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Malachi Martin -- Illuminati False Opposition

November 21, 2019

Vatican insider Malachi Martin (1921-1999) left the Jesuit Order because supposedly he deplored Vatican II, something he helped bring about. A respected scholar and novelist, he lobbied for the Jewish Schema, which absolved Jews of responsibility for the Crucifixion and 2000 years of antisemitism. Martin was compensated well by the American Jewish Committee. 

"Martin was their lobbyist." Robert Kaiser writes. "These Jews were using him and paying him well for his help." 

 Martin asserted that a "Satanic Enthronement ceremony" took place in the Vatican in 1963. He is a classic example of the Illuminati phony opposition. Martin pretended to defend the Catholic Church from destruction, while secretly advancing it.

(Bursting the Malachi Martin Buble from March 2010)  
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Powerful forces have maintained the fiction that Malachi Martin left the Jesuit Order voluntarily or on principle. In fact, this prominent church critic was forced to leave the priesthood because he was a scoundrel and a philanderer.

By 1962, he had alienated the affections of at least four housewives and then dropped them.

When one spurned woman showed up at Martin's brother in Dublin and ask where Malachi was, she was told: 

"Dear girl. I don't know. I must tell you, you are the fourth woman who has come here asking me the same question about  Malachi. All of them have essentially the same story to tell. That they were in love with Malachi and thought Malachi was in love with them."

"Four women?" she demanded. "The same story?"

He nodded, and said, "And one rather attractive young man."

kaiser.jpgThis account can be found in Robert Kaiser's book, "Clerical Error" (2002). The woman was his wife. (pp.284-285)

Kaiser was the TIME magazine correspondent in Rome in the early 1960's.

Martin was a source who became a close family friend. Martin didn't just break up Kaiser's family. (Kaiser and his wife Mary had two young children.) It was much darker. To allay suspicions, Martin mobilized a network of influential contacts to smear Kaiser and have him committed as a paranoid schizophrenic.


Martin's books exposed satanic practices in the Catholic church and the Pope's role in the New World Order. While pretending to be against world government and the decline of
traditional faith and practice, Martin went a long way to discredit the church. His many books were published by Illuminati mind-controller Simon and Schuster, which was a sign that something was fishy.

Kaiser's book, on the other hand, is published by Continuum which bills itself as "unconstrained by the interests of any global media group or academic institution, and based in London and New York."

In it, Kaiser recalls that Martin started hanging out with two officials of the New York-based American Jewish Committee and flashing $100 bills. The Jews were particularly concerned that the 1962  Second Vatican Council pass "the Jewish Schema" which absolved Jews of the blame for Christ's Crucifixion and by implication accept guilt for  2000 years of anti-Semitism.

This is a typical example of how Illuminati mind-controllers invert good and evil. The Crucifixion of Christ was part of an ancient conspiracy against God and man reaching fruition with the New World Order.

"Martin was their lobbyist." Kaiser wrote. "These Jews were using him and paying him well for his help." (190)

Martin was the secretary to Cardinal Augustin Bea, a Marrano who spearheaded the Schema and general liberalization of church dogma and practice. According to an article in Wikipedia, Martin passed confidential documents to the American Jewish Committee, which is a front for Illuminati bankers. He also wrote under pseudonyms many inflammatory articles for Illuminati magazines like Harper's describing the foot-dragging of Vatican conservatives.

Martin had a reputation as a liar. A reader cites psychiatrist M. Scott Peck's book "Glimpses of the Devil"  about possession and exorcism. According to Peck, Martin, although a formidable scholar and polyglot (17 languages), could by turns be a "pathological liar" and a "leprechaun."

In an email, Owen told me that Peck said that
in his book "Hostages to the Devil" Martin claimed he performed exorcisms that were actually performed by Peck.


Bob Kaiser's book, Clerical Error is also about attaining maturity. Kaiser spent 10 years as a Jesuit himself. He makes the point that immaturity is really a function of
having "idols and "
taking guidance from "authorities" like the Jesuits or "experts."

Kaiser was fooled by Martin's collar and couldn't see what was happening in his own home. Then instead of taking action, he sought help from the Jesuit Order, who generally prevaricated. His so-called friends didn't alert him.

Kaiser learned that maturity is not so much gaining wisdom as confidence in one's own judgment, trusting oneself no matter one's limitations.

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me" is really an order from God to all of us: to take charge of ourselves, think our own thoughts, and feel our own feelings. In other words, to grow up." (262)

For a lot of us, maturity has been realizing that no one knows very much, and there are a lot of unscrupulous, stupid and evil people in the world.

One of these was Malachi Martin. Recently, I posted an article about his claims of a "satanic enthronement in the Vatican." I had always regarded him as a good guy although I wondered about his Jewish publisher.

Now, I would avoid his work, because I regard him as a classic example of the Illuminati phony opposition. Martin pretended to oppose the dismantling of the Catholic Church while secretly advancing it. His personal behavior revealed where his true loyalties lay. 

Thanks to Mark Owen for referring me to Clerical Error

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First Comment from Ken Adachi

Michael Collins Piper and Maurice Pinay both deserve recognition as early investigative reporters in exposing the truth of "Father" Malachi Martin, as Art Bell would routinely address him in his late 1990s radio interviews, even though Bell knew full well that Martin was de-frocked and removed from the priesthood.

Malachi Martin: The Judas Goat Deceptionist Who Worked for Talmudic Rabbis to Subvert Vatican

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Malachi Martin -- Illuminati False Opposition "

Ronald said (November 22, 2019):

Sorry Henry what he said about enthronement is true so many ignorant and dump Catholics forgot Mary maybe she lied also she stated Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist this was completed right after it pops up broken cross Lucifer’s staff showing he’s in charge then the true church collapsed big time and still is thank God what’s left is not the true church, he might have been a double agent but even they express truth pride is an evil sin , next is the Third World War which Mary said is approaching and she ain’t no double agent

Dan said (December 9, 2011):

Martin knew the Catholic catechism - the doctrines. He was adroit with any interviewer on the nuances of anything to do with Catholic culture. I've never met any clergy or even cardinal better versed or articulate. The enemies of the Catholic faithful didn't need to promote fiction novels to discredit Vatican.

That was accomplished at the Second Vatican Council in the 1960's. Martin informed millions of Catholics of the extent and realities of the NWO infiltration in Vatican through his books and interviews, far more accurately than anyone else I'm aware of. Martin's 'clerical errors' don't invalidate his writing, any more than Bob Kaiser's politics invalidate his information on Martin's personal affairs.

Where I see harm is that Martin obviously bent his biography the way he wrote novels. He called it "Faction" - 85% fact and 15% fiction.

I separate the man from the work. Windswept House is the most accurate history people are going to get on the real agenda during the John Paul II years.



"The enemies of the Catholic faithful didn't need to promote fiction novels to discredit Vatican."

Then why did they?


Christine said (December 8, 2011):

Thank you for exposing Malachi Martin. However, I am a little confused about the exorcism remark in your article. Exorcism is the act of evicting demons from a possessed person. It involves a Catholic religious ceremony conducted by Catholic priests. It is not a practice of psychiatrists. Therefore, Mr. Peck could not have performed such an act.

With regard to Mr. Kaiser's remarks on "maturity," these are the errors of a person who has lost his faith. We seek wisdom from God, from the teachings of the Catholic Church, and from people who possess it. They used to be known as spiritual directors, and they were Catholic priests.

Achille Cardinal Lienart was one of the leaders of the Vatican II Council. On his deathbed in 1973, he acknowledged that changes to the Sacraments make them invalid. Indeed, the chief Exorcist of Rome, Fr. Amorth, has stated publicly that the new Rite of Exorcism does not work.

Furthermore, Cardinal Lienart stated that the purpose of invalidating the Sacraments was to effect the destruction of the Mass, Priesthood, and Apostolic Succession. New Catholic priests are created by ordination. Change the ordination, and no more Catholic priesthood.

Nevertheless, man proposes, God disposes. Our Lady of Good Success in Quito, Ecuador predicted the present crisis in the Church several centuries ago. All of her prophecies have now come true, except one: the restoration of the True Faith.

Richard said (December 8, 2011):

dear Henry

Continuum Publishing is owned by Bloomsbury Plc, the publishers of the Harry Potter Books. Continuum also publishes books by Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI.

So much for your thesis.

Malachi Martin was a Jesuit, and since the founding of the order by Ignatz Loyola, they have been spies for the Jewish financiers, originally in Genoa and Venice, now London, NYC, Zurich, Basle, Frankfurt, Paris, etc. That does not in and of itself validate anything you wrote.

Nor does being a philanderer, if that is what he was, though not himself married, have much to do with anything else. These are straw man arguments you present, Meaningless.



Actually you prove my point. Continuum was purchased by
Bloomsbury just five months ago (July 2011) and now sells Kaiser's book for

Kaiser's book was published in 2002 and my article in 2010. This is an example of how the Illuminati take out independent publishers.


Andre said (December 8, 2011):

Kaiser's lessons about maturity ought to be shouted from the roof! (especially from the roofs of schools, government buildings and hospitals) and churches, mosques and synagogues!

LF said (March 27, 2010):

A close friend of Fr. Malachi Martin wrote this in response to the attack on Fr. Martin:

" In The Desolate City, Anne Roche Muggeridge documents how Robert Kaiser falsified the facts of what happened at the Second Vatican Council. Kaiser has been described as a journalist who is incapable of distinguishing fantasy from reality. Kaiser is a liberal. And why did Kaiser wait until Fr. Martin's death to make his allegations? If the critics of Fr. Martin are using Kaiser's writings as a basis for their attempt at character assassination, they are certainly building on a foundation of sand."


Dear LF

Yes kaiser was a liberal but I don't think politics taints a story about how his family was destroyed.


Doug said (March 19, 2010):

Dear Henry

I am an avid supporter of your website and opinions expressed thereon but am unconvinced regarding your Malachi Martin article. The Luciferians are incredibly skilled at confusing the sheeple about who is on what side and maybe that is what is happening here. The reverence and exclusive power attached to the name of Jesus in exorcisms is true in practice and Martin states this most clearly in his book “Hostage to the Devil” – very un-Luciferian for a seminal book on such a critical subject. Nor did Martin claim credit for any of the exorcisms described therein.

And the Luciferians do not like his book. Trying to obtain it from Illuminati controlled outlets in South Africa where I live, was almost impossible. You will never find it on our bookshelves (who stock all manner of other esoteric Luciferian garbage); only several requests and many months harassing the seller resulted in its eventual and begrudging delivery. Nor will you find Windswept House in any retail outlet or library I have visited.

Look at the post-publication character-assassination of Rebecca Brown …are Hoffman / Kaiser’s comments not more of the same? I did read Scott Peck’s “People of the Lie” however and was disturbed by the author’s comments; if Martin is a Luciferian stooge I will be devastated!

ALan said (March 18, 2010):

Like all of us Fr. Martin did have his faults I’m sure but he did make several things very clear in his writings. Among them is that the hierarchy of Roman Catholic Church has been under attack, infiltrated by secular humanists and is in shambles.

To his credit, while so many have forgotten, Fr. Martin did emphasize greatly the Message of Fatima which is crucial to one’s unhindered understanding of salvation and today’s moral and political hazards However, despite all that theses obstacles mankind faces Father Malachi Martin is quoted as saying “ A Catholic's life in the moral and spiritual wasteland of the modern era can be compared to crossing a desert. ..."



MM was one of these secular humanists. We have been taken in by an expert conman.


Below -Jews Manipulated Catholic Deicide Teaching (scroll down)

Chutzpah! Jews Celebrated Duplicity in Oscar Pic "Chicago"

November 20, 2019


"Don't shoot, I am alone," a husband pleads after his wife catches him in bed with two naked women in the movie Chicago. "Believe what I tell you, not what you see." 

Jewish Cabalism is based on the premise that truth is defined by their vanity, perversity, and self-interest. There is no objective Truth. They are GodIncreasingly, due to their dominance over news/ entertainment, our world reflects this Cabalist Jewish (Communist) solipsism. 

The Masonic Jewish media was totally discredited during the 2016 election campaign. But instead of reforming, they've doubled down again and again. 

Cabalism is Satanism and Satanism inverts truth and falsehood (as well as good and evil.) The 2002 Best Picture Chicago was an inside joke where Jews celebrated their own chutzpah and chicanery over the dimwitted goyim. 

(First posted Feb 2003)

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

"Don't shoot, I am alone," a husband pleads with his wife after she catches him in bed with two naked women.

"But I can see two women," she objects.

"Don't believe what you see," he instructs her. "Believe what I tell you."

The wife shoots her husband in this scene from the 2002 movie musical "Chicago". But the show is dedicated to the cynical premise that the public is not so astute.

"Chicago" was written by the author of "Cabaret", Fred Ebb. Where the mantra of "Cabaret" is "money makes the world go round," the sequel proclaims power turns on deception, connections and media control.

It is significant that when many Americans suspect Zionists of doing 9-11, a movie that celebrates Jewish duplicity received 13 Oscar nominations and won "Best Picture" and six other Oscars.

"Chicago" epitomizes the bogus Cabalist religion of secular humanism (Satanism) that morality and truth are man-made and relative, rather than Divine and absolute. This is the cause of our cultural and moral malaise.

It raises questions about the relationship of organized Jewry to the elite, and Jews to their own religion. According to Irving Kristol, Jews in America "proudly identify themselves as Jews but their religion, for the most part, is only Jewish in its externals. At the core, it is secular humanist." (The Future of American Jewry)


"Chicago" is set on Death Row in Chicago's Women's Jail, where women who killed cheating husbands brazenly proclaim, "He had it coming."

"Roxie Hart," wife of Amos, murdered her lover because he promised to advance her singing career but dumped her instead.


"Irish" lawyer Billy Flynn is the only person who can save Roxie's neck. He has never lost a case. Luckily, Flynn is money-minded and accepts a reduced fee from Roxie's devoted cuckold husband. Richard Gere, aged for this role and actually made to look Jewish, plays Flynn. By calling him"Irish" the play's creators pass off Jewish experience as the American experience.

Flynn's practice is to invent a crowd-pleasing story about his client and create media hysteria. There is an eerie scene where Flynn is a giant puppeteer controlling dozens of puppet-reporters. Another evocative scene shows him as a ventriloquist voicing Roxie Hart's words. (Imagine Hillary on his lap.) Finally, there are the winks and Masonic hand signals he gives the judge suggesting corruption.

Flynn tells Roxie: "You got nothing to worry about. It's all a circus, kid. A three-ring circus. This trial, the whole world all show business. But kid you're working with a star, the biggest!

Give 'em the old razzle-dazzle...
What if your hinges are all rusting?
What if, in fact, you're just disgusting?
Razzle dazzle 'em.
And they'll never catch wise!
How can they hear the truth above the roar?
Throw 'em a fake and a finagle
They'll never know you're just a bagel...
They let ya get away with murder..."

To drive home the point, another inmate, a devout Hungarian Catholic woman does not have the money or the "smarts" to hire Billy Flynn. We see her praying to Jesus Christ but Jesus does not help her. She goes to the gallows. We see her swing. We see them take her coffin away. The Christian is a loser.

 The Jury is out. The newspapers have printed two batches with headlines GUILTY and INNOCENT. The audience knows Roxie is guilty. She killed a man with a wife and five small children just because he had her without paying the price.

If Hollywood were doing what it should, Roxie would be found guilty. The world would be portrayed as a place where Billy Flynn's chicanery does not prevail, where you can't "get away with murder."

But Roxie is found innocent, of course. In Cabalism, this is the way the world works. Anything else would be preachy. But, isn't this preaching too? Doesn't religion create the world we live in? This movie preaches that moral corruption (Satanism) is trendy, fun and sexy.


Roxie Hart and her partner, Velma Kelly, another of Flynn's satisfied clients, take to the stage. "Thank you for your belief in our innocence," they say in the Finale. "You know, a lot of people have lost faith in America. And for what America stands for. But we are the living examples of what a wonderful country this is."

Brazen, n'est ce pas? It's as if, in their view, corruption and exploitation are what America is "great" for. 

It's both logical and frightening that the mass media is controlled by people who believe in creating a false and perverted reality. 

Is the world "a three-ring circus" because the Jewish God is Lucifer?


Brendon O'Connell on Star Trek- The Last Jedi 

Politically Correct Movie Making | Star Wars: The Last Jedi - the most divisive film ever? - BBC News 

Reading the fan reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, other gripes stand out.

"It's corny, stupid and politically correct," wrote one.

"So caught up in being diverse and political, it forgets to tell a coherent and compelling story," wrote another.

Empire's Helen O'Hara explains: "There were many more characters in this installment that weren't white men, and that has been a shift that some fans have found unconsciously upsetting or alienating. They've felt excluded by that.

"And some men have openly complained that there are too many girls running around the Star Wars universe, which I personally think is crazy."

I wonder when the "sociology social programmers" will realize they are fighting a billion-year-old archetypal human instinct pattern which made "the hero's journey" in the original Star Wars so compelling and attractive - knight rescues the fair maiden from the dragon. What is it now Henry - incompetent knight has a nervous breakdown, fair maiden ropes down castle wall and carries him to safety?

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Chutzpah! Jews Celebrated Duplicity in Oscar Pic "Chicago" "

WILLIAM B said (July 18, 2018):

We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” (Ron Suskind, NYTimes Magazine, Oct. 17, 2004). Said by Karl Rove.

David S said (July 18, 2018):

Nice article: "Chicago."

Re: "We see her praying to Jesus Christ but Jesus does not help her. " (Maybe he did...)

I wonder if the powers that be (e.g., the Israeli 8200 program) leave you alone because in the world of cyberwarfare and control, your email activity acts as a honeypot in identifying people with certain opinions.

I am too old to care. I was a philosemite (e.g., I was an ardent ROFTER) that became a little red-pilled, that's all. I simply gave up my naivete--mainly because of the animosity that workplace Jews had for me--much to my shock.

I have no hatred of Jews. They need their ethnostate and so do Europeans--and so does everyone else, actually. If some really want to persecute me in the future for this reason (and I do not know that that is the case)--so be it. More Heaven for me. I have enough on my plate learning how to deal with the "persecution" for being a government whistleblower.

JJ said (December 6, 2016):

Even though I've never seen it, and don't plan to, everything is spot on, but I do take exception to this:
The God of the Old Testament is capricious, xenophobic and often barbaric. He demands human sacrifices and promises to slaughter Israel's enemies. He is sometimes mystical and good but often mysterious and unknowable.

That's what I used to think as a "baby Christian," early in my walk, but after growing in faith and the reading of God's word, especially the OT, the narrative becomes more clear. There are two forces at work, and God wants us to search and know Him above all; he grew tired of sacrifices early on. Satan created entire races of people that had to be destroyed. His own people turned against Him. His New Covenant seems a given, but it's a fulfillment of the old. Same God, always.

OK, but on the topic of the Hollywood narrative, another series from HBO summed it up so well that I had to stop watching it in the 3rd or 4th season, "Boardwalk Empire." The villain is a white male Christian fed who murders a Jew fed by drowning him while baptizing in the river while a black congregation watches. They later identify him as the culprit. The bootleggers and corrupt politicians are the good guys, except for one who is seen reading a copy of "The International Jew" Henry Ford magazine (played by Dabney Coleman).

I really liked some aspects of the show, but there's only so much I could take.

Below- Does Holocaust Denier's Book Have any Merit? (scroll down)

Jews Manipulated Catholic Deicide Teaching

November 19, 2019

Vatican II was largely, and perhaps most famously, about Deicide - and the desire of modern Jews to be released from what they considered to be an outdated and unjust charge against them. A massive media campaign blitzed the Council Fathers to promote a change in Catholic teaching - nothing less than the exoneration of the Jews of complicity in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 

A Declaration was composed to this end and actually passed by the Council Fathers; only to be rejected by Pope Paul VI. Deicide at the Second Vatican Council is the story of the struggle and failure by Jewish groups, and of Bishop Luigi Carli, chairman of the commission which reworked the Declaration for Pope Paul VI. Below is the Preface to
the book. 

Disclaimer - Of course, Jews living today cannot be held responsible for the Crucifixion of Christ, but Organized Jewry has conspired to destroy Christianity ever since. Thanks to their Gentile accomplices, Freemasonry, it has largely succeeded.   

By William G. von Peters

It is common for modern-day Catholics to be told that it is now forbidden by the Church to criticize the Jews as they are God's chosen people; that the crime of Deicide has been expunged and lifted from them; and that they are now our "elder brothers in the Faith". 

Further, that they have their own pathway to salvation, do not need Christ's salvific work, and should not be proselytized and brought into the Church lest God's plan for them is frustrating. 

But what if it is not so? What if all this, which contradicts the traditional Catholic teaching of millennia, is simply the result of a massive propaganda effort by Jewish groups and their liberal allies upon the hierarchy and laity of the Catholic Church? It can be reliably stated that the Jews had for many years pressed for a Church Council to remove the charges of Deicide against them, ancient and modern, claiming that the charges were not merited, that they did not kill Christ. 

Further, even if they did, that it was only a small group of Jews who killed Jesus, and that modern Jews could not possibly have the stain of deicide upon them. And even so, it was the bloody Romans who put Him to death. 

(Dr. Von Peters)

The Jewish forces had hoped to succeed in removing the charge of Deicide at the Vatican I, but due to the invasion of the Papal States and the arrival of Italian nationalist forces, the Council was adjourned sine die before the issue could be considered, so the Jewish plans were frustrated. 

And so, a push for a new Council was embarked upon. It should be noted that all of the positions by the Jews noted above contradict the historic and consistent teaching of the Church, but nevertheless the above was their contention. In a nutshell, this position is that the Jews were innocent bystanders as regards Christ's crucifixion. 

At the election of John XXIII (the second, not the first who was an anti-Pope), whom many have stated was a freemason and overly sympathetic to the Jews, Jewish groups developed and implemented a massive propaganda campaign of fake news against the Council Fathers. 

Through their international groups, news media and religious leaders, Jewish and otherwise, a crescendo of outrage and sympathy was generated in order to secure the desired changes to Catholic teaching. It was stated it was unjust that the Jews, who had recently suffered so much, had to still bear the outdated title and stigma of deicides. Indeed that it was imperative that teaching now is changed because of the Holocaust ― made possible because of Christian hatred through the centuries against the Jews. 

We are assured today by these groups, and even seemingly Catholic ones, that the necessary changes to Catholic doctrine were indeed made, and that now Jews cannot and should not be proselytized or converted to the Catholic Church because the old Covenant has not been abrogated. 

The Jews remain, we are told, the chosen and beloved of God. In this short work, we will simply give a very basic history of these efforts at Vatican II, the initial success of the Jews, and their final actual failure. We shall do this by regarding the Declaration on the Jews by Vatican II, and what the Church has actually stated and done. 

This is not intended to be an exhaustive treatise upon the subject, as noted, but other works delving into the subject in more detail are referenced in the bibliography for those who now have discovered the truth wish to delve more deeply into the subject.

Prof. Dr. William G. von Peters holds numerous degrees including Professor of Humanities, Ph.D. in Religion, H.M.D. in Homeopathic Medicine, N.M.D. in Naturopathic Medicine and Masters in Oriental Medicine, and is a Hereditary Knight Commander of Justice of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, and a Knight Commander of Justice of the Order of Saint Stanislas. A traditional Catholic, Prof. von Peters is the proud father of 11 children and over 30 grandchildren. An avid traveler and speaker, Dr. von Peters is available for speaking to groups on Catholic and natural health topics.

First Comment from Maryann

I figure you've posted all comments on the post above, but I've never seen a reference to the fact that the Talmud acknowledges Jewish responsibility for the death of Jesus Christ: Tractate Sanhedrin (43a) contains this passage:

Jesus was hanged on Passover Eve. Forty days previously the herald had cried, "He is being led out for stoning, because he has practiced sorcery and led Israel astray and enticed them into apostasy. Whosoever has anything to say in his defense, let him come and declare it." 

As nothing was brought forward in his defense, he was hanged on Passover Eve. Is quoting the Talmud considered anti-semitic?

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Jews Manipulated Catholic Deicide Teaching"

Ludvik said (November 21, 2019):

There is no doubt, that the takeover of the Catholic Church, By Jews, took place during the 2nd council of Rome. All you have to look at the drastic reforms, which followed

& continue as we speak- also look at the “ New” Pope agenda- quite clear for those who want to see !!

D said (November 20, 2019):

"A massive media campaign blitzed the Council Fathers to promote a change in Catholic teaching - nothing less than the exoneration of the Jews of complicity in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ."


Revelation 11:8: And their body will be upon the street of the great city, which is called SPIRITUALLY Sodom and Egypt, WHERE OUR LORD WAS CRUCIFIED.

Mark 15:22: And they bring him unto the place Golgotha, which is, being interpreted, THE PLACE OF SKULL. (The same place Jacob became Israel)

Will You Crucify Messiah/Christ?
"The Lord Yeshua has said that his Kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36)
The Kingdom can never come upon the earth, because it is within us all (Luke 17:20-21)
Therefore, every day those who call themselves Christian are as Judas
When they crucify Messiah/Christ by the manner in which they live
In the manmade doctrines they cling to that alienates them from the Truth
When they embrace the culture, thinking and mindset of this world
So, do not ask who killed Messiah/Christ, or condemn the Jews of ages past
Because it is you who crucifies Messiah/Christ!
Because you fail to imitate the Pattern of Yeshua/Jesus and walk in TheWay”. A. Cronshaw.

Essel said (November 20, 2019):

That the "elder brothers" of KGB agent Wojtila do not need to convert in order to obtain salvation is a cruel lie of which they will be the first victims. And it works, always thanks to the same trick: it flatters pride. And secondly because it is based on spiritual laziness by making unnecessary any effort and pushes them to slide down the fatal slope of facility and complacency towards themselves.

The terrible thing is that, as always, it happens with the consent and participation of the victims, which makes them co-responsible.

Yes, the devil is undoubtedly the master of intoxication, which precisely consists in making the victim himself accomplish what will lose him.

Jerry said (November 20, 2019):

I would think if the Jewish people are guilty of anything it is what St. Paul said in Hebrews 10

28 Anyone who rejected the law of Moses died without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. 29 How much more severely do you think someone deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified them, and who has insulted the Spirit of grace? 30 For we know him who said, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[a] and again, “The Lord will judge his people.”[b] 31 It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Is this not the crux of everything? And as for Deicide why is it that whenever it's discussion comes up what is never mentioned is what Christ said;

No one takes my life from me, i lay it down of my own accord. This I have recieved from my Father!!!!!!!!!

JG said (November 20, 2019):

I was raised Catholic but left the church in my teens shortly after Vatican 11. I left the Church to indulge in the sinful ways of the world. And, that turned out to be a big mistake.

The Catholic Church did me good, it taught me right from wrong and good from evil. I was never taught to blame the Jews for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by any of my Nuns or Priests.

You can't hate the Jews and love God at the same time. If you do you're not loving those who might hate you.

All scripture was given by God to the Jews. There are no Gentile prophets, apostles, or disciplines. Contrary to popular belief, Luke was not a Gentile exception.

Moses, Jesus Christ, and Paul the Apostle all showed great love for the Jews even when they were being betrayed and persecuted by them. However, never did they go along or partake with them in their sinful ways or practices to appease them. That's not love.

As I have said many times before, as long are we are living in this present Church Age there are only two groups of people, the believers in Jesus Christ and the nonbelievers in Jesus Christ and we'll all have the opportunity to prove our allegiance as the Church moves closer to persecution once more.

A reader urges me to discover Catholicism

November 15, 2019


A reader urges me to discover Catholicism 

From Anne

Some time ago I linked to your website "Save the Males." As an old woman now, having been born in the suburban paradise of Southern California in the 1950s, I can say that while growing up in those times took a terrible toll on my psyche, I never became a feminist. 

The offspring of a mixed marriage (irreligious father, nominally Catholic mother) I did not grow up in a Christian home but was exposed to all the intrusive, mind-deforming influences of which you are extremely knowledgeable. While I was frightfully harmed by all the noxious influences, nonetheless, I escaped destruction by the skin of my teeth. How and why? The mercy of God, yes, and also the gift of faith. "Our just man lives by faith." I converted at age 24.

Oh, Henry, how I wish I could make you understand that the teaching of the Catholic Church about God and man is true. Some years back George Gilder wrote a book entitled "Sexual Suicide," and after reviewing the question of the sexes anthropologically, he concluded that indeed the Catholic Church was right in its teaching about these things. 

The Church itself has been attacked by all the forces of hell. They have infiltrated the Church by set purpose.  The plan of the freemasons was set forth by the Alta Vendita, an Italian secret society, in the 1830s. A letter of one of their leaders was recovered by the Italian police and published. In it, the leader expressed their long-term strategy. Their failure to defeat the Church doctrinally was acknowledged; therefore, they would resort to corruption, and in particular the corruption of women as well as youth. For if there are no women pure and undefiled in their inmost hearts, there will be no Catholics.

Moreover, the Communist party actively recruited the Church's enemies to enter the seminaries in the 1920s & 1930s. Bella Dodd was one of their recruiters who did this, having personally recruited 1100 men for the purposes of subversion. An acquaintance of mine was told by the gentleman who chauffered her on her lecture circuit after her conversion and return to the faith that they deliberately recruited homosexuals. 

The modernists were already inside the Church by the end of the 19th century. Cardinal Rampolla, a freemason, was almost elected pope instead of Pope Pius X, a true saint. With the Second Vatican Council, the modernists took possession of the Church. There has not been a true pope on the See of Peter since 1958. Francis I, like his predecessors from John XXIII on, is no pope. (For precise information, I recommend to you,, and for more about the state of the Church, and what to for the sake of a blessed eternity.)

Even more fundamentally, the weakness in the heart of mankind you so keenly perceive is the result of original sin: man's soul was wounded and the wounds of original sin are transmitted from generation to generation. The wounds are four, corresponding to the four spiritual aspects of man's soul: the intellect by ignorance, the will by malice, the irascible appetite by weakness, and the concupiscible appetite by an inordinate desire for unreasonable pleasure. 

The result of man's disobedience against the Creator was disorder in his own soul and rebellion of his lower passions against reason. To attain moral rectitude calls for serious spiritual combat against the three enemies of man's soul: the devil, the world, and the flesh. As the holy man Job said, "The life of man on earth is warfare."

The Catholic Church was founded by God; more specifically, by the Word Incarnate, Jesus Christ. There is no other name given to men whereby we must be saved. Jesus Christ is at the center of history. We are living in the period of the culmination of the war between Christ and Satan, between the City of God and the City of man. No one is unscathed, no one can fail to choose which side he will be on.

I can only recommend that you pray in good earnest to Almighty God. I've known several young men who were sincerely seeking truth and prayed sincerely to God to know the truth, and He did not fail to answer their prayers. The love of truth above everything and the willingness to adhere to it once it is known is the only way out of the modern wasteland. As the Psalm says: Wisdom stands in the crossroads, calling out to sinners in the way.

Early every morning at the prayer of Matins, the clergy recite Psalm 94, which includes the exhortation, "Today if ye shall hear his voice, harden not your hearts." Everyone on earth is a poor sinner, everyone daily must strive not to harden his heart, to give up, to yield to despair and sin. Not stoicism, but faith is needed, for God would indeed have us to be His very own children by grace in this life and glory in the next. "Even if your mother shall forget you, I will not forget you," said the Lord in the Old Testament. And in our time, He has spoken to us by His own Son, and down the centuries through the Church which he founded.

I shall pray for you.

Nigerian Colonial Flag Suggests British-Israel Connection

November 8, 2019


Nigerian Colonial Flag Suggests British-Israel Connection

from CK

This was the colonial flag of Nigeria from 1914-1952.

The flag is typical of British colonies of that time period, with the Union Jack in the upper left.

What is not typical is what you see on the right side and it reveals what I believe is the true story of colonialism.

The crown, surrounded by the Magan David,  sits on a red shield.

Red Shield in German is Rothschild.

Nigeria, along with the other colonies, was conquered by this group.  This flag was created in 1914 and they are still in control through trade and banking, is my understanding.

I asked people in Nigeria what this flag meant to them.  Only one person I met was familiar with this flag, the rest of the Nigerians I met had no idea this was their history.   They were shocked to see the Magen David on their flag.

There are other aspects, such as the Nigerian native Igbo (Ibo) tribe following seemingly Jewish rituals like circumcision, but there is no documentation, so they are likely not True Hebrews, according to the Israeli Law of Return.  It is doubtful the Igbo .  I am hoping some of your readers have more information.

Letter from Brazil- Glenn Greenwald Deserved it

Letter from Brazil- Glenn Greenwald Deserved it

live-streamed interview by right-wing Brazilian reporter who made disparaging comments about the American's adopted children 
The pair came to blow's during a live stream of a radio show in Brazil 

"Henry, Greenwald used to be a producer of gay pornography (website hairy studs). Talk here is that his interest in Brazil came from the time of his trips to Rio to find porn actors for his movies. That´s how he met his husband. The guy is scum. He´s getting money from the left here and probably from Russia too."

by Marcos 

Sao Paolo- Everybody here is saying that Augusto should have broken Glenn´s nose and hit him harder... Augusto is far from a right-wing radical. Just a journalist in the center who, like 99% of Brazilians, hates the corruption brought by the Workers Party. 

Glenn was recently behind a scandal, where he paid hackers for information stolen from message apps in judges and prosecutors cellphones (a crime). His objective was to demoralize the Car Wash police operation and help Lula and his bunch of thieves. People here think he should be in jail. Augusto was about to crush the guy with facts, and Glenn called him six or seven times a coward in a row. I´m sure he did it on purpose to play the victim and deflect from the facts and accusations.

I also believe he provoked Augusto to create a factoid and take attention away from the disaster that happened yesterday at the Supreme Court.

By a 6-5 score, six gangsters (supreme court judges) changed the law that allowed criminals to be arrested after the sentence in the second-degree tribunals. For example, Lula was convicted by Sergio Moro, a local judge in the city of Curitiba. His case was (a couple of years later) sent to the second-degree tribunal responsible for the South region area, where (after a year or so), a panel of three judges analyzed the decision, agreed on the culpability and revised the sentence time. But now he may go free because the Supreme Court says that he can only be arrested after the last appeals to national courts like the Supreme Court of Justice and his very own Supreme Federal Tribunal. Four levels of tribunals. There are cases of rich criminals who have their lawsuits lagging there for 23 years without resolution, waiting for the statute of limitation.

The Left did a work of genius. It doesn´t matter who is president or what the people want. If you have six guys in the Supreme Court, you have a majority of six dictators who will do whatever you want. These six guys are all corrupt and know they are there because they serve the Left. The president of the Court used to be a low-level lawyer advocating for the Party and flunked the exam to become a judge twice. Yes, the president of the Supreme Court has never been a judge and was Lula´s employee!

Brazil is finished. Thousands of murderers and thieves who can pay expensive lawyers will go free in the next months. I have been telling you, the NWO plan for Latin America is that it stays corrupt, underdeveloped and engulfed in Marxism, while the elite steals away its natural resources and food production.

I forgot to say that the request for the Supreme Court to change the law came from the Communist Part. Also, it was the Communist Party leader (and vice-president candidate teaming with Worker´s Party Fernando Haddad) Manuela Davila who was contacted first by the criminal hackers and who sent them to Greenwald (another crime).