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Real Men Want Real Women

June 24, 2016


Ronald Samartino, 71, the father of
three daughters thinks Mark's description
women. He has distorted Mark's message
but we are not about imposing one view.
We leave that to feminists. Ronald's take 
is resonant of real life.

 "Mark wants some uneducated, dingbat, whose only passions are housecleaning and cooking and gardening and saying "Yes, dear."--Wow, he sounds to me like someone who is threatened by women, who feels a bizarre need to hold them down and needs constant ego boosts from the female in order to feel manly. It's a very distorted and unenlightened perception of life, of the value of human lives, and of the universe."

by Ronald Samartino

I would've been embarrassed to tell my wife that her entire precious existence on this earth--was meant only to serve me. I never regarded my wife in that way which seems pretty disrespectful. I saw her as an individual with hopes, dreams, desires, aims, just like me, not some slave. If you need a woman to clean up after you to feel manly, you got a problem.

I feel like these articles are written by men who don't have daughters. My wife and I had three girls, and NEVER did I say, now here's a fine slave for some man. 

No, sorry. Real men want real women. I didn't even question it--and I grew up in a pre-feminist era. I'm 71 years old, but it never crossed my mind to raise subservient, uneducated, ignorant humans, whose lives revolve around another human male without any interests or goals or aims. 

Are you kidding? My wife and I raised intellectual, kind, caring young women who knew how to take care of themselves, make their own money, not--NEVER to depend on a man, but to also take care of their future families in a loving, caring atmosphere. 

They saw me their father helping their mother with everything around the house. Again, I was raised pre-feminist era, now widowed after 43 years of marriage--and I NEVER had to be told to help out around the house. To me it was NOT, you're the female you do these jobs and I do this and you cater to me so I can feel like a "REAL" man.

My wife and I were a TEAM. We were in it TOGETHER, raising and taking care of OUR family, OUR home. When money was tight, my wife worked, and she and I were both happy that she did. And when money wasn't tight, she worked, because she wanted to and she was her own person--you know, someone with their OWN, INDIVIDUAL thoughts and desires. 

My wife worked right alongside me when we decided to build one of the homes we lived in over the years. She was amazing--that's a REAL woman, a loving mother, who will work for her family, who's independent and regarded as an EQUAL. 

I didn't have to be asked to help around the house---I WANTED to help, if dinner wasn't ready I cooked it, I enjoy cooking. I helped clean and do laundry, I changed diapers, we did all the work EQUALLY, because we loved each other and our family, and we strove together to make our home nice for our children. We were EQUAL partners. That's being a REAL man, not this phoney divisiveness that is just as extreme and wrong as the militant feminism is.

And any REAL man who has daughters sure as hell doesn't--does NOT, want them to be mere slaves to another man, even if he's the greatest, nicest man in the world. It's a sickening thought as a father. 


I watched as my daughters grew and they spoke of their passions and interests and the jobs they wanted--and I'm bewildered how any man could possibly want to smother his daughter's ambitions, or prevent them from having an education, inhibit their own individual human wonder and enlightenment. You really have to have something wrong with you--honestly, to subvert a human being like that.

By the way, I was raised Catholic, came from a nuclear family. My mother worked a full-time job as did my father. My wife was catholic--not a feminist, same age as me; we both grew up in the pre-feminist era, high school sweethearts. But never did I even EVER think of using the bible written in archaic unenlightened times as my guide on how to treat a woman--I didn't and still don't believe my wife belonged to me, we chose each other and I valued her as a person, as someone who deserved as much respect as me--and vice versa. 

And for any men who are reading these Makow articles and are unmarried, hoping to find a nice woman, I would disregard all of it as purest bull$hit, because that's what it is. If you really love someone, you want them to be a true equal, not something like chattel that you feel you can boss around so you can delude yourself with some false sense of power as "head of the house". 

If you need that, if you need a slave to care for your clothes and clean your house and revolve you to feel manly, then you're missing the big picture. A REAL man, can handle a NON-SLAVE woman, and loves the fact that she is an equal. 

Makow comment- It's a shame that Ronald needs to distort our position in order to make his point. Mark and I do not regard women as inferior or slaves. On the contrary, in a traditional marriage there is an exchange of female worldly power for male love. The woman and man become one. The husband consults and cherishes his wife as part of him and wants to see her happy and thrive in every respect. That's what love is. Love does not succeed when husband and wife compete as neutered "equals." 

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Real Men Want Real Women"

Barbara W said (June 24, 2016):

I liked Mark's simple paean to his wife, but I did not like Ronald's article at all. It could easily have been written by his feminist wife or daughters, who have evidently led him a merry dance all these years.
It is HE who seems the brainwashed domestic slave, to these four women in his life!
I have seen this before in relationships of feminist acquaintances; for example:

- husband works, wife stays at home, refuses to have children, makes him do the housework as well
- husband & wife both work to support their children, wife makes husband & kids do all the cooking & housework, while wife relaxes
- husband works, wife stays at home raising children, if husband disagrees with wife in any way, he comes home to find his dinner thrown into the bin as passive-aggressive "revenge"
- husband works, wife works part-time, if husband & children dare to complain of hunger pangs because wife didn't bother to cook dinner, next day all their dinners get thrown into the bin, as "revenge"
- husband works, wife stays home, but still demands his pay packet, control of all his money, total control of every aspect of interior furnishings, and makes him spend his leisure time doing household repair jobs, or else nagging him about it
- husband comes home tired but cheerful, wife greets him in a rage over something he said 5 weeks ago

It is WE, ladies, who need to change. As Mark Thomas said in his book, "Not Guilty: In Defence of Modern Man", domestic violence has two forms: physical and psychological, and women's psychological abuse and domination of men also counts as "domestic violence".

MM said (June 24, 2016):

Looks to me like Ronald has completely misinterpreted Mark's post of yesterday. "Uneducated"? "Dingbat"? "Threatened by women"? I didn't get any of that from Mark's post. I thought Mark's post was just what it said it was: a loving tribute to a wonderful wife. As for Ronald, the lady doth protest too much.

Tony B said (June 24, 2016):

This guy may have been a Catholic in name but his thinking is entirely pagan. In fact he disparages the principles, both written and traditional, which Catholics live by. His belief system may accurately be labeled "pagan Americanism" or "American paganism," comes out the same.

Dan said (June 24, 2016):

I'm perplexed by Ronald's reaction to Mark's marriage. I can only surmise that he misunderstood. I just read Mark' article again and I just don't get the image of a "dingbat, who's only passions are housecleaning and cooking and gardening and saying "Yes, dear."

Roland's created a straw man and named it 'Mark'. It's uncharitable to put words in other people's mouths. Not an persuasive argument strategy either.


Al Thompson said (June 24, 2016):

I'm not impressed with this article. The idea of a woman being equal with a man is ludicrous. That's like saying that the Sun and the Moon are the same thing. In the natural order, it doesn't work that way and it is the feminism that is destroying families.

Men are physically and mentally stronger than women. If a man can't be stronger than a woman it is probably because he has been emasculated by feminism. Feminism has turned upside down the natural order that should exist between a man and a woman. I don't expect a woman to change the oil on my car. I don't expect to see a woman on a football field. Woman should be at home raising the children taking care of the household.

Ronald criticizes Mark by saying that he wants an "uneducated" dingbat. Most of the dingbats are in colleges and universities and these libtard teachers have nothing to teach anyone. It isn't a matter of ego, it is a matter of the natural order which God made man and woman. And this kind of thinking is what is destroying society. Any woman who has graduated from college or university will have a twisted view of life because they were taught by libtards. Hardly a recipe for a happy family life. I'll take the "dingbat."

Men and women should compliment each other with the man as the head of the relationship. Granted, immature men cannot handle this responsibility because they have learned to be unproductive douche bags raised in a feminist environment. If they had fathers, they would learn to be productive. The children will always come out better when they are raised in a family that lives within the natural order. Feminism turns all of that upside down. A man is one thing and a woman is another.

A woman's commitment to her husband is not a form of slavery, but it is her intelligence knowing her proper place in supporting her husband. I'll tell you, a man will try to move heaven and earth for a great woman. That's not slavery but true love.

Dan H said (June 24, 2016):

Ronald says his wife is his equal... well, here's how 'equal' works with women.

The family does what you think is right if she agrees with you...
And does what she thinks if she disagrees with you.

Ronald is confused about a REAL man's motivations. They aren't about domination... they are centered on the husband's responsibility. Even the secular State recognizes that responsibility and makes the husband responsible for his wife's actions. Don't think so? Try getting divorced from a woman who has run up a lot of debt against your wishes and you'll find that the husband is jointly and severally liable for ALL of it. It is this RESPONSIBILITY that drives the husband's need to have the final word, not any desire to dominate someone. Until the secular state makes women fully responsible for their own debt, there is no 'equal' in marriage. Even that 'archaic, unenlightened' book recognized the fact that women make rash decisions that are detrimental to the family and husbands need the authority to block that to protect their family from the feminine propensity for believing deceptive lies are good for them. (Numbers 30)

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Paean to My Wife

June 23, 2016

Mark reports on a secret society 
where women act like women
and men behave like men. 
Shockingly, they love each other
and are very happy.

(See Makow Comment below - Satanists attacking basic laws of nature.) 

by Mark

I am one of the very fortunate few because my wife is a stunner, and not just in looks. She's a real woman and not some money-loving narcissistic career-focused sleep around that many women are. Her idea of a career is being at home looking after her man. She loves to cook, take care of the place, loves my gorgeous german shepherd and they are best friends too. 

She loves my family and close friends, hangs about with women who are similar in their ideas (and I get on well with their husbands because they too are real MEN). They don't all use anti-social media, they meet and talk about nice things, shun violence in films, don't gossip, and all of them love to wear nice dresses and shoes, nice hair, and make up. They LOOK and ACT like WOMEN. 

My wife is still young and has not one single tattoo on her body, no pierced anything. I have never heard her use bad language, and not once have I had a row with her.

She's not perfect, nobody is, but she's as close to perfection you can find these days. She'll also get into the garden and work the plants and flowers while I do all the man work, heavy lifting and other dirty jobs. 

(Trendy modern males, aka hipster)

That's what women really want, a real man and not some confused socially engineered pussy who thinks male anatomy is something he wants inside him. I am self employed and support my wide; she stays at home and takes care of business there. I often receive comments from male friends asking how I found such a lovely person and get asked "does she have a sister?" 

I know how fortunate I am to have a loving and caring wife who looks up to her man. I am the head of the house and head of the relationship. Say that to a feminist and you'll receive a load of vile abusive speech because those idiots have no clue about what being a woman is all about. I take care of my wife and love her so much that no other woman, nobody, could even make me slightly tempted to go astray and sleep with her, not ever!


Compare this to life as a gay person. I am not hating gays at all, I just hate what they do and how now they have so many 'special rights'. 
So...I come home to Steve, he gives me a kiss and asks how my day was. There's no dinner on the table and the home looks almost and feels like a museum becauSe that feminine touch is missing (even though they act or think they act feminine they can't ever be the same as a woman.) He's also a career and money driven MAN. 

images (54).jpeg
He likely has met up with someone else who wants unsolicited sex today, at least on some phone app to see what's out there, keeping his 'options' open. We are off out later to meet more 'friends' who will likely bitch about everything, flirt like crazy with each others partners (maybe even take some back home for a group session later on.) 

Secretly we feel very empty because we know something isn't right, something is missing.. that could be the natural desire fighting in the back of our minds, the need for a WOMAN. Then we get to the very unnatural part of our evening and have sex, two males each with the exact same organs and anatomy making love, not able to create anything other than confusion. What is that really all about?

I can't imagine living with a man (excuse for one) who gets into bed with me at night, says he loves me, and no doubt like most gays sleeps around like crazy and passes on whatever disease from one person to the next. Then I can't have children, he's not going to feel the way my wife does about me, never, and I don't feel that way about him and what a strange future to think that IF it lasts you'll grow old and gay (and grey) together. 

Yep, society with its so-called 'leaders' have really screwed up what God put in place, the marriage arrangement of male and female. But say that to a lot of people and get a load of abuse, especially from feminists who even if they do believe in God will say it's not a "he" but a "She". Nice one all the leaders of the Illuminati for totally messing up peoples' minds.


There is hope but first you have to be a MAN. You have to stop looking at porn and thinking sex is all there is to a relationship. That's immediate doom if you want a long lasting and happy relationship. You have to start looking in the right places, not night clubs, dating sites, or slutty MILFS and cougars. You need a good woman with a Christian faith, yes that's right I said Christian. 

download (19).jpeg
Believe me, if a woman follows Bible principles she'll respect and love you, so long as she's true to her faith and loves God. God created us all and knows what's best so if she loves Him and is qualities, she'll love you, so long as you imitate the qualities of God. Now you're likely thinking, you need God to get a woman? 

Well no, but trust me, my wife is the only woman I have ever known who loved God. Compared to previous partners who said that was stupid and evolution is the answer for life on earth, she's by far way ahead of them. A Christian woman is humble, loving towards all, especially her man and children, does not care for the things in the world, does not want multiple partners. She does want a long lasting relationship.  Show her you are the MAN and can take the lead and you'll get back a hundred fold of woman. 

Makow comment:  Mark is describing masculinity and femininity which  reflect the fundamental active and passive principles in nature.  The Cabalist Black Magicians are inverting this basic yin yang balance in nature in order to reengineer humanity to be their servants.  The Protocols of Zion (16) state: "We will destroy every collective force but our own." This is how they destroy the nuclear family . 

I have downplayed sex but intercourse is central in male-female bonding. Intercourse is the ultimate act of surrender for a woman and possession for a man. It is based on love, exclusivity and commitment. Active-Passive = immutable bond. Vaginal orgasm is essential.  By encouraging unsatisfying homosexual hook ups and anal sex, women are being deprived of orgasms and permanent love by the Satanists who control discourse.

Also by Mark- Dawn of the Homosexual Police State
Related-  The Power of Sexual Surrender: How Feminism Causes Frigidity

Dan writes:

"Gay Marriage" is one of the biggest bamboozles of the century. Since the 1990's, the gay lobby targeted the demographics that didn't know anything about "gay life",  and fostered the impression that homosexuals want exactly the same kind of relationship that's instinctive between male and female.   It's another illusion generated by Hollywood, media and government - not the real thing.

I can say that because I'm sixty years old, so I remember pre-AIDS 'gay revolution' of the 1960's and 70's.   That revolution was a frontal assault.  No attempt was made to candy coat it.  The idea was to be militant and bordering on violence to force acceptance of the 'lifestyle'.  If you're too young to know it, there were huge queer enclaves in five US cities during the 1970's with hundreds of thousands of militant homosexuals gone wild until they were suddenly decimated by the AIDS epidemic of the 1980's.   That was the only thing that stopped them, and it really sent the Cultural Marxists back to the drawing board to regroup and rethink their strategy while they had to wait twenty years to rebuild their numbers.   In the meantime HIV is once again on the rise, but now there's treatment to keep them alive and active for years.   There's a media blackout on HIV and STDs.  Today the gay lobby totally controls the reporting and the discussion.

Suffice to say if Mark could imagine the "Real Gay Life" it goes like this:  a gay 'couple' is more like two frat boys that that like to go to bars to pick up girls for sex, except they're picking up males.   Two older males will hunt young males together, and typically end up going home or somewhere to pile up in an orgy. Obviously this has nothing to do with the normal impulse toward procreative family building.
In fact it's a sick joke to call it "marriage" at all.

Marco A, a painter, comments on the new 'manliness':

Today so-called men chase after things with ruthless ambition and lust. Whether this be business acquisitions or even acquisition of a new woman (just another acquisition and object to them). They are always concerned about their appearance, and like 'worldy' women (slaves to the world), always submit to the latest trends, sacrificing their independence and novelty as their own man on the altar of modern culture. 

They are foul mouthed, hardly a sentence will leave their mouths without cursing. They are cowards, always looking to their own benefit. They look you up and down if you aren't as deceived as them, and don't follow their insane dress standards, as if you were a filthy peasant, while they were royalty. They essentially think they are gods in their arrogance. In fact, many of them hate God - a God they claim they don't even believe in; perhaps that is because the knowledge that comes with this God condemns them.

And society condones all of this: This is the new 'manliness'. Even these so-called alternative outlets on the Internet, which try to market towards teaching the lost 'art' of manliness fall for this rubbish. Cosmopolitan magazines for men, I call them. They just want to make the big bucks on other peoples stupidity - another trend among men these days - making money without concern for ethics.

Work as little as possible - and make as much money as possible. 
Make money off your investments, rather than your sweat.
Have sex with all the women you can.
These are men today.

These aren't the men I knew when I grew up. Lets be clear, these 'men' aren't men. They are boys suffering from arrested development. Somewhere along the lines, their narcissism took over and they grew no further. Don't believe me? How else do you explain that men these days are more concerned with hockey pucks and footballs rather than our crumbling civilization?


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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Paean to My Wife"

CR said (June 23, 2016):

It sounds like Mark has a good relationship with his wife, but the one thing that is oddly absent from the discussion is children. We can go on and on about gays, transsexuals, or whatever the next fetish to be popularized might be but Western civilization is doomed if people don't reproduce. There are a lot of strong arguments against immigration, but without immigration the way things are going the majority of the population in most Western countries would soon be past the age of retirement and then dead in another 15-25 years. With or without immigration, we're screwed. Want to save the world? Make babies.

On a related note, take a look at this: Abortion demand 'soars' amid Zika fear
The article also says "Many governments have advised women not to get pregnant due to the risk of babies being born with tiny brains." so you can assume that there must be less women getting pregnant in the first place. Combine that with an increased number of abortions and you have a massive reduction in births. Some people have already argued that Zika was intentionally spread by those who would seek to depopulate the planet, if it wasn't then Satan must be answering their prayers. At this rate, soon there won't be any immigrants to replace the aging and dying Western world.

Al Thompson said (June 23, 2016):

hate to admit it, but in reading this article, I got very, very, jealous of Mark. I wish I had that and I could have but for the feminists influencing the women that I knew.

I've been married once and the fighting was ridiculous; usually over nothing really important. My marriage had its good moments, but those were rare thanks to feminist influences. I think feminist should go do that which is physically impossible.

Now, I don't bother dating. I'm almost 70 years old so there's no point, but I can't find a woman that I like that doesn't have piercings or tattoos. Oh, and if I can find one that doesn't have tattoos, she probably does yoga. I can't win. I'm glad to see that Mark is doing better than I have and that's an encouraging sign.

Imaging the horror of the feminists. His wife likes to stay home and cook, maybe bake cookies like Hillary Clinton didn't, doesn't use socialist media; what's there not to love.

I hope there are more women out there like Mark's wife because that's really what men want.

Below: Did Anyone Die in Orlando? (scroll down)

Is John Todd Still Alive?

June 22, 2016


The highest ranking Illuminati defector may be a prisoner in a US prison hospital. Born in 1950, 
he would be only 66 today. Despite death reports, Diana thinks he may be alive: 

"I'm writing because I am an avid reader of your website. I saw once that you posted an article on a conspiracy researcher named John Todd and in the article you asked if someone could find out whether John was alive still or not. Well I have been researching John's steps from the time he became imprisoned and I have found evidence pointing to the fact that he may still be alive but is being held secretly in a Illuminati privatized prison.

I began my search by searching online through records.  I found a lawsuit that John filed under the name Kris Sarayn Kollyns in early August of 2007 stating how his rights had been violated while being under the care of a mental hospital called Columbia Regional Care Center. Well in early November 2007, the judicial court and the magistrate dismissed John's lawsuit claiming the fact that he died on the 10th of November and had not appeared in court to argue regarding his lawsuit. 

Skip forward to November 28th, 2007, where John, under the name Kris Sarayn Kollyns, filed another lawsuit appealing the dismissal of his lawsuit over the fact that he was dead. 

(left. Private psychiatric prison-hospital in Columbia SC) 

Now how could he have died on the 10th of November 2007 and then have filed a claim on the 28th of November contesting his own death? Then there's more, I did a background search on John and found out that from 2008 until this present day he's been at Columbia Regional Care Center and I found out that Columbia Regional Care Center is owned by GEO Care Inc., which is an Illuminati company that builds privatized prisons and FEMA Camps.

Also I found online a photo and a website that states that John was buried under the name Kris Sarayn Kollyns in Florence VA cemetery in Florence, South Carolina in 2007 but the government and everyone who was around him who were trying to discredit him said John was dishonorably discharged and you can not be buried at a VA cemetery if you have been dishonorably discharged so how did they get him buried there? Perhaps because he's not there, it's all included in their plot to keep up the belief that he is deceased. 

All of this has led me to believe they are keeping John there secretly and claimed him to be deceased so that he can not file anymore lawsuits against them and so that no one could work on his behalf to get him out and he could remain there for the rest of his life, because everyone would be under the belief that he passed away. Because if he were to be released, he would go back to exposing even more truths about the government and the Illuminati.

So I'm writing you because I truly feel that he's still in there, and I feel he's being held there illegally and I have researched online, I've seen how bad privatized prisons can be and he doesn't need to be there, especially when he's being held there way beyond the time he's supposed to be there and when he's being held there secretly under the guise of him being deceased. 

Henry I'm writing you as a fellow, young conspiracy researcher myself, asking you to help me find out what's really happening here and what the truth is. ...I can't do this all on my own and so I'm reaching out for help .. If it's no more than posting about this situation on your website and asking your readers to help do something, asking them to research and dig for the truth and help John get released from this place. Because I truly believe John is being held there and more so than likely being drugged and medicated secretly and illegally and no one is trying to help this man get released from this Illuminati prison. 

If conspiracy researcher Kent Hovind had supporters helping him get released and the same with Fritz, then we need to do this for John. He was falsely imprisoned because he blew the whistle on the truth and now I believe he's still being held there, please Henry help me get the word out about this situation, about the fact that he may still be locked up there secretly and help me get the word out that we as his supporters and as supporters of the truth and fighters of the new world order and the Illuminati - we need to do something to get this man free. 

I truly hope you can help as this means a lot to me. I didn't know John personally but his tapes inspired me to become the conspiracy researcher that I am today and it's just devastating to know he's being held behind Illuminati prison bars to keep him from exposing anymore of the truth. 

sources mentioned above (This link here names Kristopher as "Christopher", which according to court records was not how he spelled his name. That is one mysterious contradiction (among many) regarding his death right there.) - a site stating that John was dishonourably discharged, therefore excluding him from being buried in VA cemetery.

Makow - If readers have any ideas,  please contact me at [email protected]   


We take this opportunity to revisit John Todd's startling testimony. (from August 2013) 

Recently, I was surprised to discover the amount and quality of Todd testimony easily accessible on YouTube.  A lecture  witchcraft and the Illuminati was a rude reminder of the extent society is saturated by the occult . Here are some points worth reiterating:

The Illuminati, witchcraft and the occult are basically synonymous. They are characterized by a hatred of Christianity.  The rites of initiation of Freemasonry and Witchcraft are identical except the initiate in Witchcraft is naked and his wrist is cut.  The Rothschild family is at the head of the Illuminati - they are the Illuminati Holy Trinity combined, with the Pope thrown in. 
The capstone will be placed on the pyramid when a Rothschild becomes the Messiah or anti-Christ. The evil eye in the capstone is Lucifer.  

The Rothschilds appoint a family to run each country. In the US, it is the Rockefellers. Every President since Woodrow Wilson has been a member of the Illuminati. Politicians take their orders from witches who report to the Rothschilds. Phillipe de Rothschild was the head honcho until his death in 1988.  Roughly 130 teenage girls were satanic ritually sacrificed in Los Angeles in an average year in the 1970's; the police classified these as "murder rapes." Movie "The Dunwich Horror" (1970) and "Star Wars" (1977) were inspired by witchcraft. "The Force" is an occult concept. 

Below is an article containing more of Todd's revelations. After that are links to articles trying to discredit him.  Be sure to listen to the curious "John Todd's Message from Prison."  

A collection of his lectures and other info can be found here. 

The following is from the magazine Progress for All January 1991, an interview clarifying the Pyramid and the shining eye on the back of the US One Dollar Bill. It has been mistakenly attributed to Amschel James Mayor Rothschild (1955-1996) :

images (42).jpeg
"The seal of the pyramid was created by the Rothschild family and brought to North America by Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton before 1776. The Rothschild family is the head of the organization in which I entered in Colorado. All the Occult Brotherhoods are part of it. It is a Lucifer Organization to install his reign in the whole world. The eye on the pyramid is the eye of Lucifer . Supposedly the Rothschilds have personal dealings with the Devil. I have personally been in his villa and have experienced it. And I know it is true."

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

John Todd: "Rothschilds Rule with Druid Witches"

(from August 7, 2012)

A "Grand Druid Council" of 13 "witches" control the Illuminati, and meets eight times annually on the "Witches' Sabbaths" (incl. Halloween) when millions of occult practitioners engage in orgies, which sometimes involve human sacrifice.

My source is John Todd, the highest Illuminati defector in history, a Witch High Priest, a member of the Council of Thirteen, and part of the Collins Illuminati bloodline that brought Witchcraft to the US in the 17th Century.

He casts the Illuminati as a vast, highly organized and powerful occult conspiracy that holds mankind in a satanic vice.

The Illuminati are "thousands of conspiracies operating in parallel," he says. For example, the vows and initiation rites of witchcraft closely mirror Freemasonry.

His name is John Todd (also Cristopher Kollyns). In 1972, when Todd was "saved" and exposed the Illuminati, he ruled a 13-state US region consisting of 5000 covens, i.e. totalling 65,000 priests and priestesses. That's just the ministers, not the congregation.

 This champion of humanity would be unknown today but for a website maintained by "James", an American living in Japan, and another belonging to the redoubtable Wes Penre.

Skeptics say that if the Illuminati were real, there would be defectors. There are plenty of defectors; clinics that deal with CIA mind control and satanic ritual abuse are full of them.

But the vocal ones get put away. In 1987, Todd was framed for rape and sentenced to 30 years. According to Fritz Springmeier, when Todd was freed in 1994, he was "picked up by a helicopter" and murdered. ("Bloodlines of the Illuminati" p.93)

But James' website has a record of Todd being released from prison in South Carolina in April 2004 and then being re-incarcerated in the "Behavioral Disorder Treatment Unit" of the South Carolina Dept. of Mental Health. Calls to the Director Chad Lominick  were not returned. (Could someone find out if Todd is there and still alive? We owe him that at the very least.)

Todd has provided many shocking revelations, which Fritz Springmeier confirms could only come from a man who was in fact a member of the Council of Thirteen. Fritz Springmeier says the 13 Illuminati families consist of "generational Satanists."


Speaking in about 1978, Todd said the Illuminati use the Jews as a front.

"The Illuminati knows the people are going to find out about them ...the best thing they can do is call your attention towards something else & say that's that. So they have reflected the attention on Zionism ...The only problem is that most of the people in the Illuminati aren't Jews. Their founders were Jews by birth, but not by religion. But most of its leaders, except for the Rothschilds, are Gaelic: Scotch or French Gaelic. It's got nothing to do with Jews. My family & most of the people serving on the Grand Druid, their family trees go back to the pagan temples in Rome & Greece & England, to the original priesthood. Some go back as far as Egypt & Babylon. It's got nothing to do with the Jews."

[David Livingstone writes: "Elizabeth Hirschmann and Donald Yates in their study, "When Scotland was Jewish", documents the Jewish origin of many of Scotland's leading families, beginning with the Sinclairs and Stuarts, but also the families of Forbes, Bruce, Campbell, Gordon, Caldwell, Fraser, Leslie, Christie, Kennedy, and Cowan (Cohen).]

Todd makes clear the Rothschilds, a family of Sabbatean Jewish Cabalists, top the Illuminati hierarchy:

baroness-philippine-mathilde-camille-de-rothschild-3.jpg( left, Rothschild heiress, Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild, 80, displays satanic pendant)

"The Rothschilds lead the Illuminati and in every country they have a family ...being the head of the Illuminati. In the United States, we have the Rockefellers. David Rockefeller is both the head of the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral [Commission] which is the name of the Illuminati within the United States."

"On the top of each pyramid you will see a capstone with an eye in it. The capstone is the Rothschild Family or Tribunal that rules the Illuminati; they were the creators of it. The eye is Lucifer, their god and their voice. The first 3 top blocks are on every pyramid. The top block is what I was initiated into, the council of 13 called the Grand Druid Council. They only take orders from the Rothschilds and nobody else. They're their private priesthood. The Council of 33 is directly under them, that is the 33 highest Masons in the World. The Council of 500, some of the richest people and conglomerates in the World--[including the Bilderbergs and the families like the Duponts and Kennedys.]

"The Golden Dawn is the organization of witchcraft, the 4th block up there, and it's the Rothschild's private coven. They choose every member personally." He says C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein were both members of Golden Dawn. Grand Druid Isaac Bonewitz and the ACLU started an organization to sue Christians who defame the Occult. He includes Scientology and The National Council of Churches in the Illuminati structure.


Todd traces his defection to a meeting that took place around Labour Day 1972. They had received eight letters by diplomatic pouch from London.

"Dr. [Raymond] Buckland cut the seal on it and took out six letters that were sealed with this Illuminati crest. The first four were just business, money that we were to pay here and there and so on. Actually, the Grand Druid Council is nothing but glorified bankers; they write millions of dollars worth of checks to people in political and religious fields every month. But the last two letters led me to want to get out.

"Now even though I was a part of setting up a world government, I always kind of snickered that [this] was ever going to happen, that we were not serious, that it was kind of a little game we were playing. As long as the Rothschilds had all of the money to spend on our plans, we went ahead and spent the money. So I never took it seriously until we opened the last two letters.

"Now in the first letter that we opened of those last two, was a chart, and in that chart it listed an eight-year plan for world take-over ending in the December month of 1980. ...Next, the last letter we opened contained--now I'll have to quote it and then I'll have to explain, it, since witches say English but they say words that may not mean anything to you--it said:

"We have found a man whom we believe to be the son of Lucifer. We believe that through his works and our backing he can become ruler of this world, stop all wars, and bring peace, finally, to this war-stricken World." Now that literally meant that we had found a person so fantastically-powered that he could convince people he was their only salvation. Now that literally meant in Christian terms, he was demon-possessed like nobody had ever seen!"

Todd said the take-over plan involved economic breakdown where even Illuminati companies went broke. They have the means to survive such a catastrophe. He says Phillip de Rothschild gave the plan to his mistress Ayn Rand for her novel "Atlas Shrugged." 

Todd says that in the face of economic breakdown, the Illuminati have trained a military force (including prison inmates) to take over the US. This echoes Svali, another Illuminati defector, who has gone underground. 

He says that, as in the Bolshevik Revolution, millions will be killed in a "helter skelter" rule of terror. Todd says the only thing deterring this plan is widespread gun ownership among the US population.

In the 1980's, he spoke of a plan to reduce the world to rubble in World War Three, to spare only Jerusalem, and rule from there.


As suggested above, Todd says the Illuminati spend a lot of money bribing people, especially Christian evangelists and preachers.

"Much that you see in churches that you just think is liberalism is pay-offism. ...It's kind of hard for a minister turn down half-a-million dollars if it's laid down as a bribe, and they can get even higher. In fact, one church I know of got eight million dollars in two years, and another one got ten million dollars in one year! So, they can receive some money."

Todd says rock and roll music is designed to cast a demonic spell on the listener. I know this sounds farfetched but I urge you to listen to Todd's presentation "Witchcraft of Rock and Roll." He says the Illuminati started Jesus Rock to control the message. The group, "KISS" stands for "Kings in Satanic Service."


Anyone reading Todd's lectures can see he was raised in Satanism as he claimed, and had a profound understanding. Fritz Springmeier, who is also imprisoned, said Todd knew things that had taken him (Springmeier) years to grasp.

Todd's message seems too bizarre to be believed. But in the context of the phony 9-11 attacks, the phony war on terror, the suspension of Constitutional protections, the erection of a police state, the failure of Congress and the media,the dumbing down and homosexualization of society, the sexualization of children, the explicit Satanism, depravity and pornography in the "entertainment" industry, Todd makes a lot of sense.

Humanity is the victim of a monstrous conspiracy of unspeakable proportions. Our leaders, whom we elect and pay to defend us from this sort of thing have betrayed us. 

Mankind has the intelligence and the means to evolve as intended, but we are being dragged back into an abyss by Evil incarnate. What can we do? You tell me. They need to deceive the masses. Help spread the truth while we still can.

Related -  Fritz Springmeier on What Happened to John Todd 

Winston Churchill, Druid

This transcript of witchcraft lecture contains additional info

New - Pastor Torell Discredits John Todd 

Mark Dice Debunks John Todd

Wikipedia Debunks John Todd

First Comment From  David:

Re: John Todd, aka: Kris Sarayn Kollyns, John Todd Collins, Lance Collins, Christopher Kollyns

       DOB: 1950 

Dear Dr. Makow,

1. I am a retired member with the RCMP.

2. To find Mr. Todd forget researching him on the internet
and go to the sources quoted and work from there.

- attend the courthouse where the alleged court actions were filed a
   note the details of who filed the documents including the law firm if any
- per "verified by his wife" 
  go to his I believe wife and see what she has to say, maybe he has relatives 
  still alive today

- you could attend each of the places noted in this article and speak to whomever is
there for any leads, further obtain any records et al that might be available, talk to the
the author of the blog "in person"

James writes:

John Todd's statement that "it's got nothing to do with the Jews" is simply untenable.  Jews control the money power, and whoever controls the money power controls everything.  Jews gave England the Bank of England in 1694, and they gave the United States the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913.  Both nations have been under the money power ever since.  The money power is the real power.  All of these other groups are diversionary fronts, as the following illustrates.   (Makow reply- I agree with you but his "thousands of conspiracies operating in parallel" is also relevant.) 


You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Is John Todd Still Alive? "

Susan said (June 23, 2016):

The thought that this man might be being held against his will for speaking out is unspeakably horrifying to me, and prompted me to do my own cursory search.

I found what appears to be a ruling related to a complaint Todd had filed while involuntarily committed in 2006; it contains details of the original complaint and is decidedly strange:

I did a quick search on the defendants listed in Todd's lawsuit; it appears patients often file what appear to be frivolous lawsuits against authorities at the mental hospital (at least, all of the lawsuits I could find against these particular defendants/respondents were of the "less serious" types).

Dr. (PhD) Russell Hughes, named in complaint, was/is CEO of Columbia's consolidation of its psychiatric hospital system:

Not surprisingly but perhaps of some interest, Hughes happened to be listed on the acknowledgments page of this lengthy report about the damaging consequences of violence and trauma relating to the behavioral health system:

I'm left wondering: has Todd been set up, or is he the deranged mental patient (whether alive or dead) we're told he is? Todd has quite a checkered past.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for the work you do.

Diana replies:

. No I don't believe that Todd was deranged while in the hospital - or is deranged while in the hospital. I will say again, Columbia Regional Care Center is owned by Geo Care Inc. and Geo Care is the builder of FEMA camps and privatized prisons. Privatized prisons makes tons of money for every inmate that stays there. While in these privatized prisons, patients are subjected to all sorts of psychological torture, which bends their perception of what "once was" and which bends their identity regarding gender and so forth. This is all done under what is called MK Ultra mind control, which is still being operated on patients today, as hard as it is for some to believe.

There can either be three scenarios regarding John: 1) Either he's still in Columbia Regional Care Center and is being held there against his will so he can no longer file lawsuits against them and so that he can no longer blow the whistle on the government and such.

or 2) he's been released and is in hiding under a new identity for fear of being further persecuted by the government.

or 3): Perhaps, just perhaps he was a disinfo agent who did his job of mixing truths with falsities during the 70's and then he created this scenario where he said how he was imprisioned and then killed, so that he could then fade away in the background because his job was done in regards to being a disinfo agent.

However, I'm leaning towards #1 and #2 because deep, deep in my soul, I just do not believe this man is dead. Today I tried searching for an official death certificate - couldn't find one anywhere. The only thing that states of his death is a website article on, that's it. So where's the death certificate if he's really dead??

Yes Todd had quite a checkered past but if he did anything wrong or satanic while in the custody of CRCC, I have to strongly believe it was because he was under the possession of MK Ultra Mind control.

Malcolm said (June 23, 2016):

I first heard Todd's testimony in 1979. I was convicted of it as being the truth (at last) and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to own me, amazingly and miraculously, He did. I owe Todd a huge debt of gratitude.

IF said (June 23, 2016):

Regarding John Todd saying that the Jews have nothing to do with it: This is a problematic issue. "Jew" is a broad word. Some Jews are a part of the Occult but some are not. All three monotheistic faiths have been subverted by the Occult and Satanism deep within their respective institutions.

However, Judaism was the first to receive occult influence in Babylon, absorbing paganism codified in the Talmud. But while the Talmud is influenced by the occult, it is not a Luciferian doctrine that the Illuminati hold. If you reference simple text books on Western History such as "The Western Heritage" it says that a small group of Jews attained the wealth to fund wars for European kings but the majority of Jews were poor or petty business owners in Eastern Europe.

Those Court Jews who got rich were in Western Europe and married into Gentile Occult Families. Once mixed, their doctrine became Luciferian, but these western bankers were not following Talmudic law, they were directly worshiping Satan. In Eastern Europe the relatively poor Talmudic Jews had a culture influenced by occultism but they were not in the Illuminati and were not part of their machinations or plans. They also did not worship Satan, they worship God. Of the western rich court Jews, there are some who became Sabbataen, that is, a fringe gnostic Satanic sect of Judaism. They are occult Luciferians, not Talmudic Jews. Talmudic Jews in Poland were small business owners and peasants who did not belong to secret societies. Their religion was subverted by the Occult but so is Catholicism and Islam. The Catholic altar is the altar of witchcraft and today Islam is a CIA occult doctrine.

The Qur'an and New testament both state that some Jews are following God and the truth. Some are evil Devil Worshippers. In general, follow the money, the bankers and richer ones are involved. But the banks founded in Western Europe were founded by certain occult families, not "Jews" in general, not some hasidic guy in a shtetle with a black hat and an oxen and cart in the back yard.

Zionism is part of the Illuminati's plans but so is "Islam" (fake terrorist Islam) and fake Christianity (ever organized sect). So in general, most Jews have nothing to do with the occult conspiracy, it's the rich, western, sabbatean, court Jews who married into the leading Western European witchcraft families that you have to worry about, not the masses from Poland/Russia. Those who hate all Jews fall into a NWO trap.

Trevor said (June 23, 2016):

I'm nearly positive that he said he was given an honorable discharge due to his connections. HE said in one of his tapes that he went from life in a military prison to a miraculous release with an honorable discharge after a person who he was in prison was released got word of his situation to his family. John told him to tell his family what happened. And soon after he was released with the honorable discharge. I'm about 99% positive that this is on tape on youtube, but I cannot dig through it all to find it

Hiba said (June 22, 2016):

"The capstone will be placed on the pyramid when a Rothschild becomes the Messiah or anti-Christ. The evil eye in the capstone is Lucifer."

"We have found a man whom we believe to be the son of Lucifer. We believe that through his works and our backing he can become ruler of this world, stop all wars, and bring peace, finally, to this war-stricken World."

These are some of the most explosive and revealing set of quotes I have read anywhere on this site.

In the first quote we have a revelation that the Anti-Christ will be a Rothschild.

In the second quote, Todd says that the letter states "we have FOUND a man to be the son of Lucifer."

Isn't this what I wrote you back a few weeks ago.

Remember this guy:

He is not really 37 years old nor is he the paternal son of a Rothschild couple. His real identity is 'Alsamari' (The Samarian) who has been around at least since the time of Moses (peace be upon Him) hence all the Egyptian symbolism.

This link gives a good overview:

His organization 'sculpt the future foundation' is almost a play on his calf sculpture mentioned in the Quran which misled the Israelites during Moses' absence.

Islamic traditions describe the Anti-Christ being chained on an island (now known as 'Great' Britannia?) during the times of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). His rise and eventual appearance in these end of times will be from a region known Khorasan (meaning sun [false son?] coming/ sun to come which consist presently of nations including Afghanistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan) according to some narrations. Other traditions speak of his rise in the region between Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan) and Iraq.

According to Wikipedia, these are some of his awards and achievements:

•"Emerging Explorer" by National Geographic
•Appointed an "international ambassador" by NGO Clean Up the World
•nominated as a "Young Global Leader" by the World Economic Forum.
•2008 winner of the Kids' Choice Awards UK "Greenie Award".
• In 2009 Rothschild was named by the United Nations Environment Program as a "Climate Hero".

Needless to say, we can expect Biblical proportion changes coming to the globe and it's climate in the days ahead. Islamic Traditions speak of 10 GREAT signs of end times to come. Five of them are planetary in nature and include three days of darkness followed by sun rising from west, smoke covering the globe, three massive landsinkings ( one in the east [japan?] one in the west [california?] and one in Arabia between Makkah and Medinah)

It's no wonder why the climate change cult running the world (and culling us thorough wars and various nefarious means) headed by the UN is deliberately making conservation and nature our one unified new age religion.

In the end only a third of the globe's population will remain. Humanity, devastated and desperate by the four horsemen followed by these natural and cyclic earth changes, will be easily duped to accept a 'savior' in an imposter Christ-like figure the name of nature and not God.

MM said (June 22, 2016):

check out that link above. I googled the name Kris Kollyns and the link above says his original name was John Wayne Todd! Very interesting. If you read through the document, it also says He is still Wiccian and not able to practice how he would like to. I have listened to all John Todd's tapes and found them to be very enlightening - however maybe this is a case where he was leaking out info and still working with the elite. Maybe they took him into "protective custody"? It all remains to be seen.

Diana comments:

yes in the court documents he posted it does say that John asked for wiccan materials and it appears he returned back to wicca. However it's the belief that those like Todd, when they are admitted to government, Illuminati facilities, they are subjected to numerous MK Ultra mind control techniques that creates numerous alternate personalities within them, demonic alternate personalities. So it's the belief that upon John being permitted, they subjected him to numerous MK Ultra mind control techniques to make him convert back to his ways of satanism, witchcraft and wicca, including creating within him an alternate personality of female convergence, which is why in court files it says John had in his possession female undergarments that he wore at different times while being at CRCC.

All of this, I and other believe was because John was being subjected to numerous brain and mind controlling techniques that created numerous alters within him - sexual alters, gender bending alters and satanic and demonic alters. This is similar to what's beign done to several celebrities in the entertainment industry today. They have been and are being subjected to numerous, abusive MK Ultra mind control brainwashing techniques to create numerous alters within them. This is what is believed to have been done with Todd.

If Todd is indeed still inside CRCC today, no doubt he is under heavy medication and MK Ultra mind control abuse and would need to be deprogrammed and treated for the mental abuse he endured while in CRCC.

Ron said (June 22, 2016):

Frist Comment by Ron:

Trauma based pacification is a program which has been headed up for many years by Gen Michael Aquino. He was part of the MK-Ultra program which ended at the CIA and was secretly passed to the NSA. Today MINDWAR and PSYOPS is what is continually assaulting the senses of the entire world. The Machiavellian book written by Sun Tzu, "The Art of War", is the basis from which every Illuminaughty war (MINDWAR) is planned an executed.

In the Book, The Art of War, a quote from Sun Tzu.. "If you do not know your enemy, don't go to war with him". The entire intelligence posture "in this day and ages is" everyone is my enemy ! This is why they are collecting information on "EVERYONE". To drive this point home, NSA Chief Gen. Keith Alexander said that "If you believe Snowden is innocent and what he did was right by exposing the Intelligence boondoggle, then the government will view you the same as an Al Queda member.

Jeff said (August 8, 2013):

I was listening to this same thing on YouTube about a week ago. I love to review his works periodically. At some point I noticed him refer to himself as "Lance." Could this be Lance Collins, as was suggested in other research I've read? I also read somewhere that he did make it out of custody, only to be picked up by someone on a helicopter and shot. What a shame we didn't get to meet this warrior.

The Latest news from Brazil by Marcos

June 23, 2016

The Olympics will be a failure. Rio is dirty, chaotic and dangerous. Ironically, the scare that everybody is talking about, zika virus, is a hoax, as nobody is sick in the city. It is easier to get shot than to get the virus. Be as it may, the motto for the games has been chosen:   A New World (Order).

by Marcos

Glenn Greenwald now has a good excuse for writing lies in Russian government websites, defending the corrupt Marxist government of Brazil: he did it for love.

His Brazilian gay lover, David Miranda, will run for Rio's City Council by the PSOL party, a radical marxist party which supports Dilma's Workers's Party. It is a bunch of deranged communists. One of its founders was Achille Loro, an Italian terrorist who set fire to the sons of an adversary (one of them an 8 year-old boy) but fled to Brazil. 

This happened in the same week the country found out that another ally, the Communist Party, was getting 30% in bribes in housing construction projects for the poor they say they protect. Becoming a leftist politician means being on the receiving end of a never ending flow of financial help, bribes and all kinds of subsidies for parties and NGOs. It doesn't matter that the country may be bankrupt and people starving. Greenwald's lover has his retirement plan set.

With little more than a month to go to the Olympics, Rio is officially bankrupt and not paying its (too many) public employees. Last week, a gang of drug dealers with automatic rifles and grenades invaded a hospital and rescued one of their brethren, killing a passer-by and wounding others. It was also revealed that criminals patrol the avenue from the airport to town, with machine guns and rifles. Any foreign dignitary coming to the Games will pass right in front of their rifle scopes.

Today the former Minister of Planning for Dilma, Paulo Bernardo, was arrested. The man is also the husband of a Workers Party senator who is in the front of Dilma's defense. He was stealing from public pensioners and sharing his gains with the party. Dilma is being impeached for one crime, but she has six other crimes that can be used against her. The woman is such a mafia boss that even the motorcycle of a friend who became famous by giving her rides in Brasilia was confiscated by the police.

As predicted in this site, the only potential conservative candidate (not aligned with the globalists) for 2018 elections, Bolsonaro, a former Army parachuter captain,  was framed and may not run anymore. Some time ago, a Marxist Congresswoman called him falsely a rapist, and he said jokingly that he would never rape her because she was too ugly. Bad taste, maybe, but a joke in response to defamation (this, a real crime). The Leftist Supreme Court judges want to strip him of political rights for that. These judges are puppets of the Workers Party and have been sitting on Lula's lawsuit for months.

What is interesting is that we know now why there was so much effort and propaganda from the Left about the fake rape of a girl in Rio last month. It was a frenzy. They needed the public outcry in order to convict Bolsonaro, because otherwise it would have been too clear that the judges were doing the work for political reasons. A masterful plan.

There is no end to the flow of news about corruption and scandals, now that Dilma can't stop the investigations. Huge mobile company "Oi", the one which paid bribes to Lula's son, went bankrupt, leaving debts of US$ 20 BI. Most of the debt is conveniently with state banks (approved by Lula) so the poor citizens will carry the burden. 

In another scandal, it was discovered that the presidential campaign and the jet for Marina Silva (Prince Phillip's darling) and her partner Eduardo Campos were paid with bribes. The jet went down in 2014 with candidate Campos in it. Now the head of the bribe scandal was found "suicided" in a motel in his home state of Pernambuco. The only viable candidate left seems to be Aecio Neves, about whom Lord Rothschild said he would be the future president of Brazil.

The chaos and misery we see in Brazil are prototypes of what is coming to the rest of the world. Marxism creates scorched earth so the new world order can advance quicker. Watch and learn.


June 19, 2016


A talk by Jeanice Barcelo, left, about the plot to effectuate dramatic changes in our sexual behavior and attitudes. Jeanice shows pornography is a product of satanic occultism. 

Description by Jeanice:  

Tonight I came across an article stating that 40% of U.S. babies are born to unmarried women.  This article was rather shocking in its content and reminded me of how important it is for people to understand the forces that have driven the concept of "family" into the gutter and used us to create a world that is filled with single parents, fatherless children and endless suffering from the wounds of abandonment and rejection.

In my double DVD set on pornography and the deliberate manipulation of human sexuality, I show how the Luciferian bloodlines have orchestrated the mind control of the American people and totally altered our beliefs and behavior in the realm of sex and relationships. The dark forces did this with the help of Professor Alfred Kinsey (pedophile and sadomasochist) who, through his child raping "research," claimed that children are "sexual from birth," and can benefit from having sex with adults. Kinsey also claimed that women are like cats in heat -- although the difference between human females and felines is that cats "have sex" in order to reproduce, whereas, according to Kinsey, human women just want to get off -- all the time, as much as possible, and without restraint. 

According to Kinsey, what women really want is unrestrained physical pleasure and to hell with the spiritual and psychic consequences of their carnal activity (which consequences include the murder of infants while they are still in the womb as well as the birth of billions of haphazardly conceived children who are gestated in wombs where they are not wanted and who are imprinted for life with the idea that they are not loved and not lovable and will never be loved or wanted).

Kinsey's "research" was cited by Hugh Hefner in the first publication of Playboy, which was released the very same year Kinsey's book about female sexuality was released (1953). All of this was orchestrated and paid for by the Rockefeller Foundation (i.e., the Rockenfelders who are Luciferian Jews). This was also the basis of the "sexual revolution" and the "women's liberation" movement, which led to the legalization of abortion and the creation of the highly satanic and evil organization known as Planned Parenthood.

In just 50 years after the publication of Kinsey's research (along with the mainstreaming of pornography into American culture by Luciferian Jews), the number of women giving birth to children who will likely be fatherless jumped from 3.8% to more than 40%. This is because women have bought into the lies about so-called "female sexuality" and "women's lib" and have come to believe their carnal activity is good for them and the way the Creator wanted it. Nothing could be further from the Truth. And American children (as well as children worldwide) are suffering.

To learn more about what I have just shared, I encourage you to check out my double DVD set and share the information widely. People need to understand what is being done to us -- and the fact that these same Luciferian forces have now moved pornography into kindergarten classrooms (with the help of Planned Parenthood's "Comprehensive Sexual Education Program," of course) should concern us greatly. This "curriculum" is preparing children for pedophilia -- which is exactly what Kinsey and the Rockefellers were after all along.

Here is a link to check out the DVD set.  Thank you for taking the time to check it out.

"Anti-Semitism" Trickery by Bishop Williamson

June 18, 2016

images (51).jpeg
Is "antisemite" wielded like a sword?  Just ask the wielder to define the word.

by Bishop Williamson

There are treacherous words which seem to mean one thing and are used to mean quite another. One of the most treacherous words of all is "anti-semitism." The word seems to mean opposition to all Jews purely and simply because they are Jews, and in this sense it rightly condemns something bad, because some Jews are wicked, but certainly not all. On the other hand it is often used to condemn absolutely any opposition to anything that any Jews do, and then the word is wrongly condemning something good, because whenever Jews do anything bad then opposition to them is good. But do Jews do things bad? Obviously. They created Islam for Arabs, Freemasonry for Gentiles and Communism for the modern world, all three primarily to fight Jesus Christ and Christianity, and so send souls to Hell.

A book which all Catholics should read who wish to defend the Church against Islam, Freemasonry and Communism, now Globalism, is The Plot Against the Church by Maurice Pinay. The book was written just before Vatican II to be put into the hands of all Council Fathers, to warn them of the great danger in which the Church would find herself at the Council. Sure enough. The Council Fathers ended up praising Islam (Unitatis Redintegratio),adopting Freemasonic principles (Dignitatis Humanae) and never mentioning, still less condemning, the evil system of Communism. Here is how in his Chapter on "Antisemitism and Christianity" Maurice Pinay analyses the treachery of the word "antisemitism":--

Down the ages the Jews have always used vague words with a variety of meanings, writes Pinay, to snare Gentile minds and so prevent them from defending themselves against the Jewish drive towards world domination in that 2,000-year war on Christianity which he carefully documents throughout his book. So in a first stage, by three arguments they seek to prevail upon Gentile leaders to condemn "antisemitism" in its first sense, given above, of opposition to everything and everybody Jewish: firstly, Christ, by establishing the equality of all men before God, condemned any such degrading of a whole race; secondly, Christ told all men to "love one another"; thirdly, Christ and his Mother were both Jewish.

But in a second stage the Jews, having once obtained the Gentiles' condemnation of a vague "antisemitism," then proceed to give the word a quite different meaning, the second sense above, of any and all opposition to anything whatsoever that Jews do. Thus "antisemites" become: all patriots exerting their right of self-defence against Jewish subversion of their country; all defenders of the family against the errors and vices of all sorts fomented by the Jews to dissolve it (e.g. abortion, pornography); all Catholics defending their holy religion against every form of corruption being openly or secretly promoted by the Jews to undermine it; all truth-tellers unmasking Jews as the originators of Freemasonry and Communism (now of Globalism and feminism, etc.); and all people in general opposing Jewish subversion of the Church and of Christian civilisation. And by their control of politics, finance, films and above all by their media, the Jews have succeeded in giving such an electric charge to this one little word "anti-semite," that it is enough to electrocute anyone that it touches.

But who is foolish enough to have allowed them to control politics and finance? Who has allowed them to virtually monopolise the film industry and the media? Who thinks it is so smart to have done away with all censorship and is now co-operating with them to enable them to censor the Internet? Gentile liberals in every case, who are therefore being enslaved, by the minute, in their New World Order. Doctor, cure thyself! For who that reads their newpapers or watches their television programmes has anybody to blame but himself for letting them take over his mind,and his civilisation?

Catholics, read The Plot against the Church. If anybody is accusing you of being an "antisemite," it is quite possible you have reason to be proud.

Kyrie eleison.