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Below- Gonzalo Lira -- Like Biden, 2/3 of Zelenski's Cabinet is Jewish

Dec. 10 -- Why Worry?

December 10, 2022

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Why worry? What good does it do? None.

But it does plenty of harm. It saps our energy
and our happiness.

Fear is a weapon.  Inflict harm by stoking the fires of fear. Keeping everyone paralyzed.

Millions wore the badge of fear --the covid mask. The ultimate form of domination is to force people to do the absurd because they are too stupid to know it, or cowardly to resist.

We need to banish worries the moment they pop up in our minds.  We need to experience real life instead of our thoughts.

We need to say, "I put my faith in the Creator."

Our true nature is to be happy. God is Bliss. Love. We must not allow their fear machine to steal our Diving Birthright - Bliss.

By identifying with your ego  -- greed, selfishness, self-aggrandizement, fear, lust, envy etc. -- you are consigning yourself to ego-jail
By dying to ego, you are liberated!   Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it. Matt 10:39

We are made in the image of God. Without the Spirit of God, we are flat tires! We must pump ourselves up with the Spirit of God to reach our intended shape. A spiritual revival is the path out of our morass.

Financial, Healthcare Interests Guilty of "Premeditated Murder" of Millions via Covid, Vaccines, and Remdesivir


My Dinner with Kanye (Funny)

"Hitler had a lot of redeeming qualities."

The Jewish Solipsism- Cabalism is an occult solipsism. We're being inducted into it. (Wokism) Call it satanic possession.

   "I support the Jewish people"
   Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld on rise of antisemitism - at 4.25 min

Jews are not the victims. Why can't Jews see that Covid lockdowns, "vaccines," climate change, migration, gender dysphoria, etc. are all driven by Jews? They are designed to destroy Christian civilization. The Ukraine war is due to Russia's refusal to be devoured. Organized Jewry cannot tolerate true religion (God), nationhood, race and family. "We will destroy every collective force not our own.," say the Protocols (16-4) 
Another Hole In the 5D Chess Theory: Merkel Brags That Minsk Agreements Were a Ruse to Buy Time to Arm Ukraine
Wow, Russian patriots were right on this one too!  by Rolo Slavskiy


The WEF is ready to sacrifice you for Ukraine

Putin Says Russia May Add Nuclear First Strike to Strategy

(Bloomberg) -- Vladimir Putin said Russia may consider formally adding the possibility of a preventive nuclear first strike to disarm an opponent to its military doctrine, just days after warning that the risk of atomic war is rising.

"We're thinking about this," the Russian president told reporters after a summit in Kyrgyzstan. "If we are talking about a disarming strike, perhaps we should think about using the approaches of our American partners," he said, citing what he called US strategies to use high-accuracy missiles for a preventive strike.

Danielle_Smith_in_2011-810x500.jpg(l. Alberta Premier Danielle Smith, Finally a Canadian politician with balls.)

Alberta passes 'Sovereignty Act' despite backlash from leftists, mainstream media

The now-passed Sovereignty Act intends to prevent "unconstitutional" federal government overreach into matters of provincial jurisdiction, including but not limited to "firearms, energy, natural resources and COVID healthcare decisions."


Richard Hirschman: Fibrous Clots in Dead Are NOT Normal


Gun Shops And Customers Claim Credit Card Firms "Restrict" Firearm Purchases


Canadian quarantine cops fined close to 5,000 children for violating Trudeau's COVID rules

The fine amounts ranged from $100 for a child breaching a quarantine order to $275 for those who gave false or misleading information. A $500 fine was handed to those for "failure to comply with a reasonable measure."

Those who breached a quarantine order were fined $750, and those who entered the county illegally were fined $1,000.

Some Canadian provinces such as Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, and those in Atlantic Canada refused to enforce the Contraventions Act, meaning there were no fines given in those provinces. As a result, those who were fined lived only in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario.


Richard Hirschman: Fibrous Clots in Dead Are NOT Normal


Gun Shops And Customers Claim Credit Card Firms "Restrict" Firearm Purchases


Gallup: 33% of Americans 'Personally' Own a Gun, 46% Live in Home With a Gun

In the survey of 1,009 adults, aged 18 and older, Gallup asked, "Do you have a gun in your home?"

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- Dec. 9 - The Tide is Turning (scroll down)

Gonzalo Lira -- Like Biden, 2/3 of Zelenski's Cabinet is Jewish

December 9, 2022

Gonzalo Lira is outraged by the brutality and depravity of the Zelenski regime.
He says Zelinski makes Pinochet in his native Chile look like a choir boy.
Lira is in hiding, fearing for his life.

Zelinski, a bisexual comedian who has banned
opposition parties, churches and media  is TIME's Man of the Year.
Pretty much tells us where we're headed.

Who is Zelensky? A Puppet and Here's Why

Summary by Doug Plumb

-Always remember Tiffany Dover. If you do not know who that is look it up. (the suggestion is: Tiffany Dover was one of the first to get the vaxx, passed out right after, and was replaced by a body double. Good case IMO, but I haven't looked into it)

-Zelenski is a TV actor and comedian that is now worth one billion dollars. He has been controlled by a billionaire by the name of Igor Kolomoyskiy.

-Igor Kolomoyskiy is a monster that makes Pinochet look like a boy scout and has extraordinary vanity and hates the Russians. Igor Kolomoyskiy uses thug methods in business just to make money, not only for ideological reasons. He has stolen companies via death threats. He is a billionaire oligarch who has passports for Cyprus, Israel, and Ukraine while it is legal to only have two passports in Ukraine. He is an intelligent engineer who believes that might make right. Lira says he has seen the videos of torture.

s-igor-kolomoisky-033115-1428660169-2626012044.jpg--Zelenski was brought to power by the media establishment propaganda when he was an actor playing a role of a savior of the people on the fictional Ukrainian TV, sitcom "Servant Of The People". This was all set up by Kolomoyskiy, left. This show was set up to get Ukrainian people to want to be in the EU and in NATO as a way of solving problems they were having.

--Two-thirds of the Zelenski cabinet are Jewish.

--The Russians have said that they will be killing all the neo-NAZI's in the Zelenski regime so they are desperate and it's prolonging the war. These thugs know they are dead men and are no longer controlled by Kolomoyskiy and will fight to the death.

--He claims that Zelensky profiteers attacked the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant to set up a false flag operation. He explains that Russians captured the power plant after a squad of Ukrainians started firing on Russians from inside the plant to create a nightmare public relations incident involving Russians firing on the plant at 2 AM that Friday morning.

--There was a rocket attack a few days ago in the middle of Kharkiv, it destroyed a government administrative building about a mile away from where he lives. The attack practically destroyed the empty building facing the main square in Kharkiv. The video of the incident that emerged was perfectly composed.

--He claims there have been other false flag operations and the videos that have emerged of these events have been so well composed. Often bombs and rockets go off but there are no plane sounds prior, deep inside Ukraine.

---The attack on Snake Island did not involve thirteen Ukrainians that died for Ukraine. There were over eighty soldiers there and none of them died. The Zelenski regime is great at PR and using it to draw the West into the war. Kolomoskio uses PR to get his way and Zelenski is an actor; the thugs have effectively taken over. The ghost of Kyiv, the pilot that supposedly shot down multiple Russian planes all pure BS.

--Zelenski gave a speech to the European Union, he was stoned. Lira said he looked like he was on coke and coming down after a long party during the speech. Lira said that that was his supposition but he has the life experience to know. Putin said the regime is a bunch of drug addicts, this was not hyperbole, as many thought.

--Whenever you see Zelenski he is surrounded by thugs. The Russians are in total contrast in appearance to Zelenski's protege. They are well-educated, well-composed quiet gray men who themselves are quietly dangerous, but in a conventional sense. They will bring forth legal hell on their enemies when the occasion calls. Zelenski's entourage had their cell phones on during negotiations, sitting on the table, presumably so that people like Kolomoyskiy can listen in.

--In the first negotiation in Kyiv there were the Russians who appeared like diplomats and then the Zelenski party who looked and acted like thugs, they looked like the entourage of a white rapper. They are ignorant, stupid, and desperate.

--People are fleeing the country; there is lot of chaos. People are losing track of each other. People are disappearing and awful things are happening to them. Lira believes there were thugs coming to look for him so he placed his children in hiding, and himself in hiding far from his children.

--Headlines in Ukraine are that a pro-Russian mayor, Struk, of Kremina, a small city of 18,600 people was snatched from his home and later found dead, shot in the street in the middle of Kremina. An official from Ukraine claimed that he was judged and found guilty by a court of the people. People have been tortured, nailed to crosses, etc and videos have been released, which Lira has seen. It has since been captured by Russian forces.

nestor2.jpg--Nestor Shufrych, a pro-Russian Ukrainian politician, was captured by a thug who took video of the capture. Shufrych had taken a picture of a checkpoint in Kyiv. Lira has released the video of Shufrych captured with a knife to his throat. Shufrych was a peace advocate who wanted hostilities to end.

--A lot of people have been disappeared and/or shot in the past few days. Lira is afraid for his life due to the viral following of his videos in Russia.

--These thugs are rats on a sinking ship, they are insane and will drag Ukraine down with them. As long as this war is prolonged, these thugs will survive. They know they are dead when it's all over.

The war has been lost by Ukraine and it's time for hostilities to end, and for these thugs to end. The Russians will organize humanitarian relief after the war. Lira is not a Putin apologist but believes Ukraine and this war to be run by thuggish criminals rather than statesmen.

Ukrainians are fighting and dying for nothing.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- The Tyranny of Titty

Dec. 9 - The Tide is Turning

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These days no news is good news.

But there are many signs that the tide is turning. As the vaccine injuries pile up, the mass murdering globalists will be discredited and dismissed. Thanks to the Internet, Agenda 2030 will be stopped. The good news is that the globalists have exposed themselves and mankind can begin to purge itself of Satanist control. You can't beat the Moral and Natural Order.

House Passes $858 Billion Defense Bill Repealing Vaccine Mandate for Troops

This just proves the "vaccines" are not about health.

 The House on Thursday overwhelmingly passed an $858 billion defense policy bill that would rescind the Pentagon's mandate that troops receive the coronavirus vaccine, pushing past the objections of the Biden administration as lawmakers in both parties united behind another huge increase in military spending.


Senator Kyrsten Sinema Leaves Democrat Party - Announces Her Independent Status

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema announced Friday that she has left the Democratic Party and has registered as an independent, saying she's turning her back on the "broken partisan system in Washington" that prioritizes denying the opposition party a win rather than "delivering for all Americans."

Vanguard Quits Climate Alliance In Major Blow To Woke Investing

Vanguard's exit comes at a time of increased saber-rattling and legal maneuvers by Republicans against investment firms pursuing woke agendas in general and anti-fossil-fuel agendas in particular.


Who is behind this domestic insurrection?

'This was malicious intent, it was no accident': Portland officials say state-wide attacks on electrical substations were deliberate: Sabotage at SEVEN plants across America have left thousands without power  

    Two Portland electrical substations were deliberately targeted last month, officials reveal amid several other states reporting attacks
    Power at the substations led to residents briefly without power on Thanksgiving
    The attack comes as North Carolina and Washington were also targeted
    Electricity in North Carolina was restored on Thursday after the attack at two electric facilities on Saturday
   twit-illegal-procedure.jpg Tweets the DNC Asked Twitter to Take Down
    Allegations have surfaced on social media that the infamous "Laptop from Hell" belonging to presidential candidate Joe Biden's son Hunter contains photos of him together with a topless niece, aged 14 at the time.

The photos have been presumably seen by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who, together with former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, personally turned over the evidence to jurisdictional authorities in the state of Delaware.


Stephen Lendman - Ukraine's Grim Fate - Thank you (((NATO

Kiev's mayor, Vitali Klitschko, admitted possible "apocalypse" in Ukraine this winter, saying the following: "Kiev might lose power, water, and heat supply."

"The apocalypse might happen...when it's not possible to live in homes considering the low temperature." An estimated 2.8 million residents may have to leave the city if it's without heat in winter cold. Bad as things are now, they'll worsen ahead as Russia more greatly damages or destroys Ukraine's power grid in pursuit of achieving its SMO aims.


Canadian Mortality Surge: Year of the "Pandemic" Vs. Year of the "Vaccine"-------The data is irrefutable.

In 2020, the total excess deaths came in at 16,333 with a YoY increase of 0.04%. The previous two non "pandemic" years 2018 and 2019 had the identical YoY increases in deaths at 0.04%. Therefore, Canada never experienced a COVID "pandemic" whatsoever.

Reviewing the OECD tables for the year of the DEATHVAX™ rollout campaign 2021, we see that the total excess deaths were recorded as 33,133. That is more than double the previous "pandemic" year!

gym.jpgWoman suddenly drops dead while working out at gym

Footage from a gym has shown the horrifying moment a 28-year-old woman suddenly collapsed while working out. WARNING: Graphic images.

Reader-- Note how she looks around in a disorientated state before collapsing to the ground; there's also no clutching of the chest before she drops. This stuff simply isn't normal.

WHO member states agree to develop legally-binding pandemic treaty

"I welcome the agreement by @WHO Member States to develop a zero draft of a legally binding #PandemicAccord designed to protect the world from future pandemics and to continue discussions on the draft in February 2023," said WHO CEO Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


Israel- A Light Unto the Nations

Israeli arrested for trying to kill his sister, have sex with her corpse. Were you aware of this not being illegal in Israel?

"Necrophilia is technically not a criminal offense in Israel, according to a High Court of Justice ruling from 2018 determining that sexual offenses only apply to the living."


Musk wants "absolute free speech" on Twitter -

brinton.jpeg'Non-Binary' Biden Official Who Stole Designer Luggage From Airport Charged With Second Incident In Las Vegas


Harry Vox - How can it be that the many can't see what is obvious to the few?
Private school in Chicago initiating children into homosexuality

passing around dildos


'The inmates were running the asylum': Elon Musk calls out former safety czar Yoel Roth and confirms right-wing accounts were suspended when 'NO rules were broken' after bombshell Twitter Files exposed 'Soviet-level' censorship

coleman.pngDr.Vernon Coleman: The Jabbed Are Seriously at Risk of Developing Cancer
"The entire medical establishment should be taken out and hung for they are all traitors to their profession and to mankind."
I warned in 2020, two years ago, that the covid-19 jab would cause a huge range of health problems - including myocarditis, strokes, heart attacks blood clots, etc. Everyone in the mainstream media laughed.

Mark Trozzi MD

People have been deceived and injected with a bioweapon. The genetic injections do not prevent covid, and rather cause massive death and disease; but they are still being pushed on the public.

Many countries blood banks, including Canada, are blocking natural people from donating clean safe blood. So all blood transfusions are from genetically modified donors and carry toxins including the spike protein, mRNA, and pegylated nanoparticles. The spike protein is toxic to tissues throughout the body, especially blood vessels and hearts.

baby-will(1).jpgIn New Zealand, currently ruled by Jacinda Ardern who is the WEF agent occupying their prime minister's office, a court has ruled against one family's rightful request that their child
receive clean blood, from natural healthy donors. Baby Will needs heart surgery. The parents want the surgery; but do not want their baby given toxic spike protein and mRNA nanoparticle laden blood. Real science robustly supports these parents decision.

Recently another New Zealand baby died with the covid-injection-spiked blood in a similar situation. The New Zealand courts have ruled against the parents, and ordered that the baby be taken from them, and placed in government custody. The court "granted" authority to the covid-agenda-compliant doctors to administer the toxic blood during the Baby Will's would-have-been life saving heart surgery.  Here is a 5 minute report and call for help; and a 36 minute interview with Dr Anne O'Reilly and attorney Sue Grey who are supporting baby Will and his family.

Indonesia Criminalizes LGBTQ+ Relationships and Extramarital Sex With New Law




John Thiessen: 60-year-old quadruple-vaxxed Canadian homeless advocate dies eight days after fourth mRNA injection


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Comments for "Dec. 9 - The Tide is Turning "

Al Thompson said (December 9, 2022):

You can't beat the Moral and Natural Order.” I agree.

The “new world order” was finished before it begun. And the reason is that it is founded on evil which always gets bad results.

I call it the “evil world order” and it’s failures are self-evident.

Below -- Dec 8 - Elon, Why Can't I Play in Your Sandbox? (scroll down)

The Tyranny of Titty

December 8, 2022

woody-joh.jpeg(Are women defined by their breasts? Are males still breast feeding?)

How long is the media going to titillate
us with nipples, "side views" & "bikini figures?"
Is humanity's destiny to be a broken record
droning on for eternity?? Breast obsession is
a symbol of our collective mental enslavement.
Is this what we were created for? 

No, it's part of a deliberate program to enslave us.  Men who have families to protect represent a threat. Sex addicts don't.

Buddha - So long as the love, even the smallest, of man toward woman is not destroyed, so long is his mind in bondage as the calf that drinks milk is to his mother."

Updated from April 4, 2018
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

There is no "matrix" more onerous than the one that enslaves us to our reproductive instincts and make sexual intercourse the purpose of life.

The Illuminati (Satanic) mass media has addicted us to sex by portraying sexual dissipation as "sexual liberation." This mental deviance is a form of satanic possession.

How many times is the media going to try to titillate us with sex? Is it humanity's destiny to be a broken record droning on for eternity?? Is this what we were created for?

I realize that there is a biological explanation. We are just puppets of powerful procreative instincts. Healthy tits indicate baby feeding capacity. 
But that is the last thing on a man's mind. 

I am a champion of healthy heterosexuality: sex within the context of love, courtship, marriage and family. Sex is a rite of marriage. It creates a powerful bond between a man and a woman.

But heterosexuality has been degraded to the level of pornography. A woman on Salon Personals advertises: "Q: Why should you get to know me?
 A: My mind is as dirty as subway platform."

That's Satanism, where ugly becomes beautiful and vice versa.

A 22-year-old Swedish man writes:
"Most of my friends see women as the holy grail. Pretty much their whole existence is based around 'getting laid'. It's like we are devolving into animals. Maybe that is their goal. And if you're not getting women, you are a loser..."

The media gives young men a hugely exaggerated view of the benefits a woman offers. This is emasculating. He puts them on a pedestal and immediately loses their respect. These days, women are too confused to know anything. They are susceptible to feminist coercion. The young man has to make the decisions but the women won't let him. Heterosexuality has been subverted and natural development arrested. This is the result of a deliberate program of destabilization.  


When are men (and women) going to admit that we have been hypnotized?

Anonymous sex is degrading and dehumanizing. not pleasurable. Masturbation is a far better choice for men.

Promiscuous women are not attractive. Feminine appeal is a function of beauty, innocence and a loving nature.  

(Women derive legitimacy from the size of their breasts) 

How often are women going to undress until men no longer care? They have seen it so many times. How often can women unwrap the same old gift?

Sex divorced from love is an empty, dehumanizing experience. B
reasts become weapons of war, not love. They don't carry the milk of life. They are filled with silicon. Death. 

Society's fetishizing of the fertile female is not normal. It is primitive and pagan --  Cabalist Magick,  i.e. brainwashing.   

If anything has convinced me that young women are stupid, it is their willingness to give away the thing that entices men to love and marry them.  Men now have little incentive to take on the responsibilities of family. Of course this is why the Illuminati bankers duped women.

Ladies, show us qualities that make a woman a good wife and mother, ones that differentiate you from other women. These include an ability to love a man and children. Qualities of personality, charm, modesty, humor, taste, style, character, intelligence, talent, homemaking skills.  

The satanists inflated women's self-importance. Seeking their own happiness has not made them happy. Making their husband and children happy did.  Why? Because of her sacrifice, they loved her back.

Women are loved because they sacrifice power for love. Feminism neutered them by coercing them to seek power instead of love. Woman's stopck in trade is love. That's what men and children want from them. Now, they have nothing to trade except their bodies, and as they age, they are left alone, overcompensating with substitutes.


In many cultures, breasts aren't sexual at all. For example, women in Mali go around with bare breasts. They're always feeding their babies.

When they were told that Western men are fascinated with breasts, they burst out laughing. They laughed so hard, they fell on the floor. They said, "You mean, men act like babies?" (Carolyn Latteier, Breasts, The Women's Perspective on an American Obsession")

There is something demented about a society obsessed with titties.

human_udders.jpg(Breasts aren't even attractive. They are udders, melons, flat tires, balloons, fat sacs.)


Women used to see marriage as the defining event in their life. Now it's divorce. The game many women are playing is to attract a man,  get pregnant and then bleed the man and/or the state in terms of child support etc.

Why is this happening? Why are we being socially engineered?

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (15-20) holds the answer:

20." Our government will have the appearance of a paternal patriarchal guardianship on the part of our ruled. 

They will then be so thoroughly imbued with the thought that it is impossible for them to dispense with this wardship and guidance...They will rejoice that we have regulated everything in their lives as is done by wise parents who desire to train children in the cause of duty and submission.
For the peoples of the world ...  are ... only children under age, precisely as are also their governments."

Individually and collectively, human development is being arrested at the adolescent stage.
Our Illuminati masters have a vision for humanity that excludes our higher development. We are their cattle.


Related - Makow -- How Sex Became Our Religion     Clue- Cabalist Judaism is a Satanic Sex Cult and we Were all Inducted

Raquel Welch - "Porn has Annihilated Men" 

"Today's sex-saturated culture had sapped the meaning out of sex, and damaged countless men through the pornography industry, which she called "an exploitation of the poor male's libidos."

"It's just dehumanizing. And I have to honestly say, I think this era of porn is at least partially responsible for it," Welch said of rampant sexual addiction. "Where is the anticipation and the personalization? It's all pre-fab now. You have these images coming at you unannounced and unsolicited. It just gets to be so plastic and phony to me.

"Maybe men respond to that. But is it really better than an experience with a real life girl that he cares about? It's an exploitation of the poor male's libidos. Poor babies, they can't control themselves."

Welch criticized men's modern habit of "equat[ing] happiness in life with as many orgasms as you can possibly pack in," and described the concomitant loss of real masculinity in vivid terms.

"I just imagine them sitting in front of their computers, completely annihilated. They haven't done anything, they don't have a job, they barely have ambition anymore," said the 71-year-old actress. "And it makes for laziness and a not very good sex partner. Do they know how to negotiate something that isn't pre-fab and injected directly into their brain?"

When Eric Spitznagel of Men's Health interjected that Welch's views could come across as "prudish," the aging sex icon said she was "fine with that" and pined for the days when bedroom fantasy was a private matter.

"Can you imagine? My fantasies were all made up on my own," she said. "They're ruining us with all the explanations and the graphicness. Nobody remembers what it's like to be left to form your own ideas about what's erotic and sexual. We're not allowed any individuality. I thought that was the fun of the whole thing. It's my fantasy. I didn't pick it off the Internet somewhere."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "The Tyranny of Titty "

H said (December 9, 2022):

When ever I read the newspaper and there are articles concerning Gender-Gaga, I skip it.

I can’t stand it anymore. Most adults can’t even distinguish between sex and agape, that’s

why we have no families, thousands of divorces. Considering the fact that among „phallus“
and „labium“ billions of cash worldwide can easily be earned (prostitution, porno, child trafficking,

beauty operations etc.)

If I had more time, but it’s anything useless, I could write or mail my opinion to these insane, woke-culture


Two gays decided to marry. The marriage registrar asked them: „who of you has a vagina, and one

replied, well I have a Toyota and you?

What is the difference of a girl of the country and one of the city? Well, the country-girl has a tick

at labium and city-girl has a piercing.

I’ve only mockery left.

The mother of feminism was Alexandra Kollontei, foundress of the women’s movement. She was

a communist, marxist feminist. She was sitting at the table with Lenin and Trotzky. She was also
accomplice of the ouster of the tsar.

Behind all gender role is at the bottom of it the Jews. I mean a certain group of course not all.

Absolutely, abominable, disgusting is what Sanhedrin 55a says: with tree years and one day
can a female person through intercourse be lawfully wedded.

And in Kethboth 10b – 11a Talmud; if they have sex before she is three years and one day old
than the hymen will grow again. The outflowing tear is little as the tear sac will get full again.

Since half a year we have a new US-ambassador in Berne. He is a very proud man, bragging:

„I’m the 15th gay ambassador of America“. What wonderful news!

Welcome to the united colourful, green, baphomet gang, bigger than the old

Sodom and Gomorrha world.

James C said (December 9, 2022):

I once debated an atheist who asked me what the purpose of life is. I immediately answered: "Reproduction." IMO, the destiny of humanity is to develop godly character: The Gods are spiritually reproducing Themselves in those who will submit to Their will. Their ultimate goal is to populate the universe. This was going to take an enormous number of people. Therefore, the Gods had to come up with ways to insure the creation of a vast population. This is where the beauty of women, tits included, and male testosterone both come into play. A beautiful woman had no choice over being beautiful, and men with healthy testicles have no choice over the production of testosterone. IMO, sex would have been perfect if there had been a way to turn it off. But short of male castration, there isn't. From puberty onward, men are driven for the release of sexual tension caused by the testosterone their own bodies are constantly producing. And, IMO, this is exactly the way the Gods wanted it.

Are tits tyrannical? Not according to the bible: "Let her breasts satisfy thee at all times" (Proverbs 5:19). Is feminine beauty a sin? No, it's God ordained: "The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose" (Genesis 6:2). In this case, feminine beauty created male lust, which IMO is what it was designed to do. It is more than interesting, therefore, that 1 John 2:16 seems to condemn both the lust of the eyes and of the flesh. For the more than obvious reason that without the lust of eyes and flesh none of us would be here. It seems like a contradiction to me.

1 John 2:16 seems to condemn "the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh."

RH said (December 8, 2022):

Maybe this explains, as I approach my seventies in age, that I see the women dressed in Victorian clothing on BBC Public TV shows as attractive as contrasted to today’s “female” celebrities in their skimpy outfits leaving not a lot to the imagination.

Greg said (March 23, 2018):

The Buddha quote at the beginning of the article nailed it. The purpose of life is not reproduction; bacteria, bedbugs, and sharks do that. The purpose of life is self-realization, also known as enlightenment or liberation, which requires the abandonment of desire and the striving for material accomplishment. Sexual desire, sexual relationships, and even marriage and children draw us into obsessive materialistic cravings and neurosis. Actually, we do not need to perpetuate the human race; that is not what we are here for.

Doug M said (March 12, 2018):

Proverbs 5:18-20 King James Version (KJV)

18 Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.

19 Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.

20 And why wilt thou, my son, be ravished with a strange woman, and embrace the bosom of a stranger?

Warren said (March 19, 2012):

Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia (Paperback - Jun 1984)


Thanks Warren

I would also recommend Elizabeth Haich - Sexual Energy & Yoga

Clifford Shack said (March 19, 2012):

There is a greater, more subtle deception here. The Illuminati focus is to prevent our minds from maturing, from asking and getting answers to the most important questions of life. They want us to function in the realm of the lowest sacral chakra region where any hope of spiritual enlightenment will be held at bay. Hence the media's emphasis on sex.

What the Illuminati fear most is wisdom among the masses. The crucifixion of Christ is a perfect example. The Illuminati cannot rule those that possess wisdom of Absolute Reality. Though they can murder the occasional feisty sage, they would be defenseless if True Wisdom went viral.

Keeping the focus on sex insures Illuminati rule.

The Illuminati control the bodies of the population. They can only do this if people think themselves to BE bodies! In truth, we are not the bodies we take ourselves to be.

The Illuminati control the minds of the population. They can only do this if people think that they have a mind! In truth, there is no such thing as a mind.

No doubt, to most, my words appear to be completely insane. That is expected, after all, most have yet to break free from the tyranny of Titty as you call it.

In truth, there is no multitude, no masses at all. There is but one simple Self that is all-pervading. It can be referred to as "I am." It goes by many names. I call it "Cliff", you call it "Henry."

It is simply silent awareness. Consciousness. Because it pervades even between the ears. It thinks itself to be an individual body peering out from eyes. This gives rise to the root of misery itself, the notion, "I am the body." Though we are infinite spirit, not born, not susceptible to death, the Illuminati foster the illusion so that they can control.

This is what Christ came to teach. This is what the Buddha came to teach. Those that had ears to hear, we're freed.

This freedom is the Illuminati's worst nightmare.

Don said (March 19, 2012):

Henry, Thanks for writing these articles. They show truth and clarity in a world that has a landslide of lies and just downright stupid thinking. Seems like all that is broadcast these days is sex, sex, sex. When put where it is supposed to be, in marriage it is very good. thing. That however is the last place is is placed today by those in power. Most of the people go right along with it. It is so good to here truth in a world that has a landside of immorality.

Below- Justin Trudeau's Pedophile Problem

Dec 8 - Elon, Why Can't I Play in Your Sandbox?

Left, The Future --"He's got his Elon chip, so he thinks he's eating filet mignon." Ignore their gaslighting. Their ultimate goal is to kill you.

Elon, you fired the twat that suspended me. Isn't it time you let me play in your sandbox?

Henry Makow -- "Your account is permanently suspended
After careful review, we determined your account broke the Twitter Rules. Your account is permanently in read-only mode, which means you can't Tweet, Retweet, or Like content. You won't be able to create new accounts."

The only Twitter Rule I broke, apart from challenging the COVID narrative from the beginning, was an unspoken one: identifying world problems with the destructive agenda of Organized Jewry and its crack whore Freemasonry.  Elon, don't make me use my "son of holocaust survivors" card.

I must be more dangerous than Roger Stone who was just invited back on to Twitter

Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Harry Vox, bigger "antisemites" than I are back on Twitter . What gives?

What's this??  "The Anti-defamation League say the are working FULL-TIME with social media to censor and ban speech they disagree with. The ADL say they have a special soft-spot for Elon Musk, who is working with them almost daily to remove people from platforms who express 'controversial opinions'."    
Twitter had a Communist bias and suppressed Hunter Biden story - shocker? Not.

"79% say 'truthful' coverage of Hunter Biden's laptop would have changed 2020 election", New York Post

How many of you wrote to Elon on my behalf?

Feeling the love on Gab from longtime reader: "Really need to get over it Makow... It's not that big of a deal in the big view of things... You have a platform here, so be happy with it..."

Twitter is a powerful tool and should not be conceded. And no, I would not have led with this story if there was anything else.

Gonzalo Lira is back and he is outraged at what the Zalensky gangsters are doing. He is from Chile and he says they make Pinochet look like a choir boy.

Is anyone interested in listening to this 2-hour livestream and writing a summary for my site?  Will reward with a free copy of any of my books. [email protected]

Mark Trozzi  MD

Contrary to propaganda, global death rates were normal in 2020. Now as a result of "masks", social isolation, mandates, and especially forced injections; death rates have risen at unprecedented levels. The same organized criminals who have violated our rights and imposed these destructive measures, are now deceptively leveraging the death and disease, to mislead people into more of the same mistakes. Don't be fooled. Here is my important 12 minute message reviewing the past two years of covid madness, with insights which I hope will help prevent us from being misled. Truth is the medicine. Freedom and justice are the cure.

Martin Armstrong

Meanwhile, Fauci, finally under oath, could not name a single study that showed that masks ever worked. Indeed, there were many studies that showed that masks never worked during the 1918 Spanis Flu. Indeed, the CDC even conceded that cloth masks never worked.


Racist New York Democrats Demand Reparations for Black Residents, Say $223,000 Per Person Not Enough

Blacks are grateful to be American citizens, they don't want free money!

California Panel Estimates $569 Billion in Reparations Is Owed to Black Residents
crunk.jpgJewish-sponsored anti-white racism

Rutgers Professor on White People: 'We Gotta Take These Muthaf**kers Out'

Say this about Jews and Jewish-sponsored misfits and all hell would break out.


Putin: Risk Of Nuclear War "Rising", Ukraine Operation To Be "Long Process"

"Russia does not have tactical nuclear weapons in other countries, unlike the US. ...Russia has not gone mad."


Pandemic of premature deaths

Dog the Bounty Hunter's 'Very Healthy' Right-Hand Man Dies: 'Shocked and Saddened by the Sudden Passing'


perloff-front-cover.jpgMissing Miracles by James Perloff

What did Jesus mean by "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do." Are miracles possible at a time when America and the West so greatly need them? The answer is a definite "yes."


3000 police officers deployed in raids over plot to overthrow German government | DW News

In a nationwide raid, 25 suspected members and supporters of a terrorist organization were arrested early Wednesday. Officials said the network, part of a wider right-wing movement, was already well established with a concrete plan to overthrow the German state by force and install a new government.


Fearless and beautiful Antioch grad student takes on Communist dominated Antioch College


normalized.jpgScott Ritter, George Galloway - Ukraine is Getting Wrecked

100K dead in 10 mos


Cancellation of award for playwright Caryl Churchill condemned

Leading figures in British theatre and film criticize decision not to give Churchill award because of her support for Palestinian rights

 Caryl Churchill, a long-time ally of Palestine, had a Lifetime Achievement Prize from the Stuttgart Theatre, Germany, rescinded.


The ridiculous charade of democracy continues. The government which just sodomized its citizens for two years thinks we can all go back to normal without any accountability.

Fidelito says he is concerned about foreign influence in Canada? He reports directly to Klaws Swab!!

Age - "People look at you as though you are worthless."


Oakland-protest-attack-4-1200x674.pngTransgender Activists Attack Feminists Protesting Men in Women's Prisons

One hooded assailant was caught on video, obtained by The Epoch Times, throwing an egg into the group of women and also seen striking one with an umbrella, while another attacker in all black garb with red armbands on a bicycle plowed into the women from the opposite direction.


Dr. McCullough: mRNA from COVID vax transfers from jabbed to unjabbed, 'changing human genome'


Covid a psy op from the beginning

A bombshell has emerged in the debate on the origins of COVID, with J.J. Couey, one of the original founders of DRASTIC--a grassroots group assembled to investigate SARS-CoV-2's origins--renouncing the lab leak theory, saying he now believes the lab leak theory represents a kind of controlled opposition or "double bluff" in order to perpetuate the pandemic state of emergency.

The WHO declared a pandemic of a novel, dangerous virus...that enabled a larger percentage of all-cause mortality than pneumonia and influenza to be prioritized as a national security threat composed of vaccine-preventable deaths.


baby-will.jpgNZ Health officials gain guardianship of baby whose parents refused 'vaccinated blood' transfusion

The six-month-old known as Baby W will not survive without urgent surgery for a congenital heart defect. His parents said they were unwilling to proceed unless they were given a guarantee he would only receive blood from unvaccinated donors.


Celine Dion, 54, is diagnosed with incurable neurological disease: Tearful singer reveals she has rare 1 in a million 'Stiff Person Syndrome' that turns sufferers into 'human statues'


Charlatan Bernard Lewis: Usual Suspect and Made Man

Among the incalculable havoc and mayhem that Lewis unleashed on the world was being the mastermind of occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the Iran-Iraq War, the Iranian Revolution, the Red Crescent Project, the fragmentation of the Middle East, the Clash of Civilizations and the Age of Muslim Wars.


rod.jpgAaron Russo On Nicholas Rockefeller and the Goals of the Ruling Class. The Bankers want Total Control. Humanity will become their obedient serves.


Just look at this horror. It's all beginning to come out now. This is just the beginning of the flood of deaths & disabilities.

This Roundtable just closed with the conclusion of pulling the Covid vaxxes from the market! Astounding news!

This link from Infowars provides short clips of Sen. Johnson's Roundtable for folks to watch too. I've been pushing for that at the state level for long now. Pray that others follow suit & we can end this nightmare!

Excess mortality in the US is currently standing at 17-SIGMA.

'Sigma events' are traditionally used to statistically quantify catastrophic money market crashes, but can be applied to any phenomenon.

A 17-sigma event is an event that has likely NEVER happened throughout all of human history! Read that again.

Edward Dowd on Working Age Disabilities at Sen, Johnson's Medical Roundtable 12/7/22
Dowd on Excess Mortality

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below---Dec 7 - Power Sabotage Opening Salvo in Civil War?

Justin Trudeau's Pedophile Problem

December 7, 2022

The acorn doesn't fall far from the pedophile. Justin Trudeau with his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau at a Montreal Expos baseball game in 1987. Pierre Elliot Trudeau was Canadian Prime Minister from 1968-1984. Evidence suggests Justin was sexually abused by his father who was a pedophile.

Justin's $2 Million payout to Statutory Rape Victim

"According to the father of the girl, his daughter was "much, much younger" than the 17 -years-old that had been previously mentioned in the press. Trudeau was discovered with the daughter by her father in his family home in June 2001."

by Cathy Fox
(Excerpt by

When Trudeau was a teacher at West Point Grey Academy,
Vancouver, British Columbia he sexually abused one of his underaged pupils. Trudeau was at the school between 1999 and Jun 2001.

Justin Pierre James Trudeau's lawyers sought out the woman at the end of September 2019, eighteen years after Trudeau's sudden departure from the school. They lawyers demanded that she sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding their past relationship. This was just before the Canadian Federal Elections of Oct 2019, when Trudeau was Prime Minister, and seeking another term as Prime Minister. [4]

The girl signed the $2.25 million (c.£1.8 million) mutual non-disclosure, non-disparagement agreement, in exchange for her continued silence, on the Wednesday evening of October 9th 2019.[2] The terms of that agreement prevent both the accuser and Trudeau from acknowledging any aspect of that relationship, without triggering a six-to-seven-figure liquidated damages clause. That penalty starts at $500,000 and scales up, depending on the magnitude of the breach. [2]

The girl's father, a prominent Canadian businessman, was not a party to the $2.25 million mutual non-disclosure non-disparagement agreement. He was incorrectly copied into an email between the negotiating parties ie his daughter and Trudeau's lawyers.[2] The businessman therefore has a good case that neither he nor his daughter are in violation of the agreement, and he presumably ensured that the bank transfer was completed before he disclosed the existence of the agreement to the media!

trudeau-logo.jpgAccording to the father of the girl, his daughter was "much, much younger" than the 17 years old that had been previously mentioned in the press.[2] Trudeau was discovered with the daughter by her father in his family home in Jun 2001 [2]. If the daughter was 17 in Jun 2001, and the relationship appears to have gone on for many months both on and off campus, then when it started she may have been something like 15 years old...

At the time, around 2000, Canada's age of consent was 14 years old which was raised to aged 16 in 2008. However Canada outlaws sex between adults and people younger than 18 when the adult is in a position of responsibility for the well being of that child.

Justin Trudeau was in a position of responsibility for the well being of that child and his behaviour would have been illegal at the time in Canada [2].

I presume the situation is similar to that of statutory rape in the UK, in that in statute law the child cannot legally give consent. The actions of Trudeau are those of a sexual predator. He took advantage of an underaged girl, when he was in a position of responsibility over that child. As well as being in a position of responsibility over her, she could not give legal consent and was almost half his age. Trudeau betrayed the trust of the school and the parents. In short Trudeau is a paedophile.

When Trudeau was discovered by the girls father at their family home, it prompted private demands to school administrators that he be removed from his position immediately. "There was a small settlement at the time".

Trudeau's friends said that the typically outgoing and exuberant young man was suffering through a bout of depression following his father's death in 2000, and his brother's death in 1997. They postulate that anything improper was likely a result of his fragile emotional state at the time, not because of any nefarious character trait.

The agreement presumably is a civil law agreement. Perhaps Trudeau and the school could still be sued by the businessman if he so wished but it likely would be counterproductive for his daughter and himself.

ingvaldson.jpgJustin's Paedophile Friend Christopher Ingvaldson

Whilst he was at West Point Grey Academy, Justin Trudeau's fellow teacher and friend was Christopher Charles Ingvaldson [10]. Ingvaldson also turned out to be a paedophile. Ingvaldsen was discovered downloading child abuse images in 2010 when he was teaching at nearby Vancouver all boys private school - St. George's School. He was Head of Social Sciences.
St. Georges School

Reports at the time said that his "offenses did not involve the school in any way or endanger the students" [10] However the court transcript states...    

"Investigation by the Vancouver Police found that the offender was using primarily two Internet Protocol addresses to access the Internet - one at his place of employment at St. George's School where he was a teacher, and one at his home where he lived with his wife.  At St. George's the offender was using a laptop computer provided to him by his employer. "

Forty one images of pre-pubescent boys and girls being sexually assaulted and penetrated by adult male penises. There were also images of very young children in sexual poses. These images have been filed and sealed as exhibits in this case and counsel agree they are examples of child pornography at the "high end of the scale", lacking only the element of violence.

Australian police, in a project code named "Project Ocean", were investigating use of the Internet, particularly Facebook, in circulating child abuse material. The police uncovered a 14 member group on Facebook entitled "Little Girls Love To Play Too". Ingvaldsen was a member of that group [45].

Ingvaldson pleaded guilty to two counts and was sentenced to three months in prison and two years probation in 2013. Ingvaldson had to provide a DNA sample and listed as a registered sex offender for 10 years.

When pedophiles Justin Trudeau (JT) and Christian Ingvaldsen (CI) were teachers at West Point Grey Academy they lived in the same apartment at the corner of 12th Avenue and Granville Street with Ingvaldsen's wife Pansy.

blackface.jpg"Ingvaldson and Trudeau were very close. Ingvaldson even contributed a chapter to a book, Pierre, edited by Nancy Southam, detailing his memories of meeting the former prime minister when he was staying with Justin at their home in Montreal." [82a]

After becoming Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau encouraged Ingvaldson to run for political office as a member of the Liberal Party. Ingvaldson obliged and announced his desire to be the Liberal MP candidate in the district of Vancouver-Kingsway, and developed a social media pages announcing his plans to run.

"The criminal charges shocked everyone. Trudeau cut off contact. Trudeau says that a person wants to think they will always be there for their good friends, but that is not the case. There is a line that can't be crossed he said, visibly disturbed."

Trudeau could have been visibly disturbed as he was worried that any paedophile talk about Ingvaldsen could also rub off on him as he had also crossed a similar line.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Justin Trudeau's Pedophile Problem "

PT said (December 7, 2022):

I've never understood how any non-disclosure agreement can be binding when it serves to conceal a crime.

The whole premise of that is ridiculous.

James Mubiru writes from Uganda

December 4, 2022

Makow--I want people of different races to thrive in their own countries
rather than be forced to emigrate to fulfill the Cabalist-Jewish vision of
a "multicultural" i.e. non-white West. So I raised $6000
so James Mubiru could start a grocery and feed his family of six.

Message from a Ugandan Family

Dear my fellow readers of this website,

by James Mubiru

I count my blessings and thank God for HIS mercies, provision and protection.

It was in early year 2020 when i wrote to Mr. Henry Makow for help and thank God I received a positive response. A great miracle in my life and that of my family! From that day, it was a turning point in my life and that of my family.

As a very poor family by then, we were living in very poor conditions and in many cases spending  days without food,so we were starving. I used to live a very miserable life with my family (a family of six children by then, currently seven children under my care) but with faith and hope that someday,God of Love,mercy and Miracles would hear and answer my prayers and HE did!!

Now I ask a question;

Why not counting my blessings from our Creator? Sure I do.

With the assistance of the readers of this Website,I was able to put up a small business (Grocery store)for my family's regular income so that we could have  some bread on the table including other basic needs.I count my blessings indeed!I greatly thank the readers of this website who contributed and still contributing for my family's welfare. Please,thank you.

I thank God that HE provided some means for me to secure a cheaper small piece of land for our house construction (still unfinished)and there are some conditions forcing us to be moving to the unfinished house and yes,we are moving in with faith trusting God that HE will provide means for the house to be fully finished as HE did in the past.HE will never forsake us.HE is a God of Love,mercies and Miracles and nothing too hard for HIM(Jeremiah 32:27)I have a firm testimony about that.

I count my blessings Praising and Worshiping HIM.

Also God called me to serve HIM and I prayerfully hold Home Prayer Meetings (Home Fellowships) on a weekly basis sharing the"good news" with my fellow brothers and sisters living here in Uganda. God has really done great wonders in my life and that of my family. Also I teach my fellow brothers and sisters living here in Uganda letting them know about the ongoing Masonic Global Conspiracy and thank God a number of them are awake (Hosea 4:6).

My Homeland, Uganda is one of the world's most impoverished and least-developed countries and many Ugandans live in absolute poverty lacking means to fully sustain themselves.I fully have a first hand experience living in poverty and I am very thankful to God that I now have some means to sustain my family unlike in the past when I lived a very miserable life with my family of six children by then(now seven children living a better life with God's help). Why not counting my blessings? Sure I do.

 According to the Uganda National Household survey (UNHS) report(2019/20); It is reported that person's increased in poverty from 8 Million to 8.3 Million. Also it is reported that one in five persons in Uganda lives in poverty. There are about 3.5 Million person's living below the food poverty line and the incidence of rural poverty is more than two times higher than that of urban poverty.

 Satan and his agents are trying to discourage us,to take away our freedom and enslave us,even destroy us.We should stay strong and put our full trust in God Who is our Creator and the ruler of this universe.

(2 Cor.10:3-5)
God bless you all.
My email address:
[email protected]
Phone:+256776009893(Call or Text)

French Documentary Confirms Vaccinated Emit Addresses

November 21, 2022


French Documentary Confirms Vaccinated Emit Addresses

"As soon as digitally "naked" people approached the computer (Bluetooth detector) at 20-25 meters, a hexadecimal address (0 to 9, A to F) was displayed.

Source : Citizen Light Press Agency (via private link on Telegram / translated from French)

Hi Henry,
A very tricky yet extremely important issue.
Here is a direct testimonial from the field, through a cardiologist who took part to the experiment documented in the French documentary HOLD ON, starting at 1h 48 min)

Hello everyone,

Tracking down Mac addresses is an explosive subject, and it feels like climbing Everest without oxygen, and with your toothpicks as ice axes.

It is VERY, VERY, VERY complex!  A signal is detected as Bluetooth, but the addresses correspond to known objects. It may not be Bluetooth, but something is going on...Except that Emmanuelle is a doctor in computer science, and she cannot, in her position, allow herself to conclude "There's a trick"! I am a computer geek!

Experience realized for the French documentary HOLD ON  (I was part of the organization):

"As soon as digitally "naked" people approached the computer (Bluetooth detector) at 20-25 meters, a hexadecimal address (0 to 9, A to F) was displayed.

Occasionally an address appeared in non-vaxed. ALL had had PCR tests, and even many PCRs (we had >90!)

As soon as an address would appear, the subjects were asked to turn around, and the address would disappear about 20-25 meters away.
They were then made to walk another 5-10 metres, then turn back to the computer, and the address would appear again.
Some people were allowed a third pass (playful people!), and ditto!

Other experiments have done the same thing, but of course have not been published. These are bioweapons.

No address had been generated by the passage of a non-vax, untested person (except if the digital camera was forgotten, but this was then checked!).

When the big guy, who was in charge at the computer, clicked on what was identified as a Mac address, the address disappeared.

A different address appeared after 15-20 minutes for people whose proximity to the computer was concomitant with the appearance on the computer of a Mac address.

All connected objects, smartphones, were switched off and located more than 100 metres away.
The cameras (there were 3 filming teams, including Pierre B, France Soir, and a Spanish team) were checked beforehand.

Other experiments have been carried out, and people on this Telegram thread (Citizen Light) have participated in them. Patrick Jaulent, Doctor of Computer Science, with a high flying pedigree, has already communicated on the subject.

Crazy logistics, very technical, not an easy experiment to get accepted, lots of bias...

So there you go, folks!

A rogue cardiologist


October 26, 2022



Charles--"Here's one from p. 2 of the pinay67 gallery which I have sanitized ... you can tell it's the same senior guy. Watermark upper left with her screen name from the site.
On pinay67's video tab she has 3 videos and 1 of them is clearly that same guy in it, tho one has to register to view it. In the old days a vid with this couple was up on some major site, before the mass deletion of 'amateurs' ... Vid was I think just another download for Hunter ... in some closeups you can tell she's mature ... her petite form is classic SE Asia