states to deny Trump a win.
Yet despite massive election fraud red flags, Trump made utterly foolish decisions, acting like a drugged-up weakling, whilst his lawyers conducted a feckless campaign that sabotaged his chances and credibility. This is standard USA; European business people tell how their own lawyers they paid had sold them out. Consider:
- Millions of dollars to 'Stop the Steal', but no professional, media-friendly website marshalling evidence.

- Never taking the key decision in early November, to fire Attorney General Bill Barr who was helping Biden; Barr's DOJ refusing to even interview vote fraud witnesses. Trump needed to fire everyone down the line until he had an acting AG to issue indictments. Giuliani knew this, and a fighting, mentally alert Trump would have known this ... but a mentally-undermined Trump did not.

- The entire 'Stop the Steal' campaign ran like amateur hour, its shoddy court filings and presentations, pairing with 'QAnon' to create a demoralization campaign against Trump, his supporters, and anti-globalists everywhere, Trump being led like a child to think Mike Pence would save America on 6 Jan. 2021.


 Trump's face, those blue bags under his eyes, show a sick man. Milder forms of eye bags are common, relating to aging, nutrition etc ... but Trump's face hints of drug-induced dehydration, anemia, liver disease, or hepatitis. And Trump's speech was slurred, his mind fading just like Joe Biden's.
Poisoning / drugging US Presidents seems common. FDR's death in 1945 is widely thought a poisoning. Keeper of dark secrets Lyndon Johnson was told in 1968 he would be dead within 4 years, and he died Jan. 1973. Ronald Reagan was hit with Alzheimer's soon after leaving office, and did not remember he was US President.
Trump himself feared drugging / poisoning, and often preferred quick take-outs of fast food as 'safer'. The Trump who ran in 2016 knew the history, had hinted the truth of 9-11, and knew he risked death ... he promised to 'ride or die', and re-tweeted the famous 1922  Mussolini quote.

After Trump surprised even himself by winning in 2016, the cabal read him the riot act, and Trump went along with the swamp. Trump's still-sound judgement was that, tho he had to play along, he could still do some good things along the way, trying to survive as JFK didn't.
To his great credit, Trump remains the first USA President since Jimmy Carter (1977-81) who did not start a new war. But Trump felt forced to continue old wars, and was dragooned into conducting a Syria strike on 7 April 2017, 3 days before Passover ... leading to this meme here at the time, fully capturing the situation. Everyone knew Trump's heart wasn't in it.

And so Trump continued, signalling to his people through the term that his heart was really in the right place, even if he had to do horrifically ugly things to stay alive.
Trump's core achievements are quite historic, inspiring much of the world ... and we can always remember these achievements and smile:
- Trump legitimised the idea that major media news is fake
- Trump legitimised that it is ok to fight the globalists
- Trump legitimised that it is ok to defend your own culture, even if you are white
For all that, for giving power to such ideas, the cabal never stopped hounding him. And increasingly, the old Trump seemed to not be there, as drugs and poisons likely took hold of his mind.
Trump was not 'there' during the whole election fraud fight. The Trump of 2016 would have fired Bill Barr and found the guy to issue indictments. The Trump of 2016 would have gone full Executive Order and used every legal power he had to save the Republic. The Capitol would indeed have become the 'people's house' once again.
Trump's career has been amidst the mafia swamp cabal from the beginning, that is clear. But that was true of JFK too, before the cabal found it necessary to murder him in 1963. People have the spark of the divine in them, and sometimes people near to levers of power, get inspired to do good. Trump was one of those people.
As Andrew Anglin put it, 'We need to remember the good things. Remember the LEGEND. Trump is a symbol, he was always a symbol ... Trump is a tragic figure. He did his best."
Related  - Trump Leaves Office with 51% Approval Rating    which shows how desperate and deceived the US public is. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Brabantian- Was Trump Drugged?"

Peter L said (January 21, 2021):

When was it ever the peoples house, From the inception in 1776 it was always an illusion that it was the peoples house. The US was just a reverse babel: many nations under one tongue, a masonic creation in further rebellion against God. But the good thing is that it has been revealed, the externalization of the hierarchy. If it has been revealed it is God’s doing and now maybe it is God’s turn. All the “freedoms” we thought we had were just an illusion anyways, such as private property, voting ect. Trump was a kabbalist through and through, a liar and a fraud.

Peter M said (January 20, 2021):

I think Trump and his whole family were seriously threatened with their lives

Doug H said (January 20, 2021):

Modern Day Andrew Jackson. Not a saint, but inspired to fight and expose, the real enemy within. Now Martyred like all Heroes.

JG said (January 20, 2021):

This is one of the saddest days in American History. The Inauguration Ceremonies were more like a funeral rather than a day for a new beginning. Yes, it was a funeral for Constitutional America and all who supported it and tried to keep it.

The death of the American Re public started last March with all the illegal Covid Orders that were allowed to suppress our Constitutional guaranteed liberties. Our cities were then under seige by the Antifa Rioters, Arsonists, Murderers, and their fellow domestic terrorists last summer.

The MSM refused to condemn these domestic terrorists once they found out who was financing them. Antifa's game plan was to disrupt the progress President Trump had made along with the message that if President Trump were re-elected the American people would have to expect more of this sedition. They took siege of cities like Seattle and Minneapolis and were allowed weapons along with being rewarded with an autonomous zones. Many innocent people were killed and injured as the MSM in their sad attempt for damage control labelled them as " mostly peaceful protestors'.
It didn't work as the largest Republican voter turnout in history went to the polls and voted for President Trump. His opposition was both stunned and furious. They wanted him out and they did what they felt they had to do to succeed in doing so with the cooperation of the courts and the MSM. Free elections in America were now under suspicion and the public knew it and made their voices heard about it.

America was one of the strongest nation states left in the world and the Globalist agenda is to abolish that status. The backbone of any nation state is their patriots.

The patriots in America have now been labelled as a domestic threat by the MSM and you can expect to hear this theme propagated for a long time to come. If Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin, and George Washington were alive today they would be hunted down and labelled as terrorists.

It's as if the old British Empire Globalists wants their colonies back. And now, the War of 1812 was won really won by the bad guys.

Mike said (January 20, 2021):

I don't buy this for one second, Henry, the bastard was/is DRUGGED, when he raped those young kids with Epstein???

And all the shit & crap they brought up from day one: from the PUSSY HATS marches, to Russian Collusion, to the Ukrainian Jew listening to his phone calls, on Biden doing Real Criminal Activity there, in the Ukraine.

All it would of took is one MSM interview with Katey before the election or even later.

BUT THEY COULDN'T cuz he was caught in Mossad honey trap by Epstein, he's compromised NOT DRUGGED, and he'll do anything to save his hide like the rest of these psychopaths! MSM is ZOG controlled.

Katey's recorded rape is their " LARRY SINCLAIR" over Trump's head, not a damn drug, the guy doesn't even drink.

This is just more HOPIUM: they are trying to pass for sick & vile degenerate who's comprised just like Beijing Joe!

Throw the " HOPIUM PIPE" out!

Wesley Everest said (January 20, 2021):

I was never fooled. He was the Judas goat leading sheep to slaughter. Job well done. I sure as hell ain't making excuses for him.

Remember when he showed up in the Las Vegas hospital to photo-op with a "survivor" crisis actor. Never asked an inquisitive question.

Borrowing money is not leadership. Opening the Treasury doors for all the greedy hands of fellow billionaires IS deplorable.

His long friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Need I say more?

Never stopped the ScamPlanned-demic. He destroyed the middle class like a good Commie globalist would do. Handed the ball off to finish the job.

His appeal was he was entertaining. And that is what soulless, brain dead Americans love the most, to sit on their couch and be entertained.

Doug P said (January 20, 2021):

have wondered if evil and sickness are the same thing. My research and reading into politics and law has gradually morphed into a study of mental illnesses such as narcissism, etc. I mostly do this research by listening to youtube videos, particularly Sam Vaknin, rather than reading. My favorite contemporary book is Martha Stout's "The Sociopath Next Door". I have come to believe that evil and sickness are the same thing, that there really isn't spiritual evil, only empirical. This is inline with Christianity which states that evil is of this world. Christianity is my guide.

I have arrived at the position where I now believe all of these people in power are mentally ill and they seek power as protection, that is you cannot persecute powerful people as easily as ordinary ones. Narcissism is a protection mechanism. Power is a wall that protects them from being persecuted for their mental illness. People who seek power have always seemed "off" to me and not quite right in their judgements.

Sane and good people do not want the responsibility of power that creates responsibility that extends beyond themselves. Power is a burden because it requires constant decision making and decision burn out is well known - it happens in the legal profession with judges. I had a position at work where I was constantly having to make decisions. I got decision burn out.

So whether or not he was drugged is not relevant. He wouldn't get elected if he wasn't crazy because crazies need to be surrounded by other crazies.

Below- James Trafficant -- The U.S. is Bankrupt

Mike Stone - Goodbye America

January 19, 2021


"We are living in the end times. The sooner you come to grips with that, the better your chances of saving your soul. The actions you choose now will determine whether you spend all of eternity burning in hell with the communists or whether you make it safely to Heaven."

Disclaimer- I am not a Catholic like Mike, but I believe in believers; and think we need to believe in heaven or we have less incentive to save our souls -hm

by Mike Stone

It's official now. Barring a miracle of Biblical proportion, America the great has fallen. The nation that has offered more freedom and more opportunity to more people than any other country in the history of the world is no more.

 She's gone. Finished. Kaput. At this point, all talk about what could have been done or what should have been done is pointless. The only thing that matters now is moving forward. It's time to disengage.

Disengage from voting. It's obvious now our votes mean nothing, if they ever did. 

It's obvious the GOP is riddled with traitors and cowards, so why bother? Disengage from politics and political voting and instead vote with your wallet. You can start by disengaging from corporate America.

Aside from My Pillow and a handful of other companies, almost every company in America has turned traitor and sided with the Communists. 

Don't spend another dime with any of them. Ever. Outside of groceries and positive reading material, don't buy anything. Don't spend a penny. You don't need a new house or a new car. The ones you have now are fine. You don't need new clothes; you already have a closet full of shirts and pants, some of which you've never worn. You don't need new toys, new gadgets, new anything. Don't give the traitors another dime of your money ever again. Disengage from it all.

Sell all your stock. Now. To continue to hold a financial interest in the very companies that are working hard every day to enslave you is to side with the enemy. Dump all of it. Stop traveling. To patronize airlines and hotels ever again is to side with the enemy

Cancel your cable television and never again spend a dime on anything coming from the entertainment industry in any form: movies, television, music, sports, books from major publishing houses, video games, you name it. To patronize any of them is to side with the enemy.

Disengage from all mainstream media. Cancel all newspapers, magazines, television news, all of it. To put even a single penny into the pockets of any of those entities is to side with the enemy. Cancel all the phony, fake conservatives on talk radio, which means to cancel talk radio completely. Not a single one of the so-called conservative radio or commentators could tell the truth if their life depended on it. And, yes, I mean the very one you're thinking of now. He is a liar. Disengage.

Disengage from every traitor and fool in your personal life. That's everyone you know who either voted for the communists, supports the communists, is ambivalent about the communists, or is completely clueless about the communists. 

You don't need losers like that in your life. Only a masochist would maintain any contact with them. The lone exception here are children and teens who may honestly not know what's going on in the world. In that case, try your best to communicate the truth to them.

division09.jpegDisengaging from traitors and fools most likely means disengaging from friends and family members. So be it. Jesus said, "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and his mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple." (Luke 14:26) Purge them all from your life.

You can try to help these people. You can attempt to educate them. But don't be surprised if your words fall on deaf ears. And don't allow yourself to get sucked into their negative world view. By supporting communism, they are on the road to hell. It will be a hell of their own making.


Disengage from all sinful activity and begin living the Ten Commandments. All of them. Put time aside every day for prayer and quiet contemplation, even if it's only ten minutes. I can't overemphasize how important those last three sentences are. We are living in the end times. The sooner you come to grips with that, the better your chances of saving your soul. The actions you choose now will determine whether you spend all of eternity burning in hell with the communists or whether you make it safely to Heaven.

The traditional Catholic Rosary consists of fifteen mysteries and each mystery has a corresponding virtue attached to it. Two of those mysteries contain the same virtue: detachment from the world. In fact, detachment from the world is the only virtue that's mentioned twice; the other thirteen virtues are all different. That's Heaven telling you loud and clear how important it is for you to detach and disengage yourself from the world right now.

I would love to tell you how rosy and bright your future is going to be. But that would be a lie. The coming years are going to be the worst in this country's history; the worst any of us have ever seen. If you're looking for fun and excitement, forget it. That's not happening. For anyone. 

But you can find happiness. Happiness in a child's smile. Happiness in the scent of a rose, a good book, a warm friendship. Happiness in knowing you are doing all you can to achieve the ultimate goal: Heaven.

Start your journey. Today.
Mike Stone is the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

First Comment from Tony B

Mike is mostly correct in all this but I cannot agree that the U.S. "use-ta-be" the best, most free, nation in the history of the world.

What this country has been is an extension of protestant England, but more active, more extreme, more pharisaic.  Protestantism is pseudo Christianity, not the real deal.  The nation itself was set up by freemasons and deists, both being haters of real Christianity.  Our vaunted "freedom" has not been responsible Christian freedom, it has been mostly unrestrained "license," the ability to commit just about any and every sin, so long as it doesn't encroach on other sinners' doings.  The basic mindset has been anti-Christian talmudism, "get" not "give," a la Shylock, the best of everything always going to the strongest and/or the most powerful.

Today's situation was all pretty well summed up a century ago by G.K. Chesterton:  "When power passed from the small businessman to the monopoly capitalist the world came under the masterdom of the parasite and the parasite fears only the resurgence of the spirit of man with its anger."

Hopefully, we may yet see that spirit, that anger.  But that righteous response will only come with the conversion of many to True Christianity, that religion established by Jesus Christ, Lord of all, in person.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Mike Stone - Goodbye America"

DD said (January 20, 2021):

The prophesy is clear. we started as a nation consecrated to God when Washington was our first president. then he walked down to the little church with his knees to the floor & asked for God's blessing on this nation. since then we have thrown God out. as it says in the revelation; 'babylon is fallen, is fallen, come out of her my people & be not partakers of her iniquities'.

Jesus said,' when you see all of these things taking place, then look up, your redemption draweth nigh'. you folks that still have not repented; you still have a chance. don't throw it away. Jesus said,'heaven & earth shall pass away, but my words shall not'. the new kingdom of God is coming that will have no end; will you be there?

JC said (January 20, 2021):

If the military and whitehats do not round up these traitor, best to packup and leave the US or move to rural area of the country. Technically, biden's in-coherent demeanor enough to disqualify him from holding office. VP be installed as the new POTUS she's even more leftist than Bernie Sanders. Hopefully, the rod of god utilized in this scenerio or other means. A revolution is on the horizon...

Bruce G said (January 20, 2021):

Thank you for Mike Stone 's latest ("Goodbye..."). Usually "Mike and I" don't "share" on Establishment $ matters, but the theological "call" here, well, its not the Mike Stone I'd seen up to this point. This was amazingly heavy, looking up.
I'm stunned and also grateful for the graphics that went with it.

JP said (January 20, 2021):

I feel the same way. Sad to say it but it is reality. The people want this. I see it every day of my life, especially since the start of the Con-vid. I see it when I walk by myself on the bike path when masked strangers jog by and give me dirty looks for putting them at risk with the imaginary disease we all carry.

I see it in my own family when the younger generations tell me how great socialism is. Equality is the dream they buy.

I see it when I listen to the same conservative talk radio hosts ridicule 911 truth and push for the VAXX. This system is too gone to fix.

I imagine a conversation taking place somewhere in 2014, probably a party somewhere in Boca. Someone like George Soros approaches the Donald and persuades him to run on the Rupublican ticket. He is made an offer he can't refuse. What? Our enemies always fund both sides. They need the illusion of choice and they need great actors to play the parts. And they need us passionately divided. Perhaps nobody played it better than DT. I think the time has come to appreciate the little freedoms we have left while we have them because they are going away soon. I'm no longer a traditional Catholic but we see the world in a similar way. Well written article.

Was Trump a Disaster for the Right? John thinks so.

January 20, 2021

Was Trump a Disaster for the Right?
John Augustine thinks so.

"By going all in with Trump, the "right" made a deal with the devil and in making a deal with the devil realize that the devil does not change."

 "There are a lot of the patriot types have been still supporting Trump, but that have seen the recent events at the capitol as a wake up call to what Trump is, how he inflamed the passions and then set them up as dupes. It is for those people that I wrote my article. 

I grew up in the SF bay area before joining the Marines and escaping to Northern California, I recently converted to True Catholicism (sedevacantism) and am in my early 30's and have lost my job due to the scamdemic, when I am not trying to live off the land I enjoy hiking, camping, fine whiskey, and all the things that make Jimmy Buffet songs good. "

by John Augustine

Dear fellow Americans, and all people of goodwill, we must recognize that the world has changed, and how we have let it change. 

Many of you supported Trump throughout his presidency and it is to you whom I write. Most of you were enamoured by Trump because, unlike establishment Republicans, Trump made a show of fighting back against the left, however we must recognize Trump for who he is: a pied piper Judas goat whose mission was to galvanize the vestiges of freedom loving Americans (the "right"), discredit and delegitimize them.

 It should be obvious that support of Trump has been a disaster for the "right" and has led the movement deleteriously astray. The "right" used to stand for small government, the constitution, and Christian values now after Trump can that still be said? 

By going all in with Trump, the "right" made a deal with the devil and in making a deal with the devil realize that the devil does not change. By making such a deal the "right" sold out its core principles and thus sacrificed its soul in exchange for the vain hope that a thrice divorced, six time bankrupted, Epstein Island Club frequent flier would make America great again. 

At what price? The scamdemic; the division, polarization, radicalization, riots, censorship, great transfer of wealth from the middle class into the hands of the billionaires, mockery of the Presidency, police state, and the Yinon plan. "Why Richard, it profit a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world... but for Trump! [Wales]"(1) 
We must recognize that the world has changed, truth is that it changed long before the Trump presidency, but we have been in denial. The "right' has failed because it has forgotten first principles and has thus succumbed to the world. 

Understand that we were made in the image of God and are called to act accordingly, or else God's graces will be revoked. 

Our lord said: "You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt lose its savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is good for nothing any more but to be cast out, and to be trodden on by men.  You are the light of the world. A city seated on a mountain cannot be hid.  Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but upon a candlestick, that it may shine to all that are in the house. So let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.(2)" 

By allowing evil to infect and fester in our country we have lost our light and our saviour, we have trusted others to do the dirty work for us and have not converted our neighbours, we sacrificed God, family, culture, and all the best things in life at the altar of money and convenience. 

Now that the things of real value are gone, the money is being taken away too. The "right" sacrificed what was left of its salt and light for Trump and it is fit to be cast away. Is that not exactly what is coming with the new administration?
1--A Man for All Seasons (1966)
2--Mathew 5:13-5:16

Nursing Home Worker Paralyzed by Covid Vaccine


Ashley C:   I'm a 21 year old CNA at a nursing home i was working and completely healthy i got told to go get the vaccine (from peer pressure bc i didn't want it) talk to a lady told her i had seizures in the past i had a cold and have allergies to shellfish amoxicillin and penicillin (SHE CROSSED THEM OFF AND PUT N/A! ON MY CONECENT FORM!) I took the vaccine at the 12:02 on Jan 8 i walk around and made my way to my seat and immediately felt my heart racing getting hot and dizzy 

i tried everything to calm my heart down and nothing worked i put a cold water bottle on my head and watched my Apple Watch to see how high my heart rate was it was 176 when i checked that's when i new something was wrong i stood up to get help and i just collapsed. I couldn't move after my hands and legs seemed paralyzed my left side of my face was all pins and needles feeling.

 They say i had two seizure like eps i was throwing up and screaming in pain. I then had two epi pens in the left leg i couldn't feel it at all Bc my legs couldn't feel anything my legs where completely numb and well paralyzed the emts came i was extremely tired and weak and hurt everywhere. Half way through i gained movement in the first three fingers in both hands and then the left was very delayed i still had pins and needles feeling i could feel my legs in the er  but i didn't no i couldn't move them much i gained pins and needles feeling and it got worse and worse first it started in my toes and it's been getting worse up my leg. 

When i was discharged from the ER i noticed that my feet where purple we tried to plop them up they would change in color back to normal but still freezing cold and would turn purple right when i put them down. It's come to the point of painful and pins and needles feeling is worse it's been worse on the left then the right the whole time i can't walk without support and my walker and it's very painful. 

I went to Boston hospital to get my feet checked out since they are purple and now i need to get a biopsy done to my feet. I reported it to Pfizer and they will be calling my in the next few days i was told.

Manitoba: Rumour new Covid 21 strain will be Released in March

January 18, 2021

Manitoba: Rumour new Covid 21 strain will be Released in March 

In October, the UN Plan for world lockdown and "Reset" was leaked by a Canadian government insider.

The following is circulating
on the Internet.

a big believer in prayer, i was
a few short weeks ago, asking for a sign
that would help me take action next, to safeguard
my family and friends.
just sitting around waiting was not
doing god's will. so the next day Rob
was outside before bed and he ran into
a neighbour whose mother works as a top
director at the wpg regional health authority
(basically mb public health called the wrha).  
the neighbour happened
to be complaining finally, about the harassment
of not wearing masks in your own yard, and if you
are not social distancing, and saying all of this is
just uncanny/eerie...then he slips out that his mother
at the wrha warned him about another "big wave", "a big one" coming
march 15th. Rob stood there baffled and retorted, "see how would
they know that?"...there was silence...then he asked again, "how would
they know that?"

...the neighbour changed the subject.  so here we
have a massive authority in the province warning their own family members
about a coordinated effort to prepare for a massive wave on a specific date???
i thanked the holy spirit for this but now it is time for you to prepare too...around that
date.  i was telling Saida, it is vital that you understand that the gov is working by that
liberal leak that we are told is untrue. remember that leak?  they plan on shutting down
highways and having checkpoints by first quarter i believe...find that leak and study it...
this feels like a chain letter but in all you need to decide, do you want to be shut in your
home and a few miles from your home for eternity?... or do you want some semblance of
freedom in what may possibly be our last days here before mandatory matters stated in that leak?

we need to  be ready to live bushcraft
outside of the city in some sort of wilderness area by march 1st. try for a day getting into
a wooded region and staying there exercising your outdoor skills. practice before march 15th.
but if we start practicing now it will be more of a relief. i think the next variant bs protocol is going to kick in on march 15th....look now what happened on that day in history.
the illuminati satanic freemason/jesuit druids controlling every major world event, use numerology to a fine art.
combined with the fall of the roman republic and other major events...especially SARS...last year lockdown started

march 15/16

the other notable march 15th date that is cleverly not mentioned in many of the articles on the ides of march is the
day george washington stopped  coup d'état on the congress:

he saved the republic.
so here we have two polar opposites...another vital numerology symbol.
all i am saying here is get prepared for that day.  tell everyone THAT YOU TRUST, about this.